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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Basement Remodeling Tips for Sacramento, CA

It might seem that basements are a rarity in Sacramento, but there are actually a surprising number of homes which feature these below the ground spaces. Are you one of the lucky homeowners who have a basement? If so, are you getting the most out of this cellar or has it become the family’s dumping ground for all your junk? It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good room when there are so many possibilities for using that space.
One approach to a basement remodel is to turn it into a “man cave.” This would be an area where the boys get to hang out. The “man cave” has become so popular that there are even reality shows dedicated to the design and refurbishing of these kinds of spaces. Back in the day, these were simply called “dens.” It’s where dad paid the bills and unwound after a hard day at the office. Today, there is still unwinding that needs to be done, but that could mean a round of Halo on the Xbox or watching the latest action flick on the big screen surround sound system. What’s great about the “man cave” concept is that this can become the one room in the house where the men can do their thing and you don’t have to worry about picking up their mess. This is their cave and they can do whatever they want with it.
Another great use of your Sacramento basement would be the opposite of a “man cave” and that would be an arts and craft workspace. If you like to make things why not dedicate your basement to your workshop? This is much better that being stuck in a corner of the kitchen. With room to spread out, you can tackle some of those bigger projects you’ve been itching to take on. Why not put in a pottery wheel or a loom? With the open space in the basement you could bring anything in. You could even turn this into a quiet oasis for reading or meditating.
Whatever your choice for the basement, the first thing you’ll need to do is clean it out. As mentioned above, the basement often becomes the storage stop for all accumulated junk. At some point this junk was once a particular item that you couldn’t seem to part with. However, as time went on the reasons for keeping this stuff have faded. You could try and throw this stuff out by filling up your garbage once a week, but that could take months to clean out your basement especially if you only have one garbage weekly garbage pickup.
The obvious solution would be to hire a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Sacramento to swoop down into your basement and take away all that trash. This could mean several dozen trips up and down the basement stairs, but these guys aren’t bothered by that. All you’ll need to do is make one trip down to the basement to point at all the items you want taken away. The crew you hire will do all the rest and you can turn your basement into whatever you want.

Attic Cleaning in Sacramento

Do you know what’s going on up in your attic in your Sacramento home? It’s a simple question, but one that needs attention. Attics fall into two categories: Useable or unusable space. In the unusable category, you basically just have eaves and rafters. This is also where you might find insulation for your home. On the useable side, some attics have become the depository for a family’s history otherwise known as junk or it has become a spare room or workspace. Either way, are you getting the most out of your attic? If not it might be time to do a major attic cleaning with the help of an experienced crew of disposal experts like Junk King Sacramento.
Up in the unusable attic space, what’s the status of your insulation? If you’ve been in your home for a while, you might not have given this a second thought. However, with rising fuel costs it’s even more important to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. This could mean replacing that old insulation with a new, improved version which can help keep your home warmer in the winter. Replacing insulation might seem like a daunting task, but with the help of that disposal crew, you can be assured that your old insulation will be properly hauled away.
If your attic is not a place you go up into often, you might not know what’s going on in terms of infestation. Like it or not, if your home has termites one of the first spots they could target would be all that healthy rafter wood that is exposed up in your attic. Finding termites early is key to halting them in their tracks. Then there are all kinds of vermin who might like to make your attic their new nest. It’s a good idea to take a trip up to your attic at least once a month to check on the status of things.
As for the “useable”  attic space it is for storage or practicality? If you’ve made your attic the dumping ground for all your junk then you should really consider getting rid of it. Holding onto family heirlooms is one thing, but if you’ve put items up there just to move them out of eyesight you’re not making the most of that space. And junk is junk. If you’re never going to use something again then get rid of it. It really wouldn’t take much to turn an attic into a livable space. Even if you have exposed beams, you can still put up some drywall and make a cozy guest room or home office with very little effort.
First, you need to clean out the attic. Instead of making dozens of trips up and down those stairs, let a professional crew of haulers like Junk King Sacramento do all the heavy lifting. You could actually stand at the bottom of the stairs and determine what you want to keep and what you want to throw out as it passes by you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t reclaim your attic today.

Sacramento Spring Cleaning – Get it Done!

Up here in Sacramento spring cleaning means many things to many people. Over in Mount Shasta they recently held a Sisson Meadow spring cleaning event where volunteers were asked to help “remove invasive plant life from meadow.” They were also told to “bring gloves, shovel, pruning shears and loping shears.” That sounds like a fun day and imagine the pleasure you could take from reclaiming a meadow. Clearly this would give you first right at the perfect picnic spot.
Down in Bidwell Park the Sycamore Pool opening was delayed because of its own need