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Tag Archives: Richmond Junk Removal

Richmond Junk Removal In 2014

When it comes to snow removal on your property, you have two basic choices: Shovel or spring. With the shoveling, you can tend to the backbreaking work on your own or farm it out to a neighborhood teen looking to earn a few extra bucks. If you have a snow blower, then you could become the most popular person on your block. The spring option is not a bad way to go either. With this, you just sit back and wait for the snow to melt. It takes a while longer and it might have you trapped indoors, but you’re sure to stay warm.

Thumbs up for Junk King.

Thumbs up for Junk King.

Now, when it comes to junk removal, you really only have one option. That would be hiring Junk King Richmond. The first branch of Junk King opened in 2005 across the country in California. Since then, local branches have opened in major cities everywhere with Richmond being the latest proud addition to the Junk King family. Since it has been up and running, this particular Junk King has earned a solid reputation in customer service. Every day customers are happy to share comments like these:

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Richmond VA Basement Junk Removal

basementAlong the Virginia coast sea levels are rising. The result is that even the mildest of rainstorms can turn into serious trouble for homeowners and business in the “danger zone.”

“At times I think we get too locked in on the strongest storms, the Category 3, 4 and 5s,” said Marshall Shepherd, a University of Georgia atmospheric scientist. “But if you look at the last five or 10 years, even the weaker storms can create a lot more damage.”

The scientists who study these kinds of things have found that in the past, the sea level rose about a foot every hundred years. Now it appears those levels are in track to rise two feet every hundred of years. That might not seem like a lot when you spread out a “foot” over that length of time but it really only takes a couple of inches of flooding to ruin your basement. If you should find yourself on the receiving end of floodwaters, know that you won’t be alone when it comes time for the cleanup. Junk King of Richmond will be standing by to lend a hand.

By “lend a hand” we actually mean two professional junk haulers and a big truck. In other words, you can get rid of any damaged carpet, furniture, wood or other items in a single pickup appointment from Junk King. As anyone who has suffered from storm damage knows, getting wet objects out of the home has to happen fast. There might be a few things that can be dried but for all the rest it has to go before the mold sets in. It might be a shame to toss out all that those damaged object but you’ll just have to blame it on the rain.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wait for a storm to put Junk King Central VA to work for you. They are working hard all year round helping Richmond residents clear out the clutter of their homes. When you’ve decided you’re ready to get rid of all those oversize junk items then Junk King is really the only call you should be making. That JK crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and that includes sofas, stoves, patio furniture or refrigerators. If you need it gone, Junk King will take it away! Give them a call today to help clean up your home and keep their number programmed in your phone just in case!

Richmond Virginia Concrete Disposal and Recycling

Is this the spring season when you’re finally going to repave that cracked up driveway? Will you be pouring cement for a new patio deck? While it might seem like those types of jobs would require a experienced contractor you’d be amazed at the kind of helpful resources there are out there to turn them into DIY projects.

The simplest type of concrete is ready-mix. All you need to do is add water and you’re good to go. This is probably best used for small patch jobs. For something as big as a driveway or patio, you can order up transit-mix concrete. This would be the delivered out of the back of those big cement trucks. The mixing will be done in advance. All you need to do is prep the area for pouring and let the cement fly. You could condense that process by renting your own cement mix trailer. This is something you can hitch up to the back of your SUV and use for the weekend. You’ll have to make your own concrete but it lets you be in total control. Check out YouTube for concrete mixing and pouring “how to” videos. There are dozens.

In terms of prepping the area where you’ll be pouring cement, it’s going to mean breaking up that old concrete and getting rid of it. You might soon discover that the breaking up part is easy. It’s that “getting rid of it” that’s the real challenge. That’s where Junk King Central VA can be a big help. They won’t have any trouble showing up to your home and hauling away all the busted chunks of concrete. You certainly can’t toss that out in the garbage and you might not have a truck big enough for the job. Junk King has you covered. In fact, you could just bust up the concrete and leave it fracture for the Junk King Central Virigina crew. They’ll get it to where it needs to go.

On that same trip that has the Junk King crew removal concrete they can also take away any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. This can include furniture, appliances, auto parts, grills and even a hot tub. All of that will go on the same truck as the concrete. The Junk King crew will then do the sorting to make sure all your junk gets to where it needs to go. Whether it’s a recycling center or certified landfill, you’re guaranteed that your junk will be disposed of the right way. Call Junk King Central VA to find out how that can get rid of your junk in any form!

