Prepping For The Holiday Should Start With A Call To Junk King

Prepping for the holidays is all about priorities. Everyone has a different list of what needs to be accomplished first. At the top of most lists is decorating the home. This can either be done in a single afternoon or as an ongoing weekend project. Within the decorating tasks there are also different priorities. Putting the lights up outside first and then moving inside to the rest of the house and the Christmas tree is a good way to go. But before any of the decorating can start you should consider hiring Junk King Portland. They’re not going to help you string lights but they are going to help you make your home look a lot more festive by removing all the unwanted junk and rubbish that has accumulated over the past several months and maybe even years!


It is very easy to get overwhelmed by clutter. Little things tend to pile up all throughout the house. But when you move down the basement, out into the garage or into closets you’ll find that they are often crammed to capacity with way too much junk that could be tossed out. This is the time that you want to do some serious sorting. It might feel as though you’re too busy to go through your closet and garage. However, once you do this sorting and to designate things to get removed then you will feel a lot better about your entire house being organized and ready for the holidays. Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll rediscover some holiday decorations you forgot about!

When Junk King is on the job, they will be doing all the work. The two-man crew who will be assigned to your task can lift and carry out an object regardless of size or weight. That can have a great influence on your list of things to get rid of. Don’t hesitate to turn over heavy things from an upstairs bedroom as well as the light stuff from down the basement. Junk King can also collect old appliances and electronics and make sure they are recycled the right way.

Prepping for the holiday doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Junk King Portland get things started with a thorough junk removal session today.

Who Do You Know That Would Benefit From Junk Removal?

What was the last gift that you regifted? Often a regift works best when you need a last-minute gift for someone that you might have forgotten on your Christmas list. A regift also would count for returning a gift from someone. The only challenge with that is making sure that person will never want to see you with that gift! That’s why sometimes gift giving can be a challenge. There is one gift you could give is holiday season to someone special in your life that can’t be regifted. But there’s no reason why it should be. We’re talking about a special junk removal session Junk King Portland. Who do you know that would benefit from that kind of service?


You might have an elderly parent or grandparent who has a home full of stuff they’d like to clear out and downsize. That certainly would take a lot of effort if they were to try and do that on their own. With Junk King on the scene all they’ll have to do is show the team what they want removed and then watch it literally fly out the door. Think of how much a relief it will be for that person when they can get rid of the things that have been cluttering up their living rooms, guest rooms, basements and garage. This will help them get organized and be able to find the things in their own that they are keeping in storage that matter.

You’ll find that Junk King can be very accommodating when it comes to setting up your appointment. If you would rather wait until after the holidays, then that won’t be a problem. It also won’t be a problem for Junk King to come out on the weekend. You will probably want to help supervise the session. It will be important for you to be there to sign off on the final fee. That number will be based upon how much room your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. Once you lockdown that price it won’t change. You can trust Junk King to always give you a fair deal.

The best way to help someone special improve their living space is to hire Junk King Portland to clear out the rubbish. That would be a great holiday gift for sure!

Get Big Cleanup Help From Junk King Today

A few weeks ago, the mayor announced plans to make Portland cleaner. That involves expanding trash pickup service to six days a week and adding up to 200 trash containers for downtown city streets. These will be high-capacity bins capable of holding a lot of trash. In other words, there should be no excuse for litter! Would your household benefit from an additional trash pickup? It is not sure whether or not the expansion will impact residential homes but it would certainly be nice to get trash picked up once a week. Of course, there are some things that are going into the trash no matter how many times the city comes by to pick it up. When you need big cleanup help, then you can always count on Junk King Portland to get the job done right.


The only way that you could trash picked up by the city is if it is in a bin and at the curb. Junk King doesn’t operate this way. When the two-man crew arrives for your appointment they won’t expect anything to be at the curb. That’s because the team from junk King is going to do all the lifting and loading of your items from right where they are at this moment. That includes anything that requires climbing a flight of stairs to get to. Knowing that you have these dedicated movers helping you clean out can have a big impact on what you want taken away. Bottom line: anything and everything can go!

When the city collects garbage most of it ends up in a landfill. Hopefully, you don’t live anywhere downwind of one of these facilities. Junk King knows exactly where the landfills are but that doesn’t mean they make trips out there. Their drop-offs are more likely to be at recycling centers or charities. You have to decide is something you’re getting rid of is valuable enough to be repurposed or recycled. The Junk King crews have all been trained to sort those items. It’s all part of the green way that Junk King likes to conduct business!

If you need big cleanup help around your house, then Junk King Portland is standing by to help get it done.

Junk King Can Bring The Junk Up From The Basement

How many things are in your home that aren’t “moving?” These would be the really heavy items that once put into place, they tend to stay there. Things like a freezer, couch and washing machine. But just because you can’t move those things doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them especially if they’re down in your basement. If you want junk brought up from your basement, then Junk King Portland is the crew to hire.


