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Junk King Portland Customers Post More Reviews

“I love these guys. They are professionals, price upfront and fast to pickup and getting the job done. It’s my second time using them and I will keep calling if /when the need arises. Job well done!” – Xana Barros, Portland


That is one of many positive reviews posted by Junk King Portland customers. Any time someone takes the effort to share positive comments about a business means the business is getting the job done. For Junk King, that job is clearing away any and all kinds of unwanted junk from your home or business. Here’s what other customers had to say:

“Workmen were very polite and friendly. Made effort to keep job clean, swept up after themselves. Came prepared. Stove removal happened smoothly.” – Maryjo Hessel, Corbett

“Very friendly and upfront with the price. Called to let me know they were ahead of schedule and ended up being an hour early which I loved. Will definitely use in the future and will be recommending to my friends.” – Sharma Sullivan, Portland

“My wife and I used Junk King when we moved in July, so when I realized we needed to unload all the things that accumulate over time in a warehouse I knew exactly who to call. Junk King showed up on time, worked fast, and we filled their truck with ease.” – Martin Moen, Portland

“I called to schedule at around 11:30 am, they were due between 4 and 6 pm but showed up at 1!! It was great, they got all the junk from the house so the new buyers did not have to deal with it that evening. Highly recommend and will use them in the future. Very professional people.” – Tim Saeland, Portland

The sooner you call into Junk King, the sooner you get your junk cleared away. And, yes, that can all happen in the same day!

“Thanks so much! Online booking was easy, folks even came early which was great for my day. Both people who came out were really nice, very approachable and sweet to my pups. I saw y’all in town while I was out running errands and I’m so glad I called.” – L.M., Portland

If you need to get rubbish removed from your home, you don’t have to look very far for help. Just put Junk King Portland on the job and watch how fast it gets done.

Who To Call For Fast Junk Hauling In Beaverton

Residents of Beaverton joined with other volunteers from across the state to participate in SOLVE’s 29th annual SOLVE IT for Earth Day. This is an annual statewide event that started back in 1990 with a goal of cleaning up Portland-area neighborhoods and illegal dumpsites. Now, this has evolved into one of the largest Earth Day events in the nation. How large? In the past two decades, these volunteers have removed more than 9 million pounds of litter. This year’s event was no exception with an estimated 47,000 pounds of trash and debris being collected from over 170 sites. Those sites include neighborhoods, parks, school grounds and natural reserve areas all across Oregon.


A big cleanup effort like this might inspire you to do your own cleanup around the house. Although you might not be able to bring a small army of volunteers, you can hire Junk King Portland and that is just as effective. Junk King Portland is going to provide you with a big truck to haul away all the things you want to get rid of. Will you be loading up that truck? Absolutely. That work is going to be handled by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your pickup appointment. You literally don’t have to move a single piece of furniture or box of clothing. The Junk King crew bring it all out of your home in no time at all.

You can schedule your appointment with Junk King online. You pick the day and two-hour window that works best for your time. You’ll get an email confirmation and all is set. On the day of your pickup, the Junk King crew will stay in touch with you to report their progress. Often you’ll find the team arriving early in that two-hour window. Once at your home, the job will last as long as it takes to load up all your things. Before they get started, Junk King will provide you an estimate that is going to be based how the crew is going to pack up the truck. The less space they use, the less you’ll be charge. It is just that fair and simple.

If you want to transform your Beaverton home in to a junk free space, then you need to put Junk King Portland to work today.

Negotiating Tips For A Good Deal On A New Car

Have you put off shopping for a new car simply because you dread the thought of dealing with a car salesperson? You’re certainly not alone in that regard. Buying a car can be very stressful especially when you begin to doubt all your great research. It’s time to take the power back and negotiate your way to a good deal. Try putting these tips into action for that goal:


Let the Salesperson Go First

The first rule of negotiating is to let the other person go first. Why does that matter? Because the opening number offered by the car salesperson is going to “set the table” for what is to follow. If you talk about what you’re willing to spend then, that is the only number they’re want to hear.

Name Your Price and Stop There

If it comes to your turn to name a price, then lowball yourself. If you can spend $25,000, then tell them you only have $16,000 in your budget. You might end up at $20,000, which is a victory for you. Whatever you do, don’t add anything. Tell them the number and then see what they come back with. Don’t throw in a “But  I’m flexible” or “I can go higher with right car.” Act like that number is all the money you have in your wallet.

