Good Reasons to Use Our Junk King Rhode Island – Appliance Removal Services

Getting rid of the average household appliance isn’t a small job. It’s best left to the professionals like our Junk King Rhode Island – Appliance Removal team. If you don’t take the right precautions, it can even be a risky and dangerous project.

Each year, a number of Americans get injured and even damage their houses when they try and move large appliances on their own. Many of the injuries they sustain are to the lower back. There’s always the possibility of an accident when you are going up and down stairs with an appliance.

It’s a job better left to the professionals at our Junk King Rhode Island – Appliance Removal services. Here are a few reasons why it’s better to call us than to try and do it by yourself.

We don’t work alone
It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting rid of an old refrigerator or furnace, we always have a team ready to tackle the project. Over the years we’ve been in the business, we know you’re chances of getting hurt are bigger when you work alone.

We always have people working together. An extra set of eyes and hands makes it easier to navigate and lift any appliance. It’s just another one of the reasons why using our Junk King Rhode Island – Appliance Removal services means there is no damage done to your home.

We plan ahead
We like to make sure to plan ahead so there are no accidents. One of the things that separate us from the competition is the fact that we measure each appliance before we move it. After that, we go through the entire path we intend to take. It’s the best way for us to identify any of the challenges that we might bump up against.

We Practise Safe Lifting
It’s important to us at Junk King to make sure that everyone is safe including our employees. We always take the time to review and research safe lifting techniques. That reduces any kind of lower back injury.
Sometimes, we use straps and other types of moving equipment to make the job easier. Handcarts and dollies are two of the tools that we use quite often. We always bring along a few drop cloths in case we need them and a few adjustable straps to keep things fixed to the handcarts.

Those are just a few reasons why our Junk King Rhode Island – Appliance Removal services are excellent.