Junk King Removes Construction Scrap Fast

Scheduling is an important part of any construction job. Once the plans for the project have been drawn up and the contractor hired, the question of completion dates will always come into play. An experience contractor always knows that a completion date shouldn’t be “ironclad.” There are too many unknown variables like weather and material shipments that can impact the date. As with a budget, the contractor builds in contingency time to allow for those variables.

A good contractor also knows the value of keeping a job site clear of debris. On every job, big or small, time is devoted to the end of the workday to clean up the set as efficiently as possible. That doesn’t always means clearing away the construction scrap but just relocating out of the way of the work. For total clearing, it might require bringing in additional outside help. That kind of help can be found with Junk King Portland.

Fast Pickup

Being proactive with construction scrap removal means scheduling pickup appointments with Junk King in advance. You know that demolition day is going to create a lot of debris. As the job progresses, there will be even more debris piles created. No matter how far out you schedule your sessions with Junk King, you can depend on them providing prompt service. On the day of the appointment, the crews will keep you informed as to their progress and arrive time. Their goal is to be as close to the two-hour window that you reserved as possible. Most often, they are early. That is always good for a construction cleanup!

You might also have occasion to need a “rapid response” cleanup. This might be outside of your regular pickups. That could happen on a 24-hour turnaround or even the same day. Junk King likes to work fast and that applies to all of their customers, big and small.

The construction scraps that Junk King will be clearing away might end up at a recycling facility. That will allow you to promote your work as “green.” Clients will always appreciate that.

For fast and dependable construction scrap cleanup, you can always count on Junk King Portland.