Express Yourself

When a salesperson makes a counteroffer, don’t hold back. If it is bad, then let them know. Share your “pain.” And make your counteroffers smaller. If they come down a thousand, you should only go up by $500.

Walk Away

You need to be in charge of the negotiation and that means setting time boundaries. Some dealers purposely keep you waiting around to wear you down, know that once you’ve gone through all the paperwork, you won’t want to go home empty handed. What is the worst that can happen? You make a better deal the following week? There is no reason why you should pay more for a car then what is fair. If you know the prices, then you know what is fair. If you can’t get there, then say, “so long.”

After all that strong negotiating, you’ll find the car of your liking and close the deal. Then it’s time to bring your prized possession back home. Will your garage be ready? It will be if you hired Junk King Portland for some junk removal. These exceptional junk haulers will back right up to your garage and swiftly get rid of all the things you can do without. Major improvement. Your new car is going to look great in a clean garage. Junk King Portland can help make that happen.

Who To Call For Junk Removal In Lake Oswego

Clackamas County officials are thinking about what would it take to build a bridge across the Willamette River. This wouldn’t be a bridge for cars or trains but for pedestrian and bikes. The goal is to unite the east end of Lake Oswego to the south end of Milwaukie. Connecting these two neighborhoods would go a long way towards expanding access to major transit hubs. It would also be a nice way to meet some new friends on the other side. This is just one of the many ways that residents and community leaders of Lake Oswego are looking to improve the quality of life.


What things are you doing around the home to improve your quality of life? Something as simple as planting a vegetable garden in the backyard could be a big boost. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick a salad for dinner on a nice summer’s night? You can also improve things by clearing out the junk and rubbish. That’s when you’ll need to call Junk King Portland. These are the junk hauling experts who never met a pile of junk they couldn’t haul away.

How many things could you do without around your home? There might be all kinds of items crammed into your closets that you can do without like clothes that don’t fit, shoes that are worn out or coats that are out of style. If Junk King takes all that away, then you can count on those items getting dropped off at a local charity. Just because you’re done with something doesn’t mean it has to go into the trash.

What about the bigger items you might have stored in your basement or attic. It makes more sense for Junk King to get rid of that stuff than to have it take up valuable storage space in your home. That junk might even be preventing you from using a room for something more practical like a home office or workout space.

You never have to feel guilty about asking the team from Junk King to lift something heavy or to climb stairs. This is what you’re hiring them for. Improve the quality of your Lake Oswego home environment by having Junk King take away your rubbish today.

Junk King Portland Offers Full Service Refrigerator Removal

Junk King Portland offers full service refrigerator removal. Nothing beats Junk King’s superior efforts 

When you’re dealing with the number one rated junk removal service brand in North America, you can expect a lot. Junk King Portland will even remove your refrigerator because they pride themselves on outstanding efforts.

Junk King Portland will offer you a written estimate to remove that old refrigerator that’s guaranteed to beat the competition. We pride ourselves on the fact that up to 60% of everything we remove is recycled.

Good Clients

In our experience, a knowledgeable customer is a good client. That’s why we want to provide a few tips. For example, if you notice an excessive amount of heat when you put your hand near the back of your refrigerator, it might be time to get a new unit. Remember if you call our offices, you’ll be sure to get qualified technicians that can remove your old fridge and dispose of it safely and efficiently.


Our fridge removal services is also helpful for landlords. If you take a few minutes to look at the customer testimonials on our website, you’ll see how real people have found our services are excellent. Keep in mind that you only pay for what you use with us. That’s very important when you’re taking advantage of what our red trucks and dumpsters have to offer.

Maybe you’re a business owner with a 10-year-old fridge in the lunchroom? Usually it’s time to replace the appliance when it reaches that age. For a lot of busy small business people, getting rid of the old fridge could create quite a problem. It’s important to remember if you’ve got more than one refrigerator to remove from your business, we can help with convenient payment plans.


Businesses can even make money through referrals with our convenient program. There are a few different telltale signs that it’s time to change an old refrigerator out for new one. One more simple one is if you can hear it running. That’s especially true if you can hear the hum of its motor over music and family banter in your kitchen.

If you take a look at our videos, you’ll see that Junk King Portland is the professional choice for full service refrigerator removal. Whether the appliance needs to be taken away from a foreclosed home or storage unit, we are on the job with a fast friendly and efficient service.

