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Hire Junk King For Remodel Cleanup

Are you planning a major remodel project for your home? If so, you might only need to hire two entities. The first would be a contractor. This will become the “boss” of your remodel project. The contractor will hire all the other crew, including any specialty craftsman like plumbers or masons. The other entity that you could hire would be the cleanup service. One call to Junk King Salt Lake City can provide you with an independent cleanup crew that will help make sure your remodel stays clean for the duration of the project. All Of That Demolition Debris The first day of your remodel project will be the messiest. That is demolition day. This is the day when whatever room you’re working on will be “gutted.” You might take that room down to the studs. At the very least, you could pull up tiles and remove cabinets. All that demolition will create a massive pile of debris that needs to be cleaned up so the work can begin on the project. That is where the Junk King crew comes into play. Two capable movers staff every Junk King appointment. This crew will swoop in and clean up all that remodeling debris in just a few moments. The cost for Junk King services is the same as its regular removal service. That flat rate is always determined by how everything fits onto the truck. The less space your stuff fills up, the less you pay. And you would never be charged by the pound when Junk King is hauling away debris. Hiring Junk King for your remodel cleanup also means that your remodel crew stays focused on the job. That will help get things done a lot quicker! So be sure to hire Junk King Salt Lake City as your remodel cleanup crew. You’ll be glad you did. 2023-03-30 23:04:38
Hire Junk King For Remodel Cleanup


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