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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Richmond VA Appliance Disposal & Recycling

Nobody wants a landfill in their backyard or even close to their backyard. For those folks who already live in the vicinity of a working landfill, they have to keep a dutiful watch out to make sure it is keeping up with the rules and regulations set forth by the state and the EPA. The residents of Woodlake and Brandermill know this all too well as they are raising the red flags about a nearby commercial landfill’s plan to start accepting two new forms of garbage. Specifically these are coal combustion byproducts and automotive shredder reside. These are known in the trash business as fly ash and fluff and they’ve both been found to contain harmful toxins. The residents are banding together to take their concern to the local, state and federal agencies charged with oversight in this kinds of matters. Their concerns are extremely valid.

A landfill exists for only one purpose: to let whatever garbage that is dumped there to degrade and decompose. If all of that garbage was organic like food scraps it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s how you make compost fertilizer. Unfortunately, the garbage at landfills are mostly plastics, metals and other items that when broken down end up reverting back to their chemical foundations. That’s not something you want seeping into the soil or water supplies.

This is why we should recycle. Whenever something is recycled it’s going to be diverted away from the landfill and into a recycling facility where it will be ground up into a mush that can be remade into a useful product. You can easily see where that would work with papers, plastics and soda cans but what about bigger stuff like major kitchen appliances? They can be recycled, too especially if you hire a company like Junk King for the disposal process.

Junk King is dedicated to keeping Richmond green. They are doing their part by insuring that the vast majoring of their collected junk gets dropped off at the area’s many recycling centers. When it comes to the bulky items like appliances, some of those items need to be properly dismantled – this is not an easy job. This applies to a fridge that has Freon. Plastic components are removed and separated from the metal. Not you’ve got two great piles of recyclable materials that belong in the melting furnace as opposed to the landfill.

If you’ve got appliances that you want disposed of then Junk King Richmond is your best bet. But you don’t have to stop there. Junk King can also take away any oversized item you want tossed out. Furniture, broken bikes, sporting equipment, car parts, mattresses and even a backyard grill are all fair game to end up on the back of a Junk King truck. Give them a call today to find out how they can work for you.

Richmond Post Storm Cleanup

It takes a lot to bring a city like New York to a screeching halt. Hurricane Sandy just did that in a big way. After slamming the east coast, it took direct aim at the Big Apple resulting in black-outs that left millions of citizens in the dark. Just as many New Yorkers also found themselves stranded in their homes without any way to get to work because the subways were flooded. Amazingly most of those mass transit lines were up and running by the end of the week.

Here in Richmond, Sandy did plenty of damage. There were also power outages that put 140,000 folks in the dark. Ironically, it’s not so much the power of the storm itself that causes the blackouts but the rain. When the ground around heavy trees become soaked those trees topple over and pull down power lines with them. Suddenly, what was once an idyllic piece of scenery has been turned into a major hazard. This could have you rethinking all of those trees around your own home. Is it worth the risk that a tall tree could come crashing down on your property? Maybe it’s time to think about trimming back those trees.

The other remains from Sandy was all the flooding. Once the waters receded the cleanup began in earnest. Outside, those waters deposited a lot of debris that didn’t always float off with the water. If it’s on your property then it’s your responsibility to clear it away. If you were one of the unfortunate homeowners that suffered flooding indoors then you will most likely be dragging a lot of items out of your home. Sadly, all of that stuff is now junk. Some things can be salvaged but unless it is thoroughly dried off, it’s too great a risk of mold growing to hang onto something. All along the storm route, you can see folks piling mounds of furniture, carpet and boxes of soggy trash on their lawns and driveways. Instead of waiting for the overburdened city to pick it up you’d better off hiring Junk King Richmond to swoop in and clear that junk off your lawn once and for all.

Even if you don’t pile up your stuff, you can still hire the Junk King crew to help with the clean up. If they have to, they’ll go down into the basement to pull out the junk you want tossed out. Don’t worry; you won’t be paying this crew by the hour. Instead, you’ll be paying by the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. And don’t worry about getting dirty; the Junk King Central VA crew will be doing all the work. Let’s hope we never see another Hurricane Sandy but if we do, Junk King will be standing by to help with the cleanup.

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