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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Make Room For Antiques By Tossing Out Junk With Help From Junk King Richmond

It is very rare to find a house in Richmond that doesn’t have at least one antique piece of furniture. Most often, this will be something that has been handed down through the family. Even though your great grandparents had a house full of furniture all that survive might be a dining room table or china cabinet. Those are still prices items that you hope to pass down to your own children one day. It could be that you have a lot of furniture from your family that is being kept in storage either up in the attic or down in the basement. Maybe it’s time to bring that into the light. A good way to make that happen is to clear out some of the clutter from around your home. That’s where Junk King Richmond can be a huge help.


Getting rid of something like an old sofa is definitely a two-man operation. That is exactly what you’ll be working with when you hire Junk King Richmond. There to send over a pair of movers that has a lot of experience carrying furniture out of a home. This is a team that is also very handy with tools. That will come into play if you have something that needs to be taken apart before it can be carried out to the truck. None of that will be a challenge for the team from Junk King Richmond. Neither will they be challenged by bringing up things from the basement or down from the attic. This is exactly what you’re hiring Junk King Richmond for.

In addition all the terrific help they’ll provide moving things out of your house they can also move a lot of things from the backyard. The team from Junk King Richmond can take up planters, furniture, auto parts, lumber and construction waste. Once all that stuff is gone, you can work to beautify your backyard by planting flowers or vegetables. Isn’t that much better use of that space?

All of this can happen in a very short amount of time. The sooner you call Junk King Richmond, the sooner you can clear out your junk and make room for your priceless antiques.

Junk King Richmond Helps Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

What will you be planting in your garden the spring? Would be the same flowers you plant every year? When you try growing fresh vegetables? When it comes to gardening there really is no into what you can plant and grow. To be a success you just need to stay on top of the weeds and make sure your plants get enough water. The sun and soil will take care the rest!


To get ready you might need to do a little clearing first. There could be all kinds of debris piled up in your garden space from the winter. You might also decide to give your backyard a complete makeover. In either scenario, you will greatly benefit from a call to Junk King Richmond. These are the junk removal pros that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to helping you get your yard garden for spring.

Although most of the junk removal that Junk King Richmond takes care of involves furniture, appliances and other household goods their great with removing yard waste, too. They can haul away lawn clippings, chunks of concrete, bricks, construction waste, old patio furniture or even a tool shed. As for the junk in the rest of your house all you have to do is point to what you want taken away in the Junk King crew will handle it from there.

Your initial focus might be on clearing out your backyard but the junk King Richmond clue can also do some amazing things around the rest of your house. This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of all the clutter in your closet and rubbish in your garage. You can also clear out your basement of old furniture and boxes. Keep in mind that you will have two movers and a truck. This is a crew that will be eager to help you get rid of whatever you want to toss out. It doesn’t matter to them how heavy or oversized it might be. Think of all the things you been eager to get rid of in your home. Now that can happen with one call to Junk King Richmond.

One Call To Junk King Richmond Gets Your Business Clear Of Rubbish

Every business owner develops working relationships with a long list of vendors. This is especially true with someone who is in food service industry. At restaurants, there vendors that provide the food but also cleaning supplies, linen, liquor and equipment. Many of these vendors make weekly if not daily drop-offs. There’s also all the service professionals that a restaurant occasionally employs such as plumbers, electricians and handyman. One service professional that you should definitely add to your vendor list is Junk King Richmond. These are the license junk haulers who can make a big difference when it comes to getting rid of rubbish at your establishment.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King Richmond isn’t difficult. You’ll find that they are always receptive to a phone call or even an email. Most junk removal sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. That’s good to know especially if you are concerned about quickly cleaning out a storeroom or area in your parking lot that you’re using for storage. You could have all kinds of rubbish in those areas that are becoming a hazard. Would you pass an inspection with all that rubbish? Junk King Richmond can make it disappear in no time at all.


You’re going to be assigned a two-man crew who will be doing all the moving for you. This is the team that has a lot of experience with lifting bulky objects. That can be a big help with you’re getting rid of appliances, benches, tables and even ice machines. If you’ve gone through a remodeling, then Junk King Richmond is the perfect company to call to clear out all that construction waste.

The cost for this service is very reasonable. Unlike other junk haulers, Junk King Richmond doesn’t charge by the pound. The reason other haulers use this method is because that’s how their charge when they drop off stuff at a landfill. Junk King Richmond avoids that by making drop-offs to recycling centers and charities instead. The money they save avoiding a landfill they will happily pass right on to you. That makes them the fairest deal in town for this type of service. Don’t let another day go by with rubbish at your restaurant. Get it cleared out by Junk King Richmond today.

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