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Say Goodbye To Storage Unit Fees

Saving money is all about making cuts in your monthly bills. There are some bills like rent or mortgage payments that you don’t have a lot of flexibility with. You can pay more than the minimum monthly payment on your credit card bills, which can ultimately help reduce what you owe. There are other expenses that you can consider cutting in order to save more money. One of those might be a storage unit rental.

You could have been paying on a storage rental for several months or several years. If you want to say goodbye to those storage unit fees, then you need to go through that unit and decide if everything you’re holding onto still has value. If it is determined that those items in your storage unit aren’t useful, then one session with Junk King Portland can have you clearing out that storage unit and canceling the contract. That is a terrific way to start saving.

Sort First, Load Second

You will need to devote some sorting time to your storage unit in order to decide what can go and what can stay. The goal should be to reduce what you have in storage and that means making the decision that some of the things you have in there you no longer need. There might be a few things that have enough value in them that you could sell them. That would mean bringing them back to your house until you can find a buyer. All the other scattered boxes of clutter can be turned over to the Junk King crew. You might also decide that it’s not worth lugging things back to the house at all. That way you can tell Junk King just to “take it all away.”

Whether you have a lot or just a little to get rid of from your storage, the team from Junk King will swiftly get it loaded onto the truck. Before they start that work they will provide you with an estimate that will be based on how they intend to pack up the truck with all the things that you are getting rid of. That one flat fee covers all of the labor, transportation and disposal. It’s a great price for this type of service.

Bring out Junk King Portland today to clear your storage unit and start saving on those rental fees.

Combat Empty Nest Syndrome By Clearing Out The Clutter

After nearly 2 decades of getting your kid ready for school, you will suddenly find yourself with a lot more free time on your hand after they going off to college. This is what is referred to as “empty nest syndrome.” This is actually a time that should be embraced as a chance to rediscover some of the hobbies you once enjoyed. Now you have the time to get back to activities and you might even start some new ones. The best approach for conquering your empty nest syndrome is to clear out the clutter of your home. This helps you put your house in order so that you can set your sights on starting new projects. To help with the clutter removal you will want to hire Junk King Portland. These are the junk hauling pros that can make a big difference when it comes to getting rubbish taken from your home.

Every Room

Junk King is going to set you up with a team of movers who have perfected this type of physical labor. This is a crew that can easily lift heavy and oversized objects and bring them down any amount stairs. They also can take things apart if that is required. How many things do you want to get rid of that were actually built inside a room? Before the Junk King team shows up you should go through every room in your house and pick out those items that you would like to have cleared out. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be the big stuff. This is a terrific opportunity to also go through all your closets and dressers and pull out all the clothing that are no longer going to be worn again. There are probably a lot of things in your kid’s is that can be carted off.

Just because you’re giving something to Junk King doesn’t mean it has to end up in the trash. Most of what they collect gets dropped off at a charity. That allows other families in need to put those items to work again. That is a wonderful way of clearing out the unwanted items from your home.

Don’t be overwhelmed with empty nest syndrome. Clear out the clutter from your home and start the next exciting chapter of your life. Junk King Portland can help with that  decluttering today.

Get Abandoned Property Cleared With Help From Junk King

It is always bittersweet when a good tenant moves out of your rental property. Usually, that move means that they are relocating for work, marriage or have saved up enough to buy their first home. You obviously will wish them well and hope to find a tenant as reliable as they were. Then there is the occasional bad tenant. This is someone who might have consistently been late with the rent or caused troubles for the neighbors. You’re not sad to see them go but might be apprehensive as to what they leave behind. Fortunately, Junk King Portland is standing by to help get any abandoned property out of your rental unit in no time at all.

Stairs Won’t Be a Problem

You might not have been around when the tenant moved in but no doubt they needed at least two capable movers to haul in any heavy piece of furniture. That is what is it will take to get those abandoned pieces out again and that is just what Junk King will provide. The two movers on the Junk King team won’t have any problem with those stairs or carrying heavy object. If it seems like something might be too tight of squeeze and could cause damage, then they would opt to take the thing apart before carrying it out. This is a team who is great at solving removal challenges!

