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Junk King Portland Helps With Old Couch Removal And Rubbish Hauling

Do you remember the day your couch was delivered? He was probably brought in by two strong movers. You have the spot all picked out and were very excited to see what it finally look like in your living room. Perhaps over the years you have move that sofa around to face a different direction. Has it reached the point where you no longer in love with it like you once where? If you’re ready to replace that old couch, then you need to give a call to Junk King Portland. These are the junk removal specialists who can get that sofa out the door in no time at all.


Junk King Portland prides itself on accommodating their customer’s schedule. If you know when your new sofa is going to be delivered. Then you can set up your junk removal session with Junk King Portland on the same day. That way the swap can happen without missing a beat. You also have plenty of time in between to vacuum up any lingering dust bunnies!

Along with getting rid of your old sofa, you might also want to clear out some clutter from other areas in your house. If you’re keeping old computers in a closet or broken sporting equipment in the garage, then why not turn that all over to Junk King Portland as well. A single session could have you clearing your entire house of that kind of rubbish. Remember you’ll have those two movers a big truck at your disposal. That means anything goes!

Before the crew starts loading there want to see all the things you want to get rid of. This is how they will determine your fee. It could be based on how they pack of the truck with all your stuff. They have a lot of experience packing up that truck and know exactly how to fit in a bunch of stuff in a tiny space. That will matter to you because the less space they use the less you’ll be paying. Make your old couch and clutter disappear with one call to Junk King Portland.

Junk King Portland Office Affordable And Fast Junk Removal

Do you have a DIY project planned for the weekend? That is part of the fun of being a homeowner. You could take on a small project like fixing a bathroom leak or something big like putting in a garden in the backyard. It helps if you have an “assistant” for your DUI project. It’s a great way to bond with your kids. Although there are many things that are easily taken care of on your own, there are some projects that would benefit from outside help. That is especially true when it comes to hauling away junk. This is the kind of job you definitely want to turn over to Junk King Portland.


The only reason to take on a DIY project is to save money. However, if you wanted to haul away your own junk, then you would find it becoming a very costly affair. First, you would have to rent a truck. That is something you going to be stuck with for at least 24 hours regardless of how long you use it. That truck also has to be filled up with gas and have insurance taken out on. Then you need to find a moving crew. You could try hiring day laborers for this task but that might not be the smartest move considering you really don’t know who these people are.

After into the truck and finding a work crew you’ll load up all the things you want to get rid of. Then you have to spend the time driving around dispose of it. This is what’s could take up most of your day off. A much better approach is to hire Junk King Portland from the start. This is a professional junk hauling company that provides the work crew and the truck. That crew is licensed and bonded which makes them 100% professional and trustworthy. That truck will be big enough to hold whatever you want to toss out.

As for the price, Junk King Portland charges a flat fee based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. It could be one third, one-half or the full truck. Whatever that number is it’s going to be a lot less than if you had to price out this work on your own. Add it all up and it’s clear that the fastest and most affordable way to get rid of your junk is by hiring Junk King Portland today.

Get Reliable Hoarder Cleanup From Junk King Portland

A rental property can be a good way to add income. But you have to stay on top of that property even if you get along with the tenant. A Portland rental homeowner found that out the hard way when he got stuck with 50,000 pounds of trash left behind by a former tenant. As he explained a local news station, the tenant canceled garbage service five years prior to moving out. They just left all the garbage around the house. This is the kind of hoarder cleanup that a company like Junk King Portland was made for. It’s a dirty clean up and one you don’t have to do as long as Junk King Portland is on the job.


Every junk removal assignment set up by the King Portland is staffed by two very capable movers. This is a team that works quickly and efficiently to clear out all kinds of clutter. It’s also a crew that can handle just about anything. But when it comes to hoarder cleanup, Junk King Portland will take a different approach. They’ll make sure there are multiple teams and trucks assigned to the task in order to get it all cleared in a single day. If you find yourself in this type of situation, then don’t worry about paying extra for those crews. Your fee will always be based upon the volume and not weight. That can make a huge difference especially with a hoarder cleanup.

Once the crews have had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll be able to present you with an estimate. That fee will be based upon how tightly they can pack up the truck with all your stuff. In the case of a hoarder cleanup, it might be the entire truck. But you could also be charged a rate for one third, one-half or one quarter of the truck. Once that price is agreed on, it’s not going to change. Even if your stuff takes up more room, you will only be paying that original estimate. For reliable and affordable hoarder cleanup and junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Portland.

