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For Fast Rubbish Removal Junk King Portland Is The Way To Go

What was the last company that you posted a review of online? Back in the day, reviewers were to write long essays about restaurants and film. Today many reviews are confined to just a few sentences. But that is all you really need to determine whether or not a company lives up to their promise. For junk hauling, Junk King Portland is clearly providing exceptional service to all of its customers. The proof of that can be found in these rave reviews:

“I had a great experience with Junk King. Gave me a quote right away and were able to schedule a pickup very quickly. Jared and Morgan were great too–super quick, totally professional, and very friendly. They truly took 10 minutes tops, and even made the experience fun, which is saying something considering they came to throw my trash away. Recommend this service for sure!” – Creston, Portland

“The guys just came by our house, they were on time, they called ahead. The price was fair, and no joke they finished in about 10 minutes. Very polite and professional, this is my first experience with having junk removed and it was very pleasant. I initially contacted 800 got junk but I saw some reviews that were great and some not so great, so I decided to go local. And I’m glad I did! If you factor in whatever it costs to dump at a site, plus the cost of a U-Haul or truck to rent and your time then this really seems like the way to go.” – John, Lake Oswego

“Dan and Mike were incredibly quick and efficient at getting my 2 couches and coffee table out of my garage. They were energetic and I even got a few awfully cheesy dad jokes as a bonus to my awesome service. Final price was right within my quote amount, and they were able to arrive before my appointment window, which was great for my schedule today. Will definitely use you guys again when needed, thanks!” – Michael, Beaverton

These reviews demonstrate clearly that Junk King can help remove all types of junk from all kinds of environments. If you are ready to get rid of your rubbish, then you are ready to hire Junk King Portland. You might even end up writing your own great with you!

Junk King Removes Construction Scrap Fast

Scheduling is an important part of any construction job. Once the plans for the project have been drawn up and the contractor hired, the question of completion dates will always come into play. An experience contractor always knows that a completion date shouldn’t be “ironclad.” There are too many unknown variables like weather and material shipments that can impact the date. As with a budget, the contractor builds in contingency time to allow for those variables.

A good contractor also knows the value of keeping a job site clear of debris. On every job, big or small, time is devoted to the end of the workday to clean up the set as efficiently as possible. That doesn’t always means clearing away the construction scrap but just relocating out of the way of the work. For total clearing, it might require bringing in additional outside help. That kind of help can be found with Junk King Portland.

Fast Pickup

Being proactive with construction scrap removal means scheduling pickup appointments with Junk King in advance. You know that demolition day is going to create a lot of debris. As the job progresses, there will be even more debris piles created. No matter how far out you schedule your sessions with Junk King, you can depend on them providing prompt service. On the day of the appointment, the crews will keep you informed as to their progress and arrive time. Their goal is to be as close to the two-hour window that you reserved as possible. Most often, they are early. That is always good for a construction cleanup!

You might also have occasion to need a “rapid response” cleanup. This might be outside of your regular pickups. That could happen on a 24-hour turnaround or even the same day. Junk King likes to work fast and that applies to all of their customers, big and small.

The construction scraps that Junk King will be clearing away might end up at a recycling facility. That will allow you to promote your work as “green.” Clients will always appreciate that.

For fast and dependable construction scrap cleanup, you can always count on Junk King Portland.

Junk King Portland Keeps Your Renovation Site Clean

The difference between a rebuild and a renovation has to do with the amount of demolition. If you are rebuilding an entire home, then clearly you will create a massive demolition project that could involve an actual wrecking ball on a crane. A renovation project occurs on a smaller scale but there is still demolition that will happen. With the kitchen or bathroom remodel that demolition is always done by hand. There will certainly be a lot of debris created for your renovation and it is important that the debris never overwhelms your property. To prevent that from happening you may want to bring in Junk King Portland from the start to make sure your renovation site is always clean.

Hours In A Day

You are paying for the renovation work crew on a daily basis. They can only work a certain number of hours in any given day. That is why you want all of that time to be maximized with focusing on your project. If they have to take time out to load up their trucks with debris and drive it to a landfill, then that is less time that they will be spending on your kitchen remodel. Junk King can come out to any renovation site and clean it up without causing any type of disruption. In fact, the work crew will appreciate having that task taking off their hands.

If you want to set up a weekly cleanup session with Junk King, then they will make your appointment a priority. It is probably best served to have that appointment happen at the end of day so that you can get as much debris removed as possible.

The cost for renovation cleanup is the same for any other type of clean up provided by Junk King. You always be charged a flat rate based on how much space all that debris will take up on the truck. It might be different for each pickup but you will know that rate before the Junk King crew start loading anything onto the truck.

To keep your renovation site clean and the project on time, bring in Junk King Portland to handle all the debris removal.

Put Junk King To Work Making Your Backyard Safe

The best advice for baby proofing your home is to literally get down on the floor so that you can see things from the perspective of a baby crawling. That puts you in direct eye line of things like outlets, power strips and other “tempting” things that a baby would be drawn to. Sometimes, it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to see some potential hazards not only on the inside of your house but also on the outside. If your kids are going to be spending a lot of time in the backyard this summer, then you want to make sure it is a safe place on for them. A rubbish clearing session with Junk King Portland can help with that goal.

Structure Take Down

The first thing to consider when making your backyard say is if there are any structures out there that need to be taken down. If your kids have outgrown the swing set, then that would be an obvious choice. Over time, most swing set start to deteriorate and can get rusty. The last thing you want to do is take your kid for a tetanus shot after getting cut from an old swing set. There might also be other structures like a toolshed that you’d like to have removed for safety sake. Not only can the Junk King team bring down the toolshed but they can also clear out all the items that might be stored in there that you no longer going to use. That will certainly remove a lot of potential hazards.

General Rubbish

Beyond taking down any structures the junk King team can also clear out any kind of rubbish that is out in the yard. You might have some lumber or other construction materials that are being stored under a porch or by the side of the garage. If the weather has ruined those things, and then they should be hauled away. The same should be said for any auto parts or spare tires.

As long as the Junk King crew is out your home clearing the yard, they can also clear out all the rubbish from your garage and basement. These might other be designated play areas for your kids and you should remove all the unnecessary clutter from those spaces as well. It can all happen with one session Junk King.

The best approach to towards making your backyard safe for the kids is to get all the debris and rubbish cleared with help from Junk King Portland. Put them to work today.

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