The Right Disposal

Everything that is collected by Junk King will have a shot at being repurposed in some way. Some of the abandoned property left behind in the rental unit could be furniture that a charity can put to use. There might be other materials that can be recycled. That might mean multiple drop offs for the things cleared out of your property but that will be something that Junk King will be happy to take on. They’ve been disposing of junk this way for a long time!

Add the number for Junk King Portland to your vendor list and you’ll only be a phone call away from getting your rental property cleared of rubbish.

Junk King Portland Keeps Your Renovation Site Clean

The difference between a rebuild and a renovation has to do with the amount of demolition. If you are rebuilding an entire home, then clearly you will create a massive demolition project that could involve an actual wrecking ball on a crane. A renovation project occurs on a smaller scale but there is still demolition that will happen. With the kitchen or bathroom remodel that demolition is always done by hand. There will certainly be a lot of debris created for your renovation and it is important that the debris never overwhelms your property. To prevent that from happening you may want to bring in Junk King Portland from the start to make sure your renovation site is always clean.

Hours In A Day

You are paying for the renovation work crew on a daily basis. They can only work a certain number of hours in any given day. That is why you want all of that time to be maximized with focusing on your project. If they have to take time out to load up their trucks with debris and drive it to a landfill, then that is less time that they will be spending on your kitchen remodel. Junk King can come out to any renovation site and clean it up without causing any type of disruption. In fact, the work crew will appreciate having that task taking off their hands.

If you want to set up a weekly cleanup session with Junk King, then they will make your appointment a priority. It is probably best served to have that appointment happen at the end of day so that you can get as much debris removed as possible.

The cost for renovation cleanup is the same for any other type of clean up provided by Junk King. You always be charged a flat rate based on how much space all that debris will take up on the truck. It might be different for each pickup but you will know that rate before the Junk King crew start loading anything onto the truck.

To keep your renovation site clean and the project on time, bring in Junk King Portland to handle all the debris removal.

Junk King Takes The Hassle Out Of Estate Cleanups

Being made the executor of an estate puts you in charge with the disposition of someone’s assets and property. That estate could be anything from a double wide trailer to a mansion. All the property that’s contained within that living space is also considered part of the estate. There may be some outstanding bills that have to be taking care of that would be paid by the state. The best way to handle that is to sell off the valuable possessions and put the property up for sale. Those proceeds can pay back and that’s and be dispersed amongst the family members. Of course, that means you, as the executor, will have a lot of decisions to. One of the easiest is how to handle the estate cleanup. That can be taken care of with one call to Junk King Portland.

What Is Left Over

The estate cleanup provided by Junk King is the part of this process that comes just before the home goes on to the market or gets rented out. Before that, you will want to go through every room, closet, drawer and cabinet to decide just what items you want to keep and what you want to sell. It might be that the bulk of what is left behind is just random pieces of furniture and household goods that have no true value. Those are what will be gathered up by Junk King.

Their goal is to take care of this state clean out in a single session. In the past, there have been some estate cleanups that Junk King was involved in that needed several trucks and crew members to accomplish in a single day. That additional help is something that junk King will be happy to provide. Best of all they will be no additional charge for that help. The Junk King flat fee applies to estate cleanups, too. That price will always be based on how the unwanted items get packed on the truck. The less room they take up, the less you will be paying.

It will only take one session for Junk King to handle most estate cleanups. That is fast and affordable service you can always depend on.

Utilize Junk King For Seasonal Junk Removal Sessions

Summer is winding down which means cooler weather and changing leaves won’t be far away. The change of seasons is when many home maintenance tasks become vital to accomplish. You devote just as much time getting your home ready for the winter as you do for the summer. Along with all the repair and replacement that you handle around the house you may also decide that seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Portland can be a big benefit. This is a terrific way to make sure that your home is never overrun with clutter and rubbish.