Getting in touch with us is a quick and easy process. Remember one of our priorities is the safe removal of all the junk that you need taken away.

Who To Call For Fast Junk Removal In Bethany

The Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism Organization (SOLV) is gearing up for it’s annual spring cleanup event. Last fall, the group focused on a trash sweep of Bullard State Park. At the fall cleanup, the bulk of what is bagged up from the beaches are what is referred to as micro plastics. For the spring cleanups, the volunteers tend to find larger pieces of trash that have been dumped from winter storms.


“Micro plastics are a big problem. Little bits of plastic wash up in the rack line and get ingested by fish. Those toxins can actually stay with the fish and get carried up the food chain affecting animals we eat, like tuna and salmon,” Park Ranger Newhall told a local news organization. Bullard State Park wasn’t the only Oregon beach that was targeted last fall. SOLV had 46 different beach and river cleanup events throughout the state.

How much could you get cleaned around your Bethany home if you had a cleanup crew working under your direct supervision? Actually, you can get that exact kind of help when you hire Junk King Portland. These are the junk hauling pros who have been picking up all kinds of trash and rubbish from homes, schools, business, parks and vacant lots. Think about how they can help out around your house.

The Junk King crew can help you finally get rid of that old furniture that is collecting dust down in the basement. You can clear out all the junk from up in the attic. And you can say goodbye to all the rubbish in your garage. Just think of how much better things will be when you can take back all that space.

The goal for the Junk King crews is to pack up their truck with all your stuff using as little space as possible. You’ll be amazed at how they can cram things into the truck. This is important because it will be how your final fee will be determined. The Junk King crews can size up any amount of stuff and now how it will fit onto the truck. The estimate they give you before the work will be locked down. No surprise charges at the end of the job. Are you ready to get your junk hauled away in Bethany? Then you’re ready to put Junk King Portland to work.

Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

Unless you’re wiped out by seasonal allergies, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t like spring. Even those folks with runny noses appreciate the beauty that is blooming all around them. On the home front, you need to do some prep work in order to get your garden ready for spring. Here’s what you need to consider:


Prep Your Garden Tools

The recommendation is that when you store garden tools for the winter, you should clean them off and wipe them down with oil to prevent rust. Did you do that? If not, then you might discover that your tools are in serious need of replacement. Even clean tools could benefit from sharpening.

TLC For Your Soil

First step for soil prep is turning it over. This will reveal weeds and stones that need to be cleared away. After turning they soil, you’ll want to add compost or fertilizer to it. This happens before any seeds are planted. Give the dirt time to acclimate and air out. Besides if you put fertilizer down too late, it could burn the roots of your new plants.

Make a Plan

If you’re returning to your garden, then you know what grows and what struggles. If you’re planting for the first time, then you’ll want to ask for recommendations from local nurseries to see which type of plants thrive in Portland weather. Being focused on flowers means you want to find those plants that bloom throughout the season. Think of this as making a “floorplan” for your backyard.

Clean Up

Before you do any of this prep work, you need to start with a clean slate. That means clearing any winter debris that might have been dumped in your yard. Getting your garden ready for spring also means getting the patio ready. Do you need to get rid of patio furniture cushions, planters and other piles of construction waste? That is a job best suited for Junk King Portland. The crews working for Junk King don’t mind getting their hands dirty with yard clearing. A little rubbish removal help from Junk King Portland goes a long way towards getting your garden ready for spring.

The Professional Junk Hauling Difference

We’ve all come to accept the term “professional” as referring to someone who gets paid to perform a service. In professional sports like the NBA and the NFL recruiters line up on college campuses to snatch up the best players. Once those grads sign a contact, they’ve become a professional.


In our own lives, we seek out professionals all the time. When our car breaks down we want a professional mechanic, not some kid who has just taken auto shop in high school. If we’re looking to remodel our kitchen we want to hire a professional contractor. Do it yourself can only go so far! We surround ourselves by professionals: our doctors, our dentists, our lawyers even our kid’s piano teachers are all professionals. What about hauling away your junk? Shouldn’t you have a professional for that job? Yes, there are some very dedicated and experienced junk haulers who are extremely professional. They’re working for Junk King Portland.

