The Smart Way To Move Out Old Furniture

If you have ever suffered from lower back pain, then you might be especially cautious when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You know that kind of exertion can be a trigger for back spasms. That is actually a good reason to avoid moving around old furniture.  Thankfully, the moving crews from Junk King Portland are standing by to help you move out your old furniture to make room for new pieces that you are thinking about purchasing. You can get all of this done without lifting a finger. Junk King will never let you strain your back while they are on the job!

How it Works

Hiring Junk King to move out your old furniture is very simple process. When you call to set up your appointment you will be asked to select a day and a two-hour window within that day that works best for your schedule. Most of those two hours are taking up with the crews moving through traffic. That means once they get to your home it won’t be very long before they can load up all of your old furniture onto their truck. Before they begin the work, they will lockdown the final fee with you. This will be a price that is always based on how is packed with all of your unwanted stuff. The Junk King crews are not only great with lifting heavy objects but they are also terrific with packing up the truck. They can take a lot of things and squeeze it into a tight space as possible. This is all important because the less room that they take up, the less you will be paying for that final fee.

That fee also covers all the disposal of your discarded items. With furniture, the Junk King team might drop off those items add nearby charities. This is a way to not only protect the environment sure nothing that is still usable is wasted. This entire process can literally just take up a few moments of your time.

The smart way to move out old furniture is to let Junk King Portland handle the job. Are you ready to make the call?