Take Your Time

Junk King is a dependable and professional junk hauling service. They will do all the work of your junk removal from start to finish. That work is provided by a capable moving crew who will be assigned to your appointment. That team will also be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to get rid of. In other words, all the labor and disposal is going to be handled by Junk King. All you have to do is decide exactly what you want removed. That is something that you might want to take your time with.

The more time you devote to sorting through all the storage areas in your home the better off you’ll be when it comes to reclaiming those areas from all the junk and unwanted clutter. That’s why seasonal junk removal appointments might be better for your schedule. You could focus your attention first on going through just your garage. That might and up filling up the entire truck load of stuff to get rid of! Your next session could be devoted to the closets and the attic. Even if you end up only filling up a portion of Junk King truck it is still worth taking the time to sort through all your storage areas.

Dedicated Disposal

Junk King is also dedicated to disposal policy that is going to benefit the environment around Portland. That means staying away from landfills whenever possible. Instead, Junk King will drop off your collected items at a charity or recycling center. That’s not something you need to worry about sorting or make a special request it will happen automatically as part of the service.

Seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Portland are the best way to make sure your home is clear of rubbish all year long.

Put Junk King To Work Making Your Backyard Safe

The best advice for baby proofing your home is to literally get down on the floor so that you can see things from the perspective of a baby crawling. That puts you in direct eye line of things like outlets, power strips and other “tempting” things that a baby would be drawn to. Sometimes, it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to see some potential hazards not only on the inside of your house but also on the outside. If your kids are going to be spending a lot of time in the backyard this summer, then you want to make sure it is a safe place on for them. A rubbish clearing session with Junk King Portland can help with that goal.

Structure Take Down

The first thing to consider when making your backyard say is if there are any structures out there that need to be taken down. If your kids have outgrown the swing set, then that would be an obvious choice. Over time, most swing set start to deteriorate and can get rusty. The last thing you want to do is take your kid for a tetanus shot after getting cut from an old swing set. There might also be other structures like a toolshed that you’d like to have removed for safety sake. Not only can the Junk King team bring down the toolshed but they can also clear out all the items that might be stored in there that you no longer going to use. That will certainly remove a lot of potential hazards.

General Rubbish

Beyond taking down any structures the junk King team can also clear out any kind of rubbish that is out in the yard. You might have some lumber or other construction materials that are being stored under a porch or by the side of the garage. If the weather has ruined those things, and then they should be hauled away. The same should be said for any auto parts or spare tires.

As long as the Junk King crew is out your home clearing the yard, they can also clear out all the rubbish from your garage and basement. These might other be designated play areas for your kids and you should remove all the unnecessary clutter from those spaces as well. It can all happen with one session Junk King.

The best approach to towards making your backyard safe for the kids is to get all the debris and rubbish cleared with help from Junk King Portland. Put them to work today.

Get Junk King Portland To Help Take Down Your Old Fence

Are you fearful of a big storm? It might not be the loud thunder and lightning that causes you concern but the potential for damage to occur as a result of that storm. Large trees certainly run the risk of being toppled especially if the soil around the roots is weekend. If the power goes out and the sump pump in the basement doesn’t have a backup, then flooding can occur. There is also a lot of damage that can happen to structures in the backyard that have been compromised over the years by being exposed to the elements. That is certainly true when it comes to a fence that has been standing for decades.

As a homeowner, you need to be proactive against any storm damage by doing all you can to replace any weak structures. Start with that old fence. If it is time to bring it down and put up a new one, then you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King Portland. They won’t be able to assist with the installation of a new fence but they will make short work out of clearing away the old fence.

