Give Your Old Mattress To Junk King Today

When it comes to getting rid of an old mattress you are limited in your options. You can’t sell it on Craigslist or at a yard sale. You can’t put it out on the street with a sign that says “free.” Once you have made the determination to get rid of your mattress it is probably because it is several years old. It is hard to imagine anyone taking that mattress for use again. What you might not know is that an old mattress can actually be recycled. The issue then becomes how to get that mattress to the recycling center. That is where Junk King Portland can make a big difference. These are the professional junk haulers who have dedicated themselves to an environmentally friendly approach to junk removal and that includes old mattresses!

Beyond the Priority

Getting rid of your old mattress might be your priority. Even if you just hire Junk King for that task it will be a big burden off your shoulders. However, as long as you are going to have a dedicated moving crew and a big truck why not take full advantage and get rid of all your unwanted items. Take the time to go through every room in the  home. Just by standing in the doorway they might be some obvious things that you would like to get rid of like old beanbag chairs or futons. If you were to go through the closets in your bedroom, then you are sure to find plenty of other items that can be taken away. Same can be said for your garage. A little time spent sorting through all the boxes will go a long way towards creating much more valuable storage space.

Before junk King loads up the truck with all your unwanted items, they will present you with an estimate. This will be a fee that is always based on how they plan to back up. You never get charge by the pound when you work with Junk King. That makes this a very affordable fair approach for this valuable help.

Start with removing your old mattress and end with getting rid of all of your unwanted clutter. One session with Junk King Portland can make it happen.