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Partner Up With Junk King To Remove Useless Rubbish

Do you have some useless rubbish you want to remove from your home? That rubbish can take many forms. The rubbish could be debris from a landscaping renovation in the backyard. It could also be a swing set or trampoline that your kids have long outgrown. Inside the home, rubbish items could be in the garage, closets, and spare rooms. Anything that you no longer have a need for can be considered rubbish to you. The question then becomes, do you want to keep all that rubbish? If the answer is “no,” then a call to Junk King Phoenix can fix things. These are the junk-hauling pros that make useless rubbish removal look easy.

Full-Service Removal

Junk King offers full-service removal. That means the two-man moving crew who will be assigned your appointment is going to do all the work for you. To get ready for a Junk King appointment, you only have to decide what you want to be removed. And you can even add to that list on the day of your appointment. That is because Junk King does not finalize the price until the crew has had a chance to review everything you are getting rid of. That is when they determine as to how everything fits onto the back of the truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, transportation, and disposal. And that rate is never charged by the pound.

Included in the flat rate is the disposal of those items. Junk King likes to avoid trips to the landfill whenever possible. That is why they would prefer to make a drop-off of your stuff at local charities or recycling centers. This happens automatically. You don’t have to sort anything.

Getting rid of your useless junk will be easy when Junk King Phoenix gets the job.

Set Up Rubbish Removal For Your Office

How often do you bring in outside vendors to your office? There are always repairs to be made and upgrades to be installed throughout the computer network. You can also utilize vendors to keep the break room stocked with coffee and snacks. That would certainly be a priority for your staff! They might be one other vendor that you could consider hiring for a session. That would be Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk hauling professionals that can help you remove all the unwanted rubbish from your office in a single session. Just think of what a positive impact that will have on the entire work environment.

Total Rubbish Clearing

When you hire Junk King you are hiring two movers the truck. That is exactly what you need for a total rubbish clearing from your office. This is the team that you can ask to pick up and carry out any unwanted piece of furniture or office equipment. Yes, you can finally get rid of all those old computers and printers. Junk King team will strive to make sure that kind of e-waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

The cost to Junk King services always determined by a flat rate. The junk King team will assess what you want to get rid of and provide you with a written estimate based on how they intend to pack up the truck. It will always be their goal to pack up the truck as tightly as possible. That will reflect in a low price point on the price scale. Junk King always want to make rubbish removal sessions good for the bottom line.

Getting rid of rubbish from your office should involve the team from Junk King Phoenix. Booker rubbish removal session today. You’ll be glad you did.

More Awesome Reviews For Junk King Phoenix

“Prompt, professional and courteous. I would absolutely use Junk King again.” – Chris, Phoenix

That is just one of the many awesome reviews that have been posted by Junk King Phoenix customers in the last few weeks. This is a professional junk hauling service that can help you finally clear out all the unwanted items in your home and yard. Just know that when you hire Junk King you are hiring a two-man moving crew that will show up with plenty of experience and a great attitude. Here is further proof of that:

“This is a great company! I had a couch, mattress and a collection of odds and ends that had been accumulating around the house and garage. They were in and out in 15 minutes! The two guys that came to pick up were very professional. I will definitely use them again!” – Michael, Scottsdale

“These guys were an absolute lifesaver! Setting up the estimate was easy and free of charge. They showed up on time, we’re personable and professional, gave us a fair price estimate and completed the job quickly. Could not have asked for a better experience!” – Bryan, Gilbert

“These guys took all my moving boxes and packing materials! They were very efficient and I will be calling them again for sure!” – Patricia, Phoenix

“Great experience with Junk King. They had a quick turn around from when I booked the appointment. They were on time at the top of my time slot, very professional and quick! Very good pricing as well.” – Samantha, Phoenix

You can book your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Most of those sessions are completed within 24-hour turnaround. Junk King doesn’t want to waste any of your time. They want to get in and out with your junk as quickly as possible!

Rubbish removal doesn’t have to be your chore. Turn that task over the Junk King Phoenix today. You will be glad you did.


Clear Out An Old Futon The Right Way

Center that every piece of furniture your home is “active?” That would mean he gets used at least once a day. Obviously, the beds, tables and chairs get used once a day. The same can be said for sofa in the family room. What might not get used once a day is something like an old futon. This could be a piece of furniture that was once practical because it was a sofa and the bed. But when a futon is outgrown by the people using it, then it no longer needs to be kept. Unfortunately, getting rid of a piece of furniture is not as simple as taking out the trash. That is why a lot of old furniture ends up in rooms that are being used or out in the garage. Then it is just taking up valuable space. If you have an old futon that needs to be cleared out, then the right way to do that is to give the job to Junk King Phoenix.

Daily Moving

Working with Junk King for futon removal really means working with a team of experienced movers. This is the crew that is standard for every Junk King. The Junk King team handles moving of all kinds of objects on a daily basis. Clearing out your old futon will not be a challenge. That is true even if the futon is on the second floor or has to be taken apart first. The Junk King crew will find the most efficient and safest way to make that removal happen.

If all you were getting rid of was a single futon, then you would pay the low-end price scale. That is because Junk King always charges a flat rate based on how items fit onto the back of the truck. It also means that you might want to clear out a lot more of your unwanted stuff in the same session. Junk King will be happy to make that happen.

