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Picking The Right Junk Hauling Company

There is always a great satisfaction that comes from finishing an assignment work and getting the praise for doing it right. That sense of accomplishment helps motivate you to move on to the next assignment. Your kids probably experience that every time they get a good grade on a homework assignment. You can also experience that sense of accomplishment if you hire the right company to provide a particular service. When you need something done around the house that requires outside help you want to make sure that are hiring a company that can deliver on its promises and provide an affordable rate. For the task of junk hauling, the right company to pick would be Junk King Phoenix.

All Kinds of Experience

When it comes to clearing a property of unwanted junk and rubbish, junk King has all kinds of experience. The bulk of their customers are homeowners who need to get rid of big things like sofas and refrigerators. But Junk King also works for apartment renters who are looking to make more space in their living environment. Then there all the restaurant owners, retail store managers, warehouse coordinators and real estate agents that utilize Junk King services for cleanup at their properties. That’s all kinds of junk items that are removed on a daily basis by the Junk King crews. There really isn’t anything too big or too heavy that the team from Junk King can’t all away from a property.

Good Prices

It helps that Junk King offers affordable pricing for their services. They charge a flat rate that is based on how the truck it’s packed up. The less room your stuff occupies, the less you will be paid. That flat rate covers all the work whether the crew is at your house for a few minutes or a few hours. Yes, there have been some very intense cleanups performed by Junk King that take an entire day but that extra labor always comes at no extra charge. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

Junk hauling is easy when you pick a company like Junk King Phoenix to handle the task from start to finish.

Improve Your Backyard By Clearing Out The Rubbish

Are you ready to bring your backyard back to life? This is the time a year when amateur gardeners take their yards to “wake up the lawn” and plant for spring growing. It is also the time that you can make a fair assessment of just what is working in your backyard. That assessment should be on two levels: mother nature and store-bought. All the plant life provided by mother nature should be flourishing. If something has shriveled up or been attacked by bugs, then you should consider getting rid of it and replanting something that is more vibrant. As for all the store-bought items those can also be things that are taken a beaten from the weather over the years. They might also have to be replaced. When you add it all up it could be obvious that you need to clear out a lot of rubbish from your backyard. That’s when you need to hire Junk King Phoenix.

Clean and Dirty Debris

Hiring Junk King is really like hiring two professional movers. This will be the team that is assigned to your backyard for the duration of your cleanup appointment. These crews show up with a positive attitude. They also know what they’re getting into especially when it comes to clearing out a yard. In other words, they know this can get a bit dirty. You should never hesitate asking the Junk King crew to remove something just because it is covered with crime or rust. They’ll have their gloves and will know the proper way to lift and load any object even if it is falling apart from rot.

Swift Work

With the Junk King crew on the job you can expect the task to go quickly. Junk King asked that you set aside a two-hour window for your session. But it will take two hours to clear away all the things from your yard. Even if you want to take down the swing set it won’t eat up a lot of time because the Junk King crews have a lot of experience with these types of disassembly projects. You can schedule your appointment for any day of the week that works best for your calendar. However, Junk King might offer you the chance for same day pickup. As long as your junk is ready to go and they have the time they can make it happen.

The quickest way to improve your backyard is to get rid of all the rubbish. Let Junk King Phoenix help make that happen today.

Get Help From Junk King Phoenix For Gravel Removal

The drive-through any Phoenix neighborhood will present a variety of landscaping styles. Some folks go the traditional route with grass for their lawns. These require a lot of water in the Arizona heat. You might also see homeowners using artificial grass to cover their lots. Then there are the folks that enjoy having hardscape versus landscape.

Hardscape utilizes elements like rocks, pavers and gravel to create gardens and pathways throughout the property. If this is something that you will be doing in your front and back yards this spring, then you might end up with a lot of leftover gravel. Usually it is sold by the truck load but you don’t need a truck load to fill in your garden. You also don’t need a pile of gravel on your property. That can all be quickly removed with one call to Junk King Phoenix. Junk King doesn’t just haul away the junk but the rocks too!