Just because you’re hiring a professional junk hauler doesn’t mean they are going to show up in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase. You’ll still get the guys with the work boots and gloves! However, these professionals will be treating taking the junk out of your home as if it were their own home. This means they’re not going to coming barging in to yank things out by dragging them across your nice wood floors or carpet. Remember, they are professionals who have been trained in the proper methods of moving heavy items. The goals are to have no scrapes, dings or chips anywhere on your floors or walls. The only way you should know that your junk has traveled out of your house is by the open space it leaves behind!

Any successful company stands on their reputation. Junk hauling is no different. If the junk hauling team that shows up to your house doesn’t behave in a professional manner, then you’re not going to hire them again and you’ll probably tell everyone you know to stay away. That business wouldn’t be in operation for very long.

When you need professional junk hauling, call on Junk King Portland to get the job done the right way.

Tips For Making The Toddler Bed Switch

There is a viral video making the rounds of a pair of twins caught on a monitor having all kinds of fun at night. What makes this especially interesting is that these twins have discovered how to climb out of their cribs. They don’t wander out of the room but instead, move around sofa cushions, rearrange furniture and generally do anything but sleep. Clearly, these toddlers are ready for their big beds. Is your little one? Here are some smart tips to help you make the switch to a toddler bed:


Make Sure They’re Ready

Yes, a toddler who can already climb out of a crib is ready but what about other little ones? The age to start thinking about this is around 3 ½. Many toddlers can become very attached to their cribs because they see it as their own private safety cocoon. If a child is aware of friends or cousins who have a big bed, then they might ask when they’ll get one. You don’t need to rush things. As with the potty training, they’ll tell you when they’re ready.

Involve Them In Shopping

You don’t want to take your toddler to the bed store unless you’ve already been there. If all they offer are simple beds, then you can bring your child along to pick out their new bed. However, if they offer special designs like race cars or fire trucks, just be aware that is something your little one will become fixated on. If you’re not prepared for that type of purchase, then you want to avoid the temptation. One thing that can absolutely shop for is their bedding. There are plenty of fun choices for sheets and blankets. That will give them a sense of ownership.


You should try to place the toddler bed in the same area as the crib. Rearranging everything in the room can cause them some stress. Familiarity is key with making this switch.

To make room for the toddler bed, you might need to move out some of the old baby furniture. This is a good opportunity to go through the entire room including closets and dressers to pull out all those things that have been outgrown. Some of that you might want to keep. As for the rest, turn it over to Junk King Portland. One session with these pro junk haulers will have all those unwanted items safely removed from your home. Their next destination could be at a local charity so nothing has to go to waste. Let Junk King Portland help you make the switch to a toddler bed by clearing out the old furniture first.

Unique Ideas For A Home Business

Every great invention starts with an idea that somehow solves a problem. Sometimes you don’t even know you had a problem until that invention comes along to solve it. The same principle can be applied to setting up a home business. You can provide a service or product that won’t be original but could be in demand in your community. Of course, it will help if you can make that demand! Here are some unique ideas for a home business:


Making Gift Baskets

The most popular time for gift baskets are around the holidays. Many vendors give out baskets for their clients to show their appreciation. However, there is a need for custom gift baskets all through the year. These can be made for baby and bridal showers, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and, of course, birthdays. The more attractive you make these baskets the better you’ll be. You might also discover that a lot of the products you give away in a basket can be had for a low price if not free. After all, those companies would love to get their products out into the world, too.

Party Planner

Do you have a reputation for throwing great parties? Why not put those skills to use as a professional party planner. Many businesses would appreciate the help of someone who can pull together caterers, valet and servers. You can work on big parties and small receptions. Best off all, every successful party means dozens of potential clients. Keep those business cards handy!


Setting up a cleaning business might require hiring independent contractors right out of the gate. That would put you in a supervisory role from the start. Nothing wrong with that. The way to stay competitive with a cleaning service is to make is hassle free. You bring all the cleaning supplies and make sure your team does a thorough job. Positive word of mouth will be your best marketing tool.

To make any of these ideas work, you’ll need to set up a dedicated office space in your home. This will allow you to keep overhead costs down and your customers will be happy to get those savings. All you need to do is find a space in your home and clear out the clutter. That is a job best suited for Junk King Portland. It will only take one appointment with the team from Junk King to make all your unwanted furniture, electronics and outdated office equipment disappear for good. Before you can open your home business, you’ll need a home office. Let Junk King Portland help with that.

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