Home Downsizing Tips in Richmond

What can you live without? That’s the question many Richmond residents are asking as they embrace the concept of downsizing. Downsizing is all about making life simpler through a more manageable living environment. By moving into a smaller home or condo you’ll be freeing up a lot of cash and time. As you prepare to make this kind of valuable transition you’ll always be coming back to the big question of “need.”

Sure you want to stay in shape but have you really used that old treadmill or stationary bike? Isn’t it just gathering dust or being used to hang clothes on? What about your dining room table? Have you even used all the seats in the last year? Do you need a spare bedroom when all the kids are grown and off on their own life journeys? Imagine how much more space you would have if you could downsize your way out of those intrusive items. Instead of taking on such a herculean task all by yourself, give Junk King Richmond a call and let them do all the heavy lifting.

Once you’ve picked the perfect new home, you’ll want to take a walk through your current house or apartment to figure out just what you’ll want to take with you. Is there a chair you’ve never sat in? Are your cabinets overflowing with kitchen gadgets you’ve never used? This is the time for an honest assessment because the last thing you want to do is cart any of that unwanted junk with you to your new place. That just defeats the purpose of downsizing.

This is a golden opportunity to go through every closet, shelf and storage zone in your home. We’re talking garages, attics and basements. How much of that stuff can you get rid of? Have no fear of running out of space on a Junk King Super Sized truck. They are experts at packing up junk. They will also do the lifting and loading. This is the perfect example of how to simplify your life: hire someone to do the strenuous work for you.

Don’t worry about all your discarded junk ending up in a dump. Most of what a Junk King crew collects will be turned over for recycling or refurbishing. You’ll be doing your part for the environment and helping out those in need without ever lifting a finger. Best of all, Junk King is only going to charge you by the amount of space you’ll be taking up in their truck. That means you’ll be saving money right out of the gate. Let Junk King Central VA help you downsize today.

Richmond VA Dirt Removal and Hauling

If you haven’t done it already, you should be getting your garden ready for winter. When removing dead plants, you want to make sure you rake up all the ground underneath the area. This is especially true for any roses or peonies that might attract bugs in the diseased leaves throughout the winter. If you have a compost pile growing you can keep it going throughout the winter but don’t be surprised if some unwanted critters burrow in to hibernate. After giving your garden the once over you might discover you’ve created some piles of dirt or sod. Now what are you going to do with all that dirt? That’s easily rectified with a call to Junk King Richmond.

Junk removal isn’t just for spring-cleaning. A company like Junk King works all year round taking care of any type of removal project you might have and that includes dirt. Don’t think that just because your dirt is in a mound that it can’t be carted off. Let Junk King worry about putting that dirt in a container. You can also let them worry about getting dirty and that means both the crew and the truck! It just doesn’t make sense to do dirt removal yourself when you’ve got Junk King Central VA standing by to help out.

If you’re going to have Junk King removal dirt from your backyard they don’t have to stop there. What other items from your backyard deserve to be tossed out in the new year? Things like lawnmowers that aren’t working, rusty patio furniture, kid play sets or even a collapsed shed would all be worthy of the junk heap. On that same truck you can have them pile up all kinds of other junk you want to get rid of. What constitutes a piece of junk? If something is broken beyond repair that would certainly qualify. But what about stuff that you’re not using or have no intention to use? Most organizing experts would tell you that anything you don’t use at least every six months should be tossed out. Obviously, this doesn’t include keepsakes but the old ping-pong table? The kayak in garage? The mattress down the basement? Are you really going to use those things again? If not, then turn them over to Junk King.

When the Junk King Central VA crew shows up on the scheduled appointment time they’ll be doing all the work for you. It doesn’t matter where the junk is currently “living” the JK crew will lift, carry and load. As soon as they drive off with your junk, you can do a good cleaning of the now empty space. The best way to kick off winter is without junk!

Richmond VA Appliance Disposal & Recycling

Nobody wants a landfill in their backyard or even close to their backyard. For those folks who already live in the vicinity of a working landfill, they have to keep a dutiful watch out to make sure it is keeping up with the rules and regulations set forth by the state and the EPA. The residents of Woodlake and Brandermill know this all too well as they are raising the red flags about a nearby commercial landfill’s plan to start accepting two new forms of garbage. Specifically these are coal combustion byproducts and automotive shredder reside. These are known in the trash business as fly ash and fluff and they’ve both been found to contain harmful toxins. The residents are banding together to take their concern to the local, state and federal agencies charged with oversight in this kinds of matters. Their concerns are extremely valid.

A landfill exists for only one purpose: to let whatever garbage that is dumped there to degrade and decompose. If all of that garbage was organic like food scraps it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s how you make compost fertilizer. Unfortunately, the garbage at landfills are mostly plastics, metals and other items that when broken down end up reverting back to their chemical foundations. That’s not something you want seeping into the soil or water supplies.

