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Author Archives: Jason Edge

Terrific Summer DIY Projects

Summer is a time for vacations, backyard barbecues and relaxing in the sun. It’s also a time when you can accomplish a few projects around the house. We are not just talking about simple maintenance repairs but instead those big DIY projects you’ve been putting off all winter long. Here are some potential summer DIY projects you might want to tackle:


Reseal the Wood Deck

What kind of shape is your wood deck in? Hopefully, when it was first installed it was coated with a water sealer. But even the best sealers don’t last a lifetime. You may want to reseal your deck this summer. While you’re at it, you can also make any minor repairs to the deck and inspected for water damage. Perhaps you want to expand your deck. That is certainly something to think about before you make any repairs. Tearing down the deck and building a new one is a great project to start the summer off with.

Refinished Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture might have taken a beaten this past winter. If your metal chairs and tables are starting to show signs of distress, then you might want to strip them down and repaint them. There are many powerful strippers you can buy that aren’t difficult to work with. As for the repainting, renting a power sprayer is the way to go.

Power Washing

Speaking of power sprayer, you may want to rent a power washer to give your entire backyard a thorough scrubbing. These powerful water jets cannot only clean concrete and wood decks but they can also work wonders on your home siding.

Replace the Driveway

How many cracks are in your driveway? Once a crack starts, it doesn’t reverse itself. Summer is the perfect time to replace the driveway. All the gear you would need such as a jackhammer and cement mixer can be rented. There are also plenty of helpful instructional YouTube videos that can walk you through the entire process. The real challenge with replace the driveway is what to do with the busted up concrete. That is easily handled with one call the Junk King Portland.

Junk King Portland are professional junk haulers that don’t put any weight restrictions on what you want to get rid of. They’re not to charge by the pound but instead by volume. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. Those chunks of concrete will be easily stacked up resulting in an affordable price for the service. You can always count on Junk King Portland for concrete hauling and yard waste removal throughout the summer.

Guide To Picking Your Next Mattress

Do you know how old your mattress is? That’s an important question because like every other major purchase in our home, a mattress isn’t meant to last forever. The optimum duration would be around eight years. If you’re starting to have trouble sleeping or waking up with a sore back, it might be time to replace that old, saggy mattress. As an added bonus, you’ve probably also accumulated several pounds (yes pounds!) of skin cells, dust mites and bug carcasses that you’re now sleeping on. Now are you convinced? Before racing to replace your mattress, consider these helpful buying tips to pick your next mattress.


Use The Internet, Set A Budget

Your mattress purchase will require you to set a budget and research prices online. Actually, if you haven’t bought a mattress in eight years, you might be shocked at some of the prices. Have no fear because everything is negotiable. Plus, once you’ve tried out a mattress in a store (highly recommended), you can always come back to the Internet and order it online at a better price.

Pick Your Type

Memory Foam? Sleep Number? Firm? Plus? There is a lot going on in the world of mattresses. It won’t take you long to become a mattress expert. Here’s short version: Memory foam or Tempur-Pedic is a mattress that will mold to the shape of your body. It’s as close as you can get to sleeping on a waterbed without actually sleeping on a waterbed. A sleep number bed lets you make adjustments in the firmness by using inflatable air pressure chambers. These are the beds that let you recline up and could even have separate settings for the person you’re sharing that bed with.

Go From High End To Low End

Now armed with some information, it’s time to take a few mattresses for test drives. Go to a big show room and ask to try the most expensive mattress. This is the high end of sleeping luxury. Use this to set the bar. Start working your way down the mattress ladder until you land on the perfect pick for your comfort and your budget. It’s out there!

Dress For Sleeping Comfort

As you try out your mattresses, consider what you’ll be wearing to bed. It won’t be bulky sweaters and jackets. This doesn’t mean you can wear your pajamas to the mattress store. However, you want to try out the mattress with the least amount of layers between you and that potential comfort.

Check The Return Policy

After trying out all the mattresses in the store and finding your perfect pick, you’ll get it home and discover it’s horrible. Relax. Mattresses are lot like shoes. It takes a few “sessions” to get it to fit right. If after three weeks, it’s still uncomfortable, you might need to return it and start all over again. Don’t feel embarrassed. It’s more important that you get the right mattress for a good night’s sleep.