The crews working for Junk King have a lot of experience with carrying heavy objects up and down stairs. You’ll be provided with two of those movers to have get your basement cleared out. When the team shows up, you’ll show them all the things you want brought up. Remember, these can be any size or weight. It will take the Junk King squad just a few minutes to size up how all that stuff will fit on their truck. They’ll know if it takes up the whole truck bed or just a portion. That will help determine what your final fee is going to be. If you were to price out this job on your own, then you could end up spending twice as much as Junk King is going to charge. Plus, there is the time factor to consider. Wouldn’t it be better to let Junk King spend 30 minutes clearing out your basement vs. several it might take if you did this as a DIY job?

If you want to set up your appointment with Junk King, then try to make a call early in the morning. That could put you in line for a same-day pickup. That works if you’re flexible. Otherwise, you can lock in a specific time that works best for your schedule.

Remember, that all the hard work Junk King can provide with bringing things up from your basement, they can do around the rest of your house, too. The best approach to bringing junk up from the basement and out of your house is to hire Junk King Portland.

Give Your Old Carpets To Junk King For Quick Removal

Ask any homeowner if they have something they want to get rid of in their house and it’s a safe bet everyone will have a list. It could be a short list consisting of an old chair or a bag of clothes from the closet. It could also be a very big list with all kinds of rubbish items from a garage, attic or basement. Some of those items might not be directly getting in the way of that homeowner but other things would need to be removed ASAP. That would certainly be true with old carpets and that is something Junk King Portland can be a big help with.


Rolled up carpets in a home usually mean that home is getting new carpets. For that to happen, the room needs to be totally empty. Sliding a heavy roll of carpet from one room to the next isn’t going to help things. Instead, the two-man moving crew from Junk King can swiftly get that roll of carpet carried out of the house and onto their truck. It will be as if it was never there!

After the old carpets are loaded up, it would be a good opportunity to go back to that list of items to be removed from the home. With the movers and the truck, there is no limit to what can be hauled away. What would be on your list? Whether it is an old couch or old water heater, the crew from Junk King won’t have a problem getting it out of your home.

That Junk King truck doesn’t just have to be filled with the things from inside your house. The Junk King squad can also help clear your yards of any kind of debris from leftover construction waste to patio furniture. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away and you don’t have to worry about how heavy it is or how bulky it is. If you want it gone then that is good enough for Junk King. Hiring Junk King Portland to get rid of your old carpets can be the first step towards having a totally junk free home.

Responsible Old AC Disposal

There are a lot of things you can proactively do that would reduce your carbon footprints. On the list of big things would be switching your home to a solar energy system. On the small things list you can bring your own bags to the grocery store to cut down on plastic bags. Then there are the things you can do that can have a big impact on the environment but you don’t have to be “hands on” with. Consider an old AC unit disposal. This is something that definitely needs to be handled in an environmentally friendly way and that’s a perfect job for Junk King Portland. They won’t actually be handling the dismantling of the unit but they’ll make sure it gets to the right facility.


When Junk King set up operations in Portland one of the first things they sought out to do was to identify all the players in the recycling industry. Not every recycling facility is the same. Some deal strictly with papers and plastics while others are focuses on metals. Then there are those certified facilities that are set up to handle the more complicate recycling associated with electronics and air conditioners. Does this mean that Junk King makes several drops offs as part of their disposal routines? It does and they don’t have a problem with that!

Removing an old AC from your home also requires the help of at least two dedicated movers. That is exactly what Junk King will provide. Once they’ve loaded your old unit onto the back of the truck, you can tap the crew to continue clearing all the other unwanted items from your home. This is a perfect change to finally toss out that recliner or futon that nobody wants to sit on. Think about all the rubbish that you’re keeping in your garage. All of that can be quickly cleared away by Junk King, too.

Start with your old AC disposal and finished with a clutter free home. One session with Junk King Portland can make a huge difference.

Why Strong Inventory Management Matters

When it comes to inventory management, big ecommerce giants like Amazon are leading the way with innovation and increased productivity. What they’re learning about inventory management is probably being taught in business schools all across the country. Of course, not every company has the resources or massive inventory that Amazon does. That doesn’t mean that inventory management isn’t important. It matters to the success of every business, large and small. Here’s why:


It Helps Avoid Spoilage

Grocery stores and restaurants are all about expiration dates. Making sure products are on the shelves and selling before they expire is crucial. It is just as important to remove those items who have hit their expiration date. Without strong inventory management practices some of those items could be headed for spoilage that can cause major problems for your business.

It Helps Avoid Dead Stock

Dead stock is stock that can no longer be sold. This doesn’t mean it has “expired” as much as gone out of style. There could also be stock that is seasonal. Already there are Halloween decorations being sold but you won’t see a lot of them on November 1st!

It Saves on Storage Costs

One of the other goals for strong inventory management is to make the most of your storage space. Obviously, if you have a huge warehouse to utilize, storage might not be an issue but cost would be. Are you paying to store things you’re not selling? Some small businesses need an inventory overflow storage unit. It makes sense if the business is expanding but not if that storage is being used for the “dead stock.”

Once you have identified the unwanted inventory that is taking up valuable storage space, you’ll want to hire Junk King Portland. These are the junk hauling pros that can clear out any storage space in no time at all. Junk King provides a moving crew who will do all the work. That means your own workers can stay focused on their tasks. Junk King will also send over a truck big enough to haul away what you need to get rid of. Regular sessions with Junk King Portland can go a long way towards opening up storage space and improving inventory management for your company. Get started today.

