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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Raleigh Dirt Removal and Hauling

What’s the longest you’ve kept your garbage can out on the curb? Most Raleigh residents manage to bring the cans back in on the same day as the garbage pickup. However, there are some who have a problem with that. It’s such a problem that the City Council is getting involved to deal with complaints and they’re looking for a solution from the Solid Waste Services staff. Originally, residents were given until 7 p.m. the following day to bring the cans in. But that time frame was extended in 2006. Yet even with the extra time some residents are finding it hard to carry out this simple chore. The result is that a lot of folks are being issued a warning citation. Repeat offenders could find themselves being slapped with a fine if those cans are brought in. In the last year there have been over 1,500 warning letters issued to homeowners so clearly this is a problem.

Hopefully you’re handling your garbage in the proper way so as not to annoy your neighbors. But what about all the garbage you can’t easily throw out? We’re talking about the oversized items that can fit into those garbage cans. Those types of things can’t be put on the curb either. For the proper removal of that kind of stuff you’re only choice should be Junk King of Raleigh. These are the professional junk haulers who can handle any type of removal project.

Let’s talk dirt. There could be many reasons why you’ve got a pile of dirt in your yard. Maybe you needed to dig up some pipes or remove a tree whose roots are seeping into your home. Maybe you’re just rearranging your garden in anticipation of spring planting. Whatever the reason it’s going to be extremely difficult to load up your garbage can with piles of dirt. Where will the rest of your garbage go? With Junk King you’ll have a strong crew and truck at your command to help with the dirt removal. Don’t worry about a container; if it’s needed Junk King Raleigh will provide at no extra cost.

While they’re removing the dirt, that same Junk King crew can remove other big items like a couch, stove, tire or play set. If you want to get rid of something then let Junk King do all the heavy lifting and disposal. When Junk King takes on the job they’ll be the ones getting dirty! You couldn’t ask for a better method of junk removal!

Home Downsizing Tips in Raleigh

To downsize is to shrink your living space and improve your quality of life. The reason is that with less property to manage you’ll save money and have more time to do the things you want that make your happy. A typical Raleigh downsize move would be to transition from a huge house to a smaller condo or apartment. This is a very popular move for parents who find themselves in a big empty house after all the kids have moved on. Why pay for all that space you’re not using? Retirees who don’t want to spend hours mowing lawns or keeping up with home repairs also benefit from downsizing. When you’re ready to downsize you should consider the following tips:

1. Make a List

This would be the list of all the things you can’t live without. This could include some of those furniture pieces, appliances, TVs, computers and kitchen equipment that you use on a regular basis. If you’ve got rooms of furniture or even a guest room where no guests ever go then those would be items you can get rid of. Always think smaller.

2.  Start Sooner

Don’t wait until the week before you move to start thinning out your discarded items. As soon as you know where you’ll be living, you’ll know just how much space you’ll have to work with. That will be the time to start clearing out the clutter. The goal is to take less with you to your new home not the same amount of stuff.

3.  Be Realistic About Your Keepers

The stuff you want to keep should be practical. Do you really need ten mixing bowls when you only ever use two? Do you need a dining room table that seats twelve when the most folks you ever have over for dinner is six? Depending on where you’re headed you might also be able to get rid of things like stepladders, lawn movers, gardening equipment and anything else you don’t need around the new home. This is especially true if you’re moving into a condo where all the outdoor maintenance will be take care of.

4. Call Junk King Raleigh

As you prepare to get rid of all your discarded items you’ll find that Junk King will become your perfect partner. They’ll be able to provide the manpower and truck space you’ll need to get rid of any amount of downsized items. With Junk King on your side you’ll find that making the move is going to be a lot less stressful. That’s because with one removal appointment, Junk King will have everything taken away and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Don’t put off a better way of living. Think about downsizing today. When you’re ready, Junk King Raleigh will be standing by to help.

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