With regard to taking care of your old mattress disposal that is a job best turned over to Junk King Portland. Although some companies offer free removal, with Junk King Portland on the job you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of unwanted clutter at the same time. It’s a great chance to clear out your closets, basement and garage along with your old mattress. You’ll get a good night’s rest on a new mattress and a home that’s free of junk.

Call On Junk King Portland For Fast Foreclosure Clean Out

Many folks outside of the real estate business will hear the word “foreclosure” and think it refers to a condemned property. The truth is that the vast majority of foreclosed properties have simply been abandoned by the previous occupants. That abandonment also applies to furniture, appliances and other rubbish. That means a foreclosed property is really just in need of a cosmetic cleanup. That is where Junk King Portland can be a huge help.


Junk King Portland is part of a national chain a professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with foreclosure clean out. At first, these types of jobs might seem to be a huge challenge but in actuality they are rather easy. That’s because the Junk King Portland team knows everything goes. They don’t have to worry about sorting through the rubbish. They can just back the truck up and load everything in.

Because of the potential volume of rubbish that has to be cleared out, Junk King Portland might dispatch additional crews for a foreclosure clean out. It’s not uncommon to have a clean out like this take several truck loads. The goal for junk King Portland is always a get the stuff cleared out as quickly as possible. That way you can bring in your other workers to get the property ready to put on the market once again.

The cost for junk important services are always based upon how much space your stuff will occupy on the back of the truck. This is an estimate is derived at once the crews had a chance to look over all the things you want to have loaded. It’s a flat fee that covers all the crew work, transportation and disposal. Best of all, you won’t ever be charge by the pound and that can make a huge difference with a foreclosure clean out.

The other added benefit of hiring Junk King Portland is how they dispose of what they collect. Junk King Portland is a company that has always been dedicated to a green way of doing things. You’ll feel good about hiring them knowing that most of what they collect is going to either be recycled or donated. To take care of your foreclosure clean out the right way hire Junk King Portland today.

Junk King Portland Helps With Old Couch Removal And Rubbish Hauling

Do you remember the day your couch was delivered? He was probably brought in by two strong movers. You have the spot all picked out and were very excited to see what it finally look like in your living room. Perhaps over the years you have move that sofa around to face a different direction. Has it reached the point where you no longer in love with it like you once where? If you’re ready to replace that old couch, then you need to give a call to Junk King Portland. These are the junk removal specialists who can get that sofa out the door in no time at all.


Junk King Portland prides itself on accommodating their customer’s schedule. If you know when your new sofa is going to be delivered. Then you can set up your junk removal session with Junk King Portland on the same day. That way the swap can happen without missing a beat. You also have plenty of time in between to vacuum up any lingering dust bunnies!

Along with getting rid of your old sofa, you might also want to clear out some clutter from other areas in your house. If you’re keeping old computers in a closet or broken sporting equipment in the garage, then why not turn that all over to Junk King Portland as well. A single session could have you clearing your entire house of that kind of rubbish. Remember you’ll have those two movers a big truck at your disposal. That means anything goes!

Before the crew starts loading there want to see all the things you want to get rid of. This is how they will determine your fee. It could be based on how they pack of the truck with all your stuff. They have a lot of experience packing up that truck and know exactly how to fit in a bunch of stuff in a tiny space. That will matter to you because the less space they use the less you’ll be paying. Make your old couch and clutter disappear with one call to Junk King Portland.

Junk King Portland Office Affordable And Fast Junk Removal

Do you have a DIY project planned for the weekend? That is part of the fun of being a homeowner. You could take on a small project like fixing a bathroom leak or something big like putting in a garden in the backyard. It helps if you have an “assistant” for your DUI project. It’s a great way to bond with your kids. Although there are many things that are easily taken care of on your own, there are some projects that would benefit from outside help. That is especially true when it comes to hauling away junk. This is the kind of job you definitely want to turn over to Junk King Portland.


The only reason to take on a DIY project is to save money. However, if you wanted to haul away your own junk, then you would find it becoming a very costly affair. First, you would have to rent a truck. That is something you going to be stuck with for at least 24 hours regardless of how long you use it. That truck also has to be filled up with gas and have insurance taken out on. Then you need to find a moving crew. You could try hiring day laborers for this task but that might not be the smartest move considering you really don’t know who these people are.