Reliable Work Crew

Junk King is going to be sending over a reliable work crew to help bring down that old fence. This is a team that will make a fast assessment as to the best approach for getting those fence pieces onto the back of their truck. Once they’ve determined how much space all those materials will need on the truck, they will be able to provide you with a written estimate. Their goal is always to get a lot of debris into as little space as possible on the truck.  You’ll be amazed at how much they can pack in! Once that price has been agreed to, the crew will get to work and in no time at all there will be a trace left of your old fence. That will clear the way for your professional installers to move in and get the new fence up.

Taking down an old fence is work that’s best delegated to Junk King Portland. They can handle that job from start to finish.

Have A Great Portland Staycation Without Any Junk In The Home

Do you have a list of restaurants you want to try? Are there attractions around Portland that you’ve heard about and would love to spend the day exploring? It is not uncommon for residents of the city to miss out on some great activities simply because they know those things will always be there. That is why deciding to have a staycation for your summer vacation can be a lot of fun. This will be your chance to finally check out all the things around town that you have been eager to do.

Embracing the concept of a staycation means approaching it the same way you would with a vacation trip. You don’t want to be doing any work either from your job or around the house. That’s why you should start your staycation with the session from Junk King Portland. This will finally help you achieve the goal of living in a junk free home and that’s the best environment to relax in.

No Effort

When you hire Junk King you are actually hiring two-man moving. They will be putting in a lot of effort remove all the objects from your house that you want to be disposed of. What will be the amount of effort that you exert? Zero. That’s because the Junk King team will do all the work. That includes bringing anything down from upstairs. Even if it is just a box of old clothing, you can leave it by the closet that you pulled it out from and let the Junk King crew carried down to the truck.

If you need something taken apart before you want to the truck, then you can also leave that task for the Junk King team to accomplish. They will have the skills and the tools necessary take care of any dismantling. In the past, they been called on to take apart hot tub, toolshed and trampolines. They won’t have any problem with whatever structure you want them to handle.

Easy to Schedule

A Junk King appointment is easy to schedule. You can book line for over the phone. Whichever method you choose you are sure to get a fast response to lock down your appointment. Even though you may pick the following day, Junk King could offer same day pickup. If that works for you, then great! If not, then Junk King will probably arrive on the day that works best for your calendar.

Your staycation can get off to a terrific start by having Junk King Portland clear out all the rubbish from your home. Set up that session today.

More Rave Reviews For Junk King Portland

A rave review for a Broadway show will usually mean that show will be running for a long time. A rave review for a service professional can also mean that company will be in business for a long time. When it comes to junk hauling, one company consistently gets those rave reviews. That would be Junk King Portland. Take a look at these reviews that were just recently posted:

“I needed to get rid of a queen size box spring. They came the next day, as scheduled, and the workers were polite and efficient.” – Susan G.

“Very prompt: scheduled next day after my request. Workers were courteous, worked quickly, cleaned up the space at end. Highly recommended.” – Kevin M.

“What a great experience… Thank you! I have a huge job on my hands and these guys handled it with professionalism. Great job!” – Michael M.

“Fast and friendly. It was super-easy to set up an appointment online, they were very responsive. The truck showed up right on time, the employees were friendly and polite, and they disappeared my junk (including a refrigerator) quickly and efficiently.” – Kate T.

“I’m currently remodeling a house in Portland right now. Junk King Portland is an easy company to work with! I called the team to help me remove junk. Eric was my point of contact and was communicative throughout the process. His team was professional and efficient. They cleaned out the property within 30 minutes! Junk King offers competitive pricing and was able to work within my budget! I would definitely work and recommend them in the near future.” – Nicholas H.

All those comments are consistent with the majority of junk King customer experiences. The crews working for Junk King are all licensed and insured. They also are great with solving problems. This is the team that works fast and efficiently to bring down junk from upstairs or up from the basement. They can help remove furniture from inside the house and yard waste from out in the backyard. Reading these reviews should make them feel confident that when it comes to junk removal, you can always trust Junk King Portland to get the job done right. Put them to the test today.