To get rid of an old futon the right way you should bring in the team from Junk King Phoenix today.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Fall Cleanup

The prevailing question about a fall cleanup is just how many times you’re going to rake the leaves in your yard? Some folks don’t mind making several piles throughout the fall season. Others have adopted the “leave them where they drop” approach. Either way, dealing with the leaves isn’t the only type of fall cleanup you can tackle. This is a great time of the year to start thinking ahead to the holidays and getting the house ready for friends and family. For that agenda, a big fall cleanup can include clearing out all the unwanted items from the home and yards. That is a job that Junk King Phoenix was made for!

A Lot of Room

There will always be a lot of room on the back of the Junk King truck. How much room? It can hold the same amount as six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That will allow you to finally get rid of all kinds of unwanted furniture, old television sets and more. All of those items are going to be loaded up on the back of the Junk King truck by a two-man moving crew. This is the team that is part of every Junk King session. Whether you’re getting rid of just a few things or a lot, you will always have two Junk King movers on the job!

Not only will this crew make lifting and loading bulk objects look easy, but they also are great with packing up that truck. That will come in handy when it is time to figure out the cost. The less space that your stuff fills up on the truck, the less you will be paying. It is really that simple!

A rubbish and clutter removal session with Junk King Phoenix is a great way to kick off the fall season. Book that session today!

Call In Junk King Phoenix For Safe Rubbish Removal

Spending more time at home might have revealed all of the things that needs to get done around the house. You probably had that list before but now that you are surrounded by the undone tasks it becomes even more prevalent. Thankfully, Junk King Phoenix is still on the job and still standing by to help with some of the task on that list as it relates to rubbish removal. Now more than ever creating a cozy living environment is vital and that means getting rid of all the unwanted items that might be scattered throughout the house. Junk King has put some new procedures in the place that provide for a safe touchless pickup. It’s a terrific approach for handling your rubbish removal needs.

Start with A Photo

Once you have decided on all the items that you’d like Junk King to pick up, you can snap a photo of them and send them over to us. That way we will be able to determine how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. That is how your fee for the service will be presented. It is the same way that we’ve always conducted business but now we are just doing it “virtual.”

When the prices been agreed upon, you can set up your session. At the appointed hour, the Junk King team will swing by and pick up everything that you have placed out on your porch, driveway or yard. This allows us to maintain a social distance and keep everyone safe.

Everything that’s collected by junk will still go through our standard sorting process. We will always look for those items that can be donated to charities with dropped off at recycling centers. That kind of work is essential and it’s been part of Junk King’s philosophy since the company started back in 2005.

You don’t have to wait any longer to take care of your rubbish removal. Give that job to Junk King Phoenix and it will be handled the safe way.

Get Rid Of An Old Mattress Fast With Junk King

There are some things that you want to get rid of that you can actually “live” with. If you have replaced an old television, then it can go into a spare room or out in the garage.  The same can be said for any piece of furniture that you have swapped out. However, there are some things that you want to get rid of fast once you have made the decision to replace them. That would certainly be true with an old mattress. That is not something you need to keep around because chances are it would never be used again. Once you are done with the mattress, that mattresses done for good unless he gets recycled. Junk King Phoenix can help you get rid of that old mattress fast and take care of the recycling part, too.

Quick Turnaround

Junk King prides itself on its ability to provide a quick turnaround for its services. Most customers who call in to set up an appointment can have that session completed by the following day. There are also same day pickups available depending upon when you call in. For mattress removal, you may want to coordinate with the delivery of your new mattress. Junk King can come in the morning to get rid of the old mattress and you can have the new one delivered after lunch. That would make a seamless transition to your new bed!

It will literally take just a few minutes for the two-man moving crew from Junk King to bring your mattress out of the bedroom and onto the truck. You have to make the decision whether or not that is all you want to get rid of. Considering you have those movers and the truck you might want to think about getting rid of a lot of other unwanted and bulky items in your home. This is a perfect opportunity to transform your living environment and create more storage space.

Get rid of your old mattress and the rest of your rubbish fast by hiring Junk King Phoenix from the start.

Make A Resolution To Get The Rubbish Removed From Your Home

Are the New Year’s resolutions that you are making this year the same ones you have made in past years? That is actually very common especially when it comes to self-improvement. You might have some bad habits that you want to break for the new year that you tried breaking before. They could also be some goals attached to working out that you want to take another run at, literally and figuratively! A new year is always a good time to for a fresh start. That fresh start can also extend to your living environment. Perhaps you can make a resolution to get the rubbish removed from your all. That is a resolution that you should definitely bring in Junk King Phoenix to help with.

Junk King Makes It Easy

Junk King makes it easy to get rid of any amount of rubbish in your home. It all begins with the phone call to set up your appointment. You always be asked for the best day that works for your schedule. Within that day, you will need to set aside just two hours for the Junk King appointment. Most appointments are handled within 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Those two hours gives the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. Throughout the day of your appointment the crew will keep you apprised of their estimated arrival time. Based on the majority of comments from happy Junk King customers, the crews are always prompt and often quite early.

Once the team arrives, they will make the lifting and loading phase look easy also. Having to capable movers lift a heavy object always works best when they have the experience with this type of work. That experience helps them navigate staircases with sofas and other oversized pieces.

The price structure is easy to understand, as well. Junk King will provide you with an estimate for the amount of space that all of your rubbish will take up on the truck. It might be one third, one half or the entire truck bed. Whatever that amount is will reflect the price that you will pay. The less space that they use for packing, the less you will be paid and that will always be the goal for Junk King.

If you make a New Year’s resolution to get the rubbish cleared from your home, then it is time to call in the pros from Junk King Phoenix.

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