Call On Junk King Portland For Fast Old TV Disposal

It happened a few years ago. All televisions made the switch to flatscreen. You couldn’t buy an old tube television if you wanted to and why would you? When flat screens first came out their price tags were very hefty. But now can find a very affordable high quality HDTV at a very decent price. This means there should be no excuse why you’re not watching television on a flatscreen. There’s also the added bonus of it taking up less space in your house because a flatscreen can be hung on the wall like a painting. If you’re contemplating making the switch, then you will also have to account for the old TV disposal. This is not something you want to keep around especially if it takes up a lot of space. This is where Junk King Portland comes in the play. This is the dependable junk hauling service that knows how to handle old TV disposal.


A television would fall under the category of electronic waste. That means it’s something that shouldn’t be thrown out into a landfill. These are the kinds of things that have a very hard time decomposing. The glass in a television might take up to 1 million years to decompose. As for the other components, if they start breaking down in a landfill they could release harmful toxins. This is why those types of items need to be dismantled at a certified center. Junk King Portland won’t be doing the dismantling but they can certainly make sure that your old television is dropped off at the right place.

As long as you’re setting up an appointment for an old TV disposal, why not take care of the rest of your e-waste and other clutter? Junk King Portland is going to send over a team of movers in a huge truck whether you’re tossing out a TV or an entire garage full of clutter. You might as well put them to full. Additionally, you can even use that same session to have the Junk King Portland crew remove things from your backyard that you want to get rid of. Start with old TV disposal and end with the house that is totally junk free all thanks to Junk King Portland.

Junk King Portland For Fast Hot Tub Removal

There are many features in your home that could be listed as an amenity. Things like a designated kitchen pantry or laundry room would definitely fall into that category. So would a backyard deck and hot tub. Although those things look good on paper in reality it could be some issues especially with the hot tub. If you inherited a hot tub from a previous occupant you might not to hold onto it. Perhaps you’d like to swap it out for a new model or just get rid of it to open up space in your yard. This is one of those removal jobs that could be a bit challenging if you were to take it on yourself. Instead, consider hiring Junk King Portland. These are the junk removal experts that have a lot of experience with hot tub removal.


Most junk removal sessions carried out by Junk King Portland are completed in less than 30 minutes. It doesn’t take much to load a few pieces of furniture and some electronic gear. With the hot tub removal, crew will spend a bit more time taking things apart piece by piece. It’s the only way it can get loaded onto the truck. There have been situations where a Junk King crew had to cut a hot tub in half in order to fit it onto the truck. This wasn’t a problem for those teams. It also won’t be a problem for your bottom line because you’ll never be charged extra for any labor costs. Your fee will be based upon how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. Obviously, with hot tub removal you’re going to be taking up a bit more space, then a normal junk pickup. But the trade-off is you’ll finally get rid of that eyesore!

Even though your hot tub removal is the focus, there is no reason why you can’t fill up the truck other unwanted items on the same trip. As long as you have the movers and the truck why not take full advantage? Just think of how your home can be transformed when all that clutter and rubbish is finally remove? To get your hot tub removal and junk hauling needs taken care of the right way you can always count on Junk King Portland.

For Fast Junk Removal Count On Junk King Portland Every Time

How many things in your home would you like to toss out? Were not just talking about the occasional pile of junk mail or some old take-out menus. What about the really big stuff like an old sofa that has seen better days? What about computers that have long since been replaced? What about an old TV that nobody would ever watch again? How about all of those clothes in your closet that you’re never going to put on? Those are the kinds of things that might be difficult to stuff into your weekly garbage can but that doesn’t mean you should live with them. Thankfully, there is a solution and it’s called Junk King Portland. One call to these professional junk haulers and all your unwanted clutter will be gone in a matter of minutes.


The most complicated aspect about getting rid of big pieces of junk is the manpower required and the truck space. Junk King Portland solves both of those issues by providing you with a two-man moving crew and a huge moving truck. This is a team who has a lot of experience with lifting heavy objects. It’s also crew that is extremely friendly and great with solving problems. Those problems can include removing something that’s too big to fit through a doorway or too heavy to carry up from the basement. Those will be issues for Junk King Portland. They deal with that kind of junk removal every day.

Price is always a concern whenever you hire a company to do work around your home. If you were to price out the junk removal task as a DIY project, then you would be paying for your own work crew, renting a big truck, the potential disposal fees and sacrificing your day off. That’s a very hefty price. With Junk King Portland handling the job you’ll pay a flat fee that covers all of that. You’ll know that price before the work begins right after the crew has had a chance to size up all the things you want to take away. They will be basing that fee on volume and not weight. You should never be charged by the pound for junk removal. As for your time, Junk King Portland is going to waste it. They’re going to get in and get out with your junk as quickly as possible. You don’t have to live with clutter and rubbish one day longer now that Junk King Portland is on the scene.

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