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E-Waste Recycling in Raleigh

Two questions: Do you know where the closest landfill is and do you know what is banned from that landfill? Unless you live within "smelling distance" you probably have no clue where the nearest landfill is and why should you? That's not something you have to contend with. After all, your garbage is picked up and disposed of weekly by the trusted municipal workers. However, you should know what is banned from those landfills so that you don't inadvertently toss it out. That would be all manner of televisions and computer equipment. As of July 1st, 2011 e-waste like that was officially banned from all North Carolina landfills. Now, those same municipal workers could possibly pick up your e-waste and dispose of it in the right way but "when" that would do that depends on "where," as in where is your quadrant? In a system that probably makes sense only to government workers but not many others, Raleigh is divided into 4 quadrants: NW, NE, SW and SE. Each of those quadrants has a designated pickup day but in order to unlock the clues to that mystery you'll need to make your way through the maze of city's automated telephone answering system and schedule an appointment. You'll also have to drag whatever you want collected down to the curb. That might be easy if you're tossing out an old laptop but a big screen TV? How are you supposed to manage that? There is a better way and that's with Junk King Raleigh. Junk King is the local Raleigh business that takes all the hassle out of junk removal. You still don't have to worry about where the landfill is located or how to find the right recycling center for your e-waste. Junk King has you covered because those sites are all part of their daily drop off routines. And you won't have to worry about lugging anything to the curb. The Junk King crew will do all the lifting and carrying. If you have an old television to get rid of and intend to hire Junk King for the job you don't have to stop there. Let the JK crew take away any other oversized item you're ready to toss out. Furniture, appliances, mattresses, lawnmowers, remodeling waste: it can all go on the back of the Junk King truck. This is the time of year when everyone is swapping out their old gadgets for new gizmos. By now you might have quite the collection of unused desktops, monitors or other types of e-waste. Get rid of them all at once with Junk King Raleigh; it's really the only way to go!
E-Waste Recycling in Raleigh


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