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Raleigh Trash Cleanouts

The last Labor Day weekend was no holiday for a lot of Raleigh residents. That's because a major thunderstorm rocked through the area knocking out power, causing flash floods and generally disrupting everyone's lives. Among the recorded damage were trees falling on houses, fires sparked by lightening, floods in parking lots and plenty of damage to basements. According the the record keepers, the storm generated winds up to 58 mph and dropped quarter-sized balls of hail. Not a terrific way to kick off the fall. At least Junk King was standing by to help with the cleanup effort. Junk King Raleigh is the local junk removal service that is part of a national chain of professional haulers. You might not think you need high standards for removing junk but don't tell that to Junk King. They value their reputation of excellent customer care and dependable service. If you're using the Junk King name you're going to have to live up to those standards. Here in Raleigh that's not a problem for the dedicated crews who are proud to carry the Junk King banner! If you call Junk King Raleigh to help with an after storm cleanup project you can rest assured that they will get to your home ASAP. That can even mean same day service. Remember, these are the pros so they won't be sitting around waiting for the next call. Usually, when a Junk King crew starts out in the morning with an empty truck, they will be several stops before it is filled up and has to be off loaded. If you catch the truck when they are making the rounds then there is no reason why they can't swing by your place that same day. Once Junk King Raleigh shows up you just need to tell the crew what you want removed and they'll take it from there. Often after a storm, homeowners will drag damaged belongings out to the curb for pickup. They might have to do that if they are waiting for the city to come by. Who knows how long that will take! With Junk King, they'll go to where you junk is. If that means several trips up and down the basement then so be it! If you were spared storm damage, that doesn't mean you're spared from having junk. Junk King is standing by all year round to help with any type of removal project. Whether you're spring cleaning, getting ready for the holidays or picking up after a remodeling project Junk King is the only call you need to make.
Raleigh Trash Cleanouts


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