After into the truck and finding a work crew you’ll load up all the things you want to get rid of. Then you have to spend the time driving around dispose of it. This is what’s could take up most of your day off. A much better approach is to hire Junk King Portland from the start. This is a professional junk hauling company that provides the work crew and the truck. That crew is licensed and bonded which makes them 100% professional and trustworthy. That truck will be big enough to hold whatever you want to toss out.

As for the price, Junk King Portland charges a flat fee based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. It could be one third, one-half or the full truck. Whatever that number is it’s going to be a lot less than if you had to price out this work on your own. Add it all up and it’s clear that the fastest and most affordable way to get rid of your junk is by hiring Junk King Portland today.

Get Reliable Hoarder Cleanup From Junk King Portland

A rental property can be a good way to add income. But you have to stay on top of that property even if you get along with the tenant. A Portland rental homeowner found that out the hard way when he got stuck with 50,000 pounds of trash left behind by a former tenant. As he explained a local news station, the tenant canceled garbage service five years prior to moving out. They just left all the garbage around the house. This is the kind of hoarder cleanup that a company like Junk King Portland was made for. It’s a dirty clean up and one you don’t have to do as long as Junk King Portland is on the job.


Every junk removal assignment set up by the King Portland is staffed by two very capable movers. This is a team that works quickly and efficiently to clear out all kinds of clutter. It’s also a crew that can handle just about anything. But when it comes to hoarder cleanup, Junk King Portland will take a different approach. They’ll make sure there are multiple teams and trucks assigned to the task in order to get it all cleared in a single day. If you find yourself in this type of situation, then don’t worry about paying extra for those crews. Your fee will always be based upon the volume and not weight. That can make a huge difference especially with a hoarder cleanup.

Once the crews have had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll be able to present you with an estimate. That fee will be based upon how tightly they can pack up the truck with all your stuff. In the case of a hoarder cleanup, it might be the entire truck. But you could also be charged a rate for one third, one-half or one quarter of the truck. Once that price is agreed on, it’s not going to change. Even if your stuff takes up more room, you will only be paying that original estimate. For reliable and affordable hoarder cleanup and junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Portland.

Kitchen appliances are a lot like cars. If you don’t overrun them, then they can last for years. However, they aren’t meant to last a lifetime no matter how well you take care them. Sooner or later is appliances are going to break down. The good news is that if it’s been several years since the last time for a major kitchen appliance you’re in for a treat. There are many cool features on things like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and washer dryer sets. You’ll also find them a lot more energy efficient the old model. You’ll notice a savings this can make on your electric bill within the first month. Of course, if you’re replacing those kitchen appliances you will to find a way to handle the old appliance removal. That is easily taken care with one call to Junk King Portland.


It’s not that challenging to move your refrigerator or stove a few inches to clean grime. The more difficult task is carrying those items out of the kitchen, down a hallway and out the front door without scratching your floors and banging up the walls. This is something that Junk King Portland excels at. The two-man moving crew that will be assigned for your appliance removal task will have a lot of experience handling these bulky items. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can get them out of the house and onto the truck.

Although your focus might be to just take care of getting rid of the old stove or refrigerator or washer there’s no reason why you can put the Junk King Portland team to work removing the rest of the clutter around your house. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out your closet of unwanted outfits. You can also remove all kinds of rubbish from your garage and make room for more important things to keep in storage. The bottom line is that Junk King Portland is going to help you reclaim a lot of space in your home.

The other benefit with hiring Junk King Portland to take care of your appliance removal is that they will dispose of them in a responsible manner. Junk King Portland is dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect data landfills as possible and that includes appliances. Hire Junk King Portland to take care of your appliance removal and end up with a home that is totally junk free.

Call On Junk King Portland For Fast Old TV Disposal

It happened a few years ago. All televisions made the switch to flatscreen. You couldn’t buy an old tube television if you wanted to and why would you? When flat screens first came out their price tags were very hefty. But now can find a very affordable high quality HDTV at a very decent price. This means there should be no excuse why you’re not watching television on a flatscreen. There’s also the added bonus of it taking up less space in your house because a flatscreen can be hung on the wall like a painting. If you’re contemplating making the switch, then you will also have to account for the old TV disposal. This is not something you want to keep around especially if it takes up a lot of space. This is where Junk King Portland comes in the play. This is the dependable junk hauling service that knows how to handle old TV disposal.