Improve Your Next Vacation With These Smart Airport Tips

Somewhere, someone is heading to an airport to go vacation. Maybe that will be you in a few weeks. The majority of travelers will admit that the most stressful part of going on vacation is the airport trip. This has less to do with turbulence and more to do with the crowds and restrictions. Here are some smart airport tips that can improve your next vacation.



Find the Best Seats

Snagging a good price on a flight is always helpful but it is just as important to get a good seat. Like many movie theatres, airlines now let you pick your preferred seat. If you book early enough you’ll be able to score that perfect combination of legroom and comfort. Try using Seat Guru to pick your spot.

Snap a Parking Lot Picture

If you’re using long term parking (or any parking for that matter!) for your airport travels, then be sure to snap a photo of the parking space before you head to the shuttle. This will make it easy to find you car upon your return.

Hydrate Before, During and After

Staying hydrated is key to defeating jet lag and preventing illness. An empty water bottle is allowed through security and can be filled up on the other side. Once on board, always take the water when offered along with any other drink of your choice. And while you’re waiting for your luggage, drink up.

Empty Your Pockets While in Line

You will probably have time while standing in the security line to get ready for your scan. It can help to remove all the things in your pockets like keys and coins and put them in your carryon. The same for belts and anything else that is metallic. This will help you breeze through the scan quicker.

Weigh Your Bags at Home

Some airlines charge extra for bags that are over the weight limit. You should weight your bag at home so you’ll know what to expect. You can also pack lighter if there are laundry services at your hotel. Splurge for the pick up and drop off. After all, you’re on vacation!

Before you leave, you might want to take care of some household chores you’ve been putting off. This will allow you to come home to a clean house and without anything to do. It’s a good way to keep that vacation vibe going. Junk King Portland can help with this goal. Think about all the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of. They can all be gone in one session with Junk King. Extend the good feelings of your vacation by having Junk King Portland remove all rubbish in your home before you go.

Reliable Junk Trash Removal In Portland

Trash is something that you’re done with. You no longer need this thing and if it disappears out of your life, then you’re not going to miss it. Essentially, there are two kinds of trash to dispose of: Things that fit in the trash can and everything else. For “everything else” you might call it junk trash. And if you need reliable junk trash removal in Portland than the only company to hire is Junk King Portland.


When you have Junk King doing the pick up your junk trash can literally be of any size or weight. Maybe you want to get rid of the out of tune piano that no one in the family knows how to play. There could be a futon down in the basement that no one wants to sleep on. You see where this is going, right?

Any item that took two movers to bring into the house, will need two movers to take out and that is what Junk King is going to provide. The main concern the Junk King team has it keeping your floors and walls safe from scratches. The amount of stairs they need to climb won’t be a problem for them.

Beyond all the junk trash you have in your home to get rid of, have you thought about using Junk King to help clear up your backyard? You should. Anything that can be lifted in your yard can be loaded onto the truck. The same can be said of anything that has to be taken apart to fit onto the truck. The Junk King crews have plenty of experience with dismantling playground sets and hot tubs.

If you’re concerned about recycling, then you’re totally on the same page as Junk King. The bulk of what they collect is turned over to recycling centers or charities. Yes, this means extra work sorting and dropping off but it is work that Junk King embraces. They like it when they can contribute to keeping Portland a green city.

You don’t have to live with junk trash. Give it all to Junk King Portland and watch what a difference that can make around your house.

Where To Find Professional Junk Hauling Help In Gresham

There is a perfect example of what some dedicated clean up can accomplish right here in Gresham. Look no further than the Japanese garden on Tsuru Island. This is a tiny island that is part of Main City Park that became a dumping ground. It was once littered with makeshift shacks, trash and junked cars. Thanks to the dedication of a group of volunteers, the park was turned around and built into a place of peace and serenity. It has even become a designated visiting spot promoted by the Gresham Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center.


Seeing the Tsuru Gardens should inspire you to take on your own home cleanup project. Imagine how you could transform your backyard if all the rubbish was cleared from there. The same could be said for your garage, basement or attic. Those are all viable spaces that can be put to better use than use storing things you’re never going to use again. Of course, you don’t have to do all the clearing on your own. Junk King Portland is standing by to help get the job done.

Junk King Portland are professional junk haulers who quickly and efficiently can remove all manner of stuff from your home. Supposed you have some old baby furniture and boxes of clothes up on the attic. The Junk King team can climb those stairs and bring it all down in no time at all. You’ll then be able to clean out that attic and turn it into a spare bedroom or home office. Won’t that be nice?

Down in the basement you might have an old futon that has gotten a bit musty. That can also be easily pulled up by the Junk King crew. This is a team who has a lot of experience carrying heavy things up and down stairs. Nothing you ask them to move will be an issue.

If you call Junk King today, there is a good chance all the stuff you want cleared out can be gone by tomorrow. Are you ready to transform your Gresham home? One junk removal session with Junk King Portland is a good start.