This is why we should recycle. Whenever something is recycled it’s going to be diverted away from the landfill and into a recycling facility where it will be ground up into a mush that can be remade into a useful product. You can easily see where that would work with papers, plastics and soda cans but what about bigger stuff like major kitchen appliances? They can be recycled, too especially if you hire a company like Junk King for the disposal process.

Junk King is dedicated to keeping Richmond green. They are doing their part by insuring that the vast majoring of their collected junk gets dropped off at the area’s many recycling centers. When it comes to the bulky items like appliances, some of those items need to be properly dismantled – this is not an easy job. This applies to a fridge that has Freon. Plastic components are removed and separated from the metal. Not you’ve got two great piles of recyclable materials that belong in the melting furnace as opposed to the landfill.

If you’ve got appliances that you want disposed of then Junk King Richmond is your best bet. But you don’t have to stop there. Junk King can also take away any oversized item you want tossed out. Furniture, broken bikes, sporting equipment, car parts, mattresses and even a backyard grill are all fair game to end up on the back of a Junk King truck. Give them a call today to find out how they can work for you.

Richmond Post Storm Cleanup

It takes a lot to bring a city like New York to a screeching halt. Hurricane Sandy just did that in a big way. After slamming the east coast, it took direct aim at the Big Apple resulting in black-outs that left millions of citizens in the dark. Just as many New Yorkers also found themselves stranded in their homes without any way to get to work because the subways were flooded. Amazingly most of those mass transit lines were up and running by the end of the week.

Here in Richmond, Sandy did plenty of damage. There were also power outages that put 140,000 folks in the dark. Ironically, it’s not so much the power of the storm itself that causes the blackouts but the rain. When the ground around heavy trees become soaked those trees topple over and pull down power lines with them. Suddenly, what was once an idyllic piece of scenery has been turned into a major hazard. This could have you rethinking all of those trees around your own home. Is it worth the risk that a tall tree could come crashing down on your property? Maybe it’s time to think about trimming back those trees.

The other remains from Sandy was all the flooding. Once the waters receded the cleanup began in earnest. Outside, those waters deposited a lot of debris that didn’t always float off with the water. If it’s on your property then it’s your responsibility to clear it away. If you were one of the unfortunate homeowners that suffered flooding indoors then you will most likely be dragging a lot of items out of your home. Sadly, all of that stuff is now junk. Some things can be salvaged but unless it is thoroughly dried off, it’s too great a risk of mold growing to hang onto something. All along the storm route, you can see folks piling mounds of furniture, carpet and boxes of soggy trash on their lawns and driveways. Instead of waiting for the overburdened city to pick it up you’d better off hiring Junk King Richmond to swoop in and clear that junk off your lawn once and for all.

Even if you don’t pile up your stuff, you can still hire the Junk King crew to help with the clean up. If they have to, they’ll go down into the basement to pull out the junk you want tossed out. Don’t worry; you won’t be paying this crew by the hour. Instead, you’ll be paying by the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. And don’t worry about getting dirty; the Junk King Central VA crew will be doing all the work. Let’s hope we never see another Hurricane Sandy but if we do, Junk King will be standing by to help with the cleanup.

Richmond Old TV Disposal

Our televisions are a lot like our cars. When we buy a model we intend to hold onto that for several years. Typically, folks replace a television set when it has either “gone up” (as in busted) or when they want a new and improved model. Around ten years ago when the first flat screen plasma TVs came on the market they were retailing for around $10,000 a piece. Imagine paying that kind of money for a TV! Today, those same screens can be bought for a mere fraction of the cost. And the great news is that nearly every TV made today is a HDTV. Even if you want a tiny tube for your bedroom you’re still going to be getting amazing picture and sound quality all at an affordable price.

As you head out to go shopping for your new TV set you’ll want to consider your program delivery options. If you have basic cable then that cable has probably gone digital. What this means to you is that you are going to be getting more programming and sharper pictures. Just because you have a HDTV doesn’t mean every channel you want will be broadcast in HDTV. For those channels that are, you might have to pay an additional fee to your cable provide. There are also other options with regard to deliver of programming beyond basic cable such as satellite and fiber optics. As long as you’re investing in a new TV you might do a little research to find out if you’re getting the best deal. You could find packages that bundle your internet, TV and phone all into one affordable price.

In the realm of television buying, size does matter. Remember you’ll be holding onto this TV for several years. If the difference between a big screen and smaller screen is a few hundred dollars you might want to splurge for the big screen. Just divide the cost over five years of use. You could end up spending pennies a day!

