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It’s not Just Junk!

We’re Junk King of the Triad! Here to save your home from the tyrant rule of clutter and junk! Right? But what about the stuff that isn’t just junk? The old toy your kid LOVED but outgrew, that shirt your father used to wear, that picture frame your sister gave you last year but doesn’t match anything? You know you have to make choices about what is useful and what is just taking up space. Keep these items without feeling guilty by repurposing them! Lucky for you, we have searched the web high and low for the best ideas to get rid of the “junk” and turn it into treasures!


Let’s start with the kids’ toys. They are probably in a box in the back of the broom closet, in the basement collecting spider webs or even still sitting in your living room. Consider transforming them into contemporary art for your home!  This article by Liz Stanly shows just how far you can go with a little paint, glue, and imagination. From army soldiers and lamps to legos and kitchenware –


Dad’s shirt! You love them almost as much as you love him! Now, you can keep them and make them as useful as when he wore them with just a few steps. We found a great tutorial by the blogger “Mama Duck” on the Ducklings in a Row blog.  She even threw a great twist in it by adding pieces like Dad’s for the baby to play with or (most likely) chew on!



As far as that old frame, Pinterest supplied us with TONS of ideas on how to keep your sister’s gift around with just a little paint and a few supplies. Jewelry holder, maybe?  Coffee table tray? Hang photos or your kids’ art work? The options are endless to transform a seemingly useless frame into a fundamental piece in your home! Check out this article by Alex!