A television would fall under the category of electronic waste. That means it’s something that shouldn’t be thrown out into a landfill. These are the kinds of things that have a very hard time decomposing. The glass in a television might take up to 1 million years to decompose. As for the other components, if they start breaking down in a landfill they could release harmful toxins. This is why those types of items need to be dismantled at a certified center. Junk King Portland won’t be doing the dismantling but they can certainly make sure that your old television is dropped off at the right place.

As long as you’re setting up an appointment for an old TV disposal, why not take care of the rest of your e-waste and other clutter? Junk King Portland is going to send over a team of movers in a huge truck whether you’re tossing out a TV or an entire garage full of clutter. You might as well put them to full. Additionally, you can even use that same session to have the Junk King Portland crew remove things from your backyard that you want to get rid of. Start with old TV disposal and end with the house that is totally junk free all thanks to Junk King Portland.

Let Junk King Portland Take Care Of Your Old Refrigerator Disposal

Is your ice cream turning to mush in the freezer? Are your veggies wilting quicker than they should? Is there something funky smelling about your fridge? Those can all be signs that it is time to replace your refrigerator. As with all things in life refrigerator is not meant to last forever. The good news is that you can probably find a great energy efficient model that will start saving you on your power bill. After all, you refrigerator is the one appliance that is always running. Once you lock down the delivery of a new refrigerator, you need to handle your old refrigerator disposal. That’s taken care of with one call to Junk King Portland.


Removing an old refrigerator is right up Junk King Portland alley. Every junk removal appointment set up by Junk King Portland staffed by two very capable movers. This is the team that will gently guy that refrigerator out of your home. Their objective is not to scratch up the floors or bang up walls. Based on responses from past customers its clear Junk King Portland meets those goals with every appointment.

Scheduling is crucial for a refrigerator swap. That’s because you need to clean the old refrigerator and put the food in coolers until the new refrigerator arrives. Junk King can get very specific with scheduling. If you want the old refrigerator disposal to happen early in the morning, then that is just when Junk King Portland will do the job. That way you can schedule your new refrigerator to arrive in the afternoon and nothing will melt!

As long as you have the movers and truck, you might as well put them to use. There will be plenty of space left over to fill up Junk King Portland truck with all the rest of your unwanted clutter. Maybe there are some other large appliances you have out in the garage you want to get rid of. What about all those outfits in the closet you know you never going to wear again? All of that can be turned over the Junk King Portland and you’ll be able to get back all that space. For dependable old refrigerator disposal and junk hauling, you can always count on Junk King Portland.

Count On Junk King Portland To Take Care Of Yard Waste Removal

When you think of junk removal, you probably think of getting rid of things like old sofas and clothing. That is what Junk King Portland specializes in but their services don’t stop there. There’s a lot the Junk King Portland can do around the outside of a house as well. Although you might not be spending a lot of time in your yard during the cold winter weeks there could be plenty of things you would like to get rid of. It can all be turned over to Junk King Portland for fast removal.


Just as with our closets and garage, our backyards have a way of becoming storage areas. This is especially true if you have a tool shed or space under a porch. That is usually where things like lumber, rusty tools, auto-parts and tires and up. As with the clutter in your closet, you have to ask if that’s making the best use of space. This also the issue of uninvited “guests.” All kinds of rodents and other critters are probably looking for a nice place to nest for the winter. Curling up in a pile of wood sounds like good idea to them. If you take away that temptation, then you reduce the risk of that kind of infestation. Even more reason to bring in Junk King Portland.

Unlike carrying out furniture, yard waste removal might require the Junk King Portland crew to get their hands dirty. They won’t have a problem with that. These crews have been called on to clear out weed overgrowth, take down swing sets and roll up fencing. They have the skills and the muscles to get this type of work done.

Once they’ve completed all the yard waste removal they can still do some great work clearing out clutter from your garage, basement and attic. You’re free to hire Junk King Portland as many times as you want but you can get rid of everything you want tossed out in a single session. The fee will always be based upon how much room your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. It will never be based upon weight and that’s a good thing. Take care of yard waste removal and junk hauling the right way by bringing in Junk King Portland from the start.

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