You also have to consider placement. Your new TV could either work on a stand or mounted on the wall. If you go with the wall option, leave the job to the professionals. The last thing you want is your TV to come crashing down because you missed drilling into the stud.

Finally, you’ll have to consider getting rid of the old TV. This is officially classified as electronic waste or e-waste and it needs to be properly disposed of. You don’t want to sit it out on the curb and home someone will pick it up. Instead, give Junk King Richmond a call and let them handle the job. While they’re at it, Junk King can also remove any other bulky item you want to get rid of. You’ll enjoy watching your new TV a lot better knowing you’re in a junk free home!

Richmond Dumpster Rental Alternatives

People can sometimes be tempted to do a bit of unauthorized dumpster dumping.  Picture the scenario, you may have been in the same position at some point: there were some left over boxes or clutter around your home that couldn’t be thrown out in the garbage. Two blocks over was a perfectly fine and empty dumpster sitting on the street just waiting to be filled up. By the time those boxes made their way into the dumpster is was clear a lot of other folks in the neighborhood had the same idea. What was once an empty dumpster had become half full in just 24 hours. Imagine that was your dumpster rental? The problem is that when you are ready to do your actual dumping your dumpster might already be full. Even someone who should know better may not resist the temptation. Call this the “curse of the dumpster rental.” If they see it, they will fill it.

On the other side of that coin would be all those folks that would come by the dumpster after it’s already been filled to do a little dumpster diving. Just because you threw something out doesn’t necessarily mean its garbage; at least not in everyone’s eye. There are some local Richmond artists who love finding scraps of debris to turn into their next masterpiece. Other DIY types can see a discarded chair or end table and think they can refinish it. Of course, there are also many others who like dumpster diving for all the recyclable bottles and cans. To them a dumpster is a like a potential gold mine; there is just no telling what they would find.

To sum up: you’re going to rent a dumpster and put it outside your Richmond home. What follows is you have strangers dumping in their trash and other strangers picking through that trash. Is this what you want going down around your home or business? If you know in advance that you’re going to be tossing out a huge amount of stuff in one outing then you might be better served hiring Junk King of Richmond for your junk removal needs.

Junk King specializes in all kinds of junk removal. A Junk King crew consists of a multiple man team and a large empty truck. That team can be put to work in many effective ways. Unlike the dumpster on the curb, the Junk King crew will go to where your junk is and take it from there. That means you don’t have to do any heavy lifting; they’ll handle that. Once all that junk has been collected Junk King will also do their best effort to make sure it ends up are one of the many Richmond recycling centers and not the landfill. That’s good for the environment and good for reducing your carbon footprint. Break the curse of the dumpster rental and hire Junk King Richmond today!

Richmond Refrigerator Disposal

A recent story in the news might have you rethinking some of what you consider to be junk. A Shenandoah Valley resident was shopping at a flea market and plunked down $7 for a box of stuff. She had her eye on a Paul Bunyan doll and plastic cow but also included was a small painting. For around a year, she kept that painting in a white plastic bag where it went from her car to her kitchen back to the car and into the garage. At one point, she was considering getting rid of the painting but was told she ought to have it looked at. What she discovered is that the painting she didn’t give two thoughts to turned out to be an original Renoir valued at over $75,000. Not bad for a $7 investment. And to think she came very close to selling it at one of her own yard sales.

Now before you go tearing your home upside down looking for buried treasure keep in mind that is truly a one in a million type of story. Most of the real junk we have to toss out is just that “real junk.” Take that old refrigerator you’re hanging onto. No one is going to mistake that for a lost treasure. The best way to get rid of that is with Junk King Richmond.

Here in Richmond VA, Junk King has been helping folks cart off all kinds of junk from their homes and businesses. By now they’re probably up to several tons of collected trash that they have cleared out of homes and apartments. Most satisfied customers start by hiring Junk King to take away a big item like an old fridge. But when they set their mind to it they end up coming up with a lot of other junk they can get rid of. This would be furniture, play sets, mattresses, televisions, computers, car parts, lawn mowers and even the occasional fallen tree limb. Basically, if something is too big or too heavy for you to get rid of then let Junk King handle the assignment.

With Junk King you’ll be hiring a team of experienced movers who will respect your property. They’ve been trained in the Junk King way which means putting the customer’s needs first. You can schedule your junk removal at a time that works best for you. If you need something removed from down in your basement or up in your attic then the Junk King Central VA crew will climb those stairs! Best of all you’ll have all of that junk cleared out in no time. Imagine the relief you’ll experience once that stuff it out of your home for good. You can’t beat that feeling!

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