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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Junk King Helps Bring Down The Attic Rubbish

At this very moment, do you know exactly what you have up in the attic? You might have a vague idea of some items that are brought down on a regular basis such as holiday decorations. But they could be a lot of other stuff that you have stored up there that you have completely forgotten about. It might be worth taking the time to sort through your attic and find all the things that have value. Those can either be sold or brought down into the house. As for the rest of the stuff you might discover it is all items that you can do without. Once that kind of discovery has been you will want to set up a removal session with Junk King Portland.

Up and Down

One of the reasons that items and up staying in the attic is because it can sometime be a challenge to bring them back down again. Once they are up, they stay up! Of course, bringing stuff down from the attic will be a challenge for the crew from Junk King. You will be assigned a pair of experience movers who does this type of work on a daily basis. Them in action the items in your attic that you didn’t even bring up their but had your movers bring up when you first came into the house. If something made it up into the attic, then you can come back down again.

Before Junk King starts the session, they will work out what the final price will be. The price is always based on how everything will fit onto the back of the junk King truck. One flat fee covers all the transportation, labor and disposal. It is also a fee that is very competitive for this type of service.

Bringing the rubbish down from your attic is a job best suited for the team from Junk King Portland. Put them on the job today.

How Junk King Can Help With Your Estate Clean Out

Being an executor of an estate will mean making a lot of decisions. Hopefully, those decisions will be supported by attorneys and the family that is directly benefiting from the assets of that estate. To make everyone happy, it is important to dispense with the assets of that estate in a timely manner. For many estates, that means selling a home. Before that can happen, that home will need to be made market ready. That starts with getting every single item cleared from the home. Only then can painters and other repairman do the work needed to make the home ready to sell.

An estate sale will go a long way towards clearing out the bulk of items in that home. However, there will always be things left over that have to be cleared away. They might also be carpeting, drapes, appliances and other things that weren’t put up for sale but also have to be cleared out. All of that can happen with a call to Junk King Portland. These are the professional junk haulers who can make a big difference when it comes to your estate clean out.

Multiple Crews

A standard Junk King appointment is staffed by a pair of capable movers. For an estate clean out, Junk King might decide that it would work best to have multiple crews working on the task. That is a good way to ensure that everything will be cleared out in a single session. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for that additional help. That will all be covered with the flat fee offered by Junk King. That flat fee is always based on via and not weight. It all comes down to how everything that you are getting rid of will be tacked onto the back of the truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. You will know that prices before the work begins so that there won’t be any surprises at the end of the job.

When you need an estate clean out taken care of, you need to put Junk King Portland on the job. Book your session today.

Top 5 Benefits of Remodeling Cleanup

Junk King Portland is here to give you 5 tips to make the renovation cleanup process easier.

Renovations Tips and Tricks

There is an upsurge in home remodeling projects among American homeowners. It is, therefore, no surprise that a Harvard University research report estimates home remodeling projects to cost American 400$ billion yearly. When remodeling a property, most owners concentrate their efforts and money to find the best resources for the job. However, many are left in dismay even when their remodeled spaces are done to perfection. That’s because cleaning up after even a minor construction is a nightmare. It leaves you to wonder what to do with all the waste, dirt, and debris left behind. This is where remodeling cleanup comes in.


What is Remodeling Cleanup?


Remodeling cleanup is the process of clearing the mess that’s left behind after a home remodeling or renovation. Technically, remodeling involves changing the structure of your home, which requires deconstruction and demolition of some parts of your property. Demolition generates an average of 155 pounds of waste per square foot. 

According to EPA;

“Demolishing existing buildings and disposing of the debris is not a resource-efficient practice. Recovering used yet valuable C&D materials for further use is an effective way to save money while protecting natural resources.”

Fortunately, you can reduce construction and demolition waste by reusing and recycling. However, there is still a significant portion of waste, like scrap metal, paint residue, and debris left behind. Junk King’s remodeling cleanup service will haul the trash and junk, dispose of the construction waste, and recycle everything we can after a DIY renovation project. 



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Why Remodeling Cleanup Is Essential


Hiring professionals to handle the cleanup after a DIY renovation project will spare you a messy and tiring experience. The service will ensure you spare some energy to enjoy your new project. There is more to it, and here are the most rewarding benefits of hiring professional cleanup services.


1. Enhanced Safety Operations


Clearing construction waste and debris can be hazardous. These hazards can be in the form of slip and fall accidents, cuts, chemical burns, and slides. Apart from being dangerous, these operations can also attract lawsuits due to improper insurance coverage. Working with professionals ensures that everything is taken care of efficiently and while adhering to the highest safety standards. 

These experts have experience, relevant skills, appropriate tools, and protective gear to dispose of construction waste safely. Additionally, you significantly reduce the risk of damaging your new project during cleanup by entrusting it to professionals. They will use the right tools, supplies, and materials for every surface, leaving your surfaces spotless yet undamaged.


2. Save Time


DIY projects are already time-consuming and often eat into our free time. Cleaning up yourself after such projects only eats up into your precious time. That’s why it is better if you leave it to the pros. At Junk King, we make it very easy, fast, and straightforward to get started as we can set up a date via call, text, or online booking. We can start working immediately when we arrive at your property, and you agree with our price quotation. We have skilled manpower and equipment to get the job done in a fraction of the time you would use.

3. Efficiency


Removing dust and dirt from the obvious places is not rocket science. However, when doing it yourself, it is easy to leave some stones unturned and proceed with some filthy nooks and crannies. At Junk King professionals, we don’t overlook anything. We leverage our supplies and top-notch equipment to clean every surface and remove all big and minor stains. We also offer the greenest DIY renovation cleanup solutions that are eco-friendly and safe for all.

4. Save Money


Construction cleanup can save you more money than you know. This is considering junk removal professionals sum up all the costs into one flat rate. The rate includes labor per hour spent cleaning up, workers insurance, hauling vehicle costs, fuel, wear and tear costs. Moreover, dumping, construction trash bags, cleaning supplies, and equipment costs are not yours to worry about.


5. Proper Waste Disposal


At Junk King, we recycle everything we can and reuse or donate the rest. Whatever we cannot salvage in the above ways, we dispose of it properly in waste facilities. We ensure construction debris is out of your way by picking it up as often as you need. As you know, you can’t simply toss all construction debris in specific ways, and inappropriate disposal can attract hefty fines. We understand this and know the appropriate disposal areas for all kinds of junk.


Junk King Remodeling Haul Away Services


Don’t halt your remodeling plans because of the dreadful idea of cleaning up afterward. Instead, call Junk King Portland and let us do the dirty and heavy lifting for you. While we are at it, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some worry-free time. And still, get to save some bucks for future renovation plans.  


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