Start with a Blank Slate

When you are creating a new landscape for your property you want to start with a blank slate. That would require removing all the items that are to be part of that landscape. This is where Junk King can be another benefit. They can lift and load those heavy wooden planters along with the old clay pots. If you once used railroad ties to edge your garden, then you can turn those over to junk King as well.

Essentially, there isn’t anything in your backyard that can’t be removed and loaded onto the Junk King truck. This will create your blank slate for your landscape design. Might not be able to help with the raking and shoveling but they’ll make a big difference when it comes to clearing the yard debris.

Everything Goes on the Truck

With Junk King on the job everything you want to get rid of will go on the truck. The Junk King truck can hold the equivalent of six full pickup trucks. That is a lot of space to fill up but you don’t have to utilize all the truck. Your items might just take up one third or just a half of the truck. The Junk King crews are gonna pack everything in tight so that you pay the low end of the price scale for your session. Junk King likes the fair approach and that’s what they bring to every one of their sessions.

Gravel removal and yard debris clearing doesn’t have to be back-breaking work for you. It can be an easy job for Junk King Phoenix. Schedule a clearing session today

Clear Out The Office Storeroom With Help From Junk King

All offices have two things in common. There will always be a coffee machine and there always be a storeroom. Sometimes the coffee machine and the storeroom occupied the same space. The storeroom can also be where the copier is set up. Some offices have a storeroom down in the parking garage while others have it in an adjacent room down the hall from the main office. Just like a closet at home it doesn’t take long for the storeroom to fill up with stuff. Some of the items in a storeroom are of practical use such as office supplies and copier toner. But there could be plenty of other items that are serving no purpose at all. When your office storeroom has reached capacity unwanted rubbish it is time to bring in Junk King Phoenix.

Furniture and Equipment

When it comes to hauling away rubbish from an office storeroom, there is no limit to what you can turn over to Junk King. They’re gonna provide a team of movers and a big truck. That is exactly what you need to get rid of any piece of office furniture like a desk, table, chair, credenza or shelves. Junk King can also take all the outdated or broken office equipment off your hands as well. How much more space could you make in your store room if you were able to get rid of those old printers and monitors? Even if you have an old copier that has become a relic, it can be turned over to Junk King. Now you see the possibilities of creating more space in that storeroom.

No Landfill

Junk King’s goal with every one of the junk removal session is to avoid going to the landfill with the items that they have collected. They have plans in place for alternative disposal that include partnerships with recycling centers and charities. That allows them to divert a lot of rubbish away from the landfill. This is what can happen to your office items especially that old equipment. You want that to be recycled at a certified e-waste facility. Junk King knows exactly where they are and will be happy to try and make those drop-offs happen.

Making more room in your office storeroom won’t be a challenge if you put Junk King Phoenix on the job.

Time To Break Up With Your Junk

When you get right down to it, there are only two reasons to have an item in your home: It is practical or meaningful. The meaningful items would be all the things that evoke memories like photographs or keepsakes. It could also be the things that have been handed down through the family. Certain decorations are meaningful because they reflect your personality. As for the practical items, those are all the things that you use on a regular basis from your furniture to your pots and pans to the outfits in your closet. If there is something in your home that is neither practical or meaningful, then you don’t need to hold onto it. That is something you can “break up with.” When it comes to breaking up with unwanted rubbish, Junk King Phoenix will be a big help.

To make this kind of breakup happen you will literally have to go through every closet in every room in your home. You also need to go through all the boxes you have in storage in your garage or basement. While you are at it, you should also go through all the kitchen cabinets. This is a lot to go through but think of how much new storage space you will create once all those items are gone.

Everything you’re getting rid of will go on to the back of the Junk King truck. This truck will be packed up by the Junk King crew as you might expect. You won’t be lifting or loading at all. Even if you want to try be helpful, you don’t have to be. Let the team from Junk King do all the work for you. As for that packing of the truck, this is a crew that knows how to get a lot of things into a little space. They do that so that you can pay the low end of the price scale. Junk King always bases its fees on the amount of space used up by the junk you getting rid of. It is the fairest approach to this type of service. When it is time to break up with your junk, it is time to hire Junk King Phoenix to make it happen.

Junk King Phoenix Is The Right Junk Hauler For Your Rubbish

When was the last time you asked the question, “how am I going to get rid of all the stuff?” That question could be posed if you decided to tackle a bedroom closet reorganization. That would require you to remove everything that is in the closet and decide what you’re going to keep. What could be left over is a huge pile of clothing that you know you’re never going to wear again. If you were to clean out your garage, then you might be left with a pile of broken power tools, exercise equipment, sporting goods and various other random items that are also never going to be used again. That is a lot of stuff to dispose of. Fortunately, the answer to the question of how to get rid of it all is easy: Junk King Phoenix.

What makes Junk King the right junk hauler for your rubbish? They have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. One glance at the reviews that are being posted on a regular basis will prove that the majority of Junk King clients are satisfied clients. Everyone is happy to recommend Junk King and they are eager to use them again.  That is a good indication they are getting the job done right.

It also helps to know the Junk King Phoenix as part of the national junk King franchise. That means they need to follow business model that supports the trusted brand.  That brand is all about Junk King doing all the work and making rubbish removal easy on the homeowner or business manager.

What kind of junk do you need all the way? The two-man crew assigned to your task won’t have any problem lifting and loading any type of furniture or appliance piece from your house. Around the backyard, the Junk King crew can also provide help with all kinds of cleanup including dirt, paver and concrete removal.

You can schedule your appointment by calling to Junk King today and chances are all your rubbish will be gone by tomorrow. That is how fast Junk King operates. You don’t have to look far to find the right junk hauler for your rubbish removal. Just give the job the Junk King Phoenix.

Make More Storage Space In Your Home

The most common item that is put into storage rental is furniture. Sometimes the reason for this is that moving into a new home or apartment means that either the furniture won’t fit or it has been replaced. What happens then is your paying for storage on things that you’re not using or ever plan to use again. It might be that you’re holding onto some of that furniture to pass on to a child who will eventually move out on their own. But by the time that happens they might want to get their old furniture. If you’re keeping furniture because a parent has moved to a small place, then you really have to ask if that furniture will ever be put back into a home. Renting a storage unit is a quick way to deal with these kinds of issues. But the longer a thing stays in storage the more obvious it becomes that you really don’t need that thing at all. Perhaps it’s time to clear out the storage areas in your home with a little help from Junk King Phoenix.

As it turns out, the most popular item that Junk King Phoenix hauls away is also furniture. Usually, the arrival of a new sofa facilitates the removal of the old one. That’s easy to take care of with Junk King because they provide two movers to carry out the old sofa. You can also be scheduled to coordinate with the drop off of the new piece.

As long as you’re getting rid of an old sofa, you could also make a lot more storage space in your home by having Junk King haul away all the rest of your unwanted clutter. How many things do you have out of the garage that could be removed for good? What about in your closets? What about up in the attic? If you were to spend some time in those areas tagging all the things that you could get rid of, then you might discover you suddenly have a lot more storage space you ever thought of.

Keep in mind two things: if you are keeping something in storage for over a year, then you should get rid of it. And if you’re hiring Junk King, then there’s no limit with regard to size or weight of what you can get rid of.

Making more storage space in your home is in complicated when you partner up with Junk King Phoenix for the task.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Estate Cleanup

Handling the disposition of state comes down to a list of items. That list can be divided into three categories. These are the same three categories that professional organizers use when helping folks the clutter their homes. Those categories are: keep, sell or toss. Of those three, the selling of items might prove to be the most challenging. You can turn that task over to appraisal services that either remove furniture and put it on consignment shop or hold in an estate sale right on the property.

In either scenario, it may be some leftover items that no one is buying. Those still become your responsibility for that third category of tossing out. Depending on the situation that “toss out” pile could be quite huge. That’s where Junk King Phoenix can be of assistance. One call to these junk hauling pros put a plan into action that will have your estate cleaned up in no time at all.

What Junk King uses for an estate cleanup is the same thing it uses for every junk removal session. You’ll be assigned a team of movers and the use of a big truck. Obviously, you won’t have to drive this truck or load it up. That is all handled by the Junk King crew. That is good news because a lot of the things you’re getting rid of might be extremely heavy or bulky. They could also be located on the second floor or up in an attic. The team from Junk King won’t have any problem climbing the stairs.

The cost for this service will be based on how your stuff gets back up. This takes a little visualization part of the Junk King crew. But they have a lot of experience with packing up that truck and will know exactly how every piece of furniture it in there. They want to get as much stuff into his little space as possible. That’s going to work in your favor when it comes time to the final price. When you agree to that number, the work can begin and in no time at all the entire house will be emptied.

Your estate cleanup doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just turn the job over to Junk King Phoenix and watch how fast it gets done.

More Reviews Are Posted For Junk King Phoenix

It is helpful when a company can provide a space for their customers to post reviews. The only concern you might have is if some of those reviews are several years old. That would tell you that this particular company might not be performing up to high standards. That is not a problem for Junk King Phoenix. New customer reviews come in practically every day and these customers have some great things to say about this professional junk hauling service. Here’s what a few posted in the last couple of days:


“The crew called, advising of their approximate arrival time, and upon finding that they would be delayed, they called again, advised of the delay, and why. They did arrive on the time advised, introduced themselves, removed the non-functioning riding lawnmower, cleaned the area, including smoothing out the decorative rock that had been moved. They were extremely courteous, thoughtful, and understanding. I highly recommend “Junk King”, and will utilize them again in the future.” – Ted S., Glendale

On the day of your appointment Junk King is going to be in close contact with you to make sure you are appraised of their status. Sometimes, traffic causes problems that is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean you can’t be kept informed.

“We needed help getting a whole hoard of left-behind personal property removed from a rental property, and the Junk King came and gave us a very reasonable estimate, and arrived with an extremely courteous and professional crew. In fact, the final cost was well below the original estimate. I was very pleased and impressed with the service, the cost and the professionalism.” – James Curtin, Phoenix

Junk King bases its price on how the truck will be filled up. The crews make that estimate before the work begins. However, if the amount of stuff comes in under what they estimated, then you’ll get a reduction in the rate. If it goes over, then you’ll pay the same rate. Junk King wants to be fair.

“Easy to arrange & fast and quality service. Pick up took little time & was in the price range I thought it would be to remove the materials. I would recommend Junk King to those who require junk removal.” – C.F., Phoenix

Junk King Phoenix is the right company to ensure that your junk removal needs won’t be complicated. Put them to work today and watch how fast your junk gets cleared away.

Start The New Year Without Any Junk In The Home

A new year is all about fresh starts. Even if you are living in the same home you can have a fresh start by conducting a thorough cleaning. No need to wait for spring when you can devote an afternoon to a top to bottom cleaning. Part of the cleaning should involve getting rid of unwanted junk. In many cultures around the world, getting dirt out of the home on New Year’s is considered good luck. It’s also a great way to open up space and freshen everything! This could be a big task especially if you want to get rid of some heavy and bulky objects from around the house. To make that happen you just need to put in a call to Junk King Phoenix.


The method that Junk King utilizes for their service is a simple one: they’re going to do all the work. What you’ll be doing is taking the crew throughout the house and showing them all the things you want removed. It will be as simple as pointing and saying, “take that.” It is just that simple.

Once the crew is looked over all the stuff you pointed to, they’ll be able to make an estimate on how the things will be packed onto the truck. This is how your fee will be determined. You can get a rough estimate of the seed by using the price calculator on the website. But that final price has to be locked down by visual inspection of all the things you want to get rid of. Once agree upon, the crew will spring into action. Before you know it all the things you want gone will be loaded onto the Junk King truck as if they were never in your house to begin with!

Included in the Junk King flat fee will be there disposal. Most so-called professional junk haulers don’t care much about the environment. They just care about charging you and dumping everything into a landfill for future generations to deal with. Junk King is never thought that way. They dedicated themselves to an eco-friendly way of disposal. That might mean extra work dropping things off at a charity or recycling center but it is work that Junk King is happy to take on.

If you want to start your new year without any junk in the home, then start with a call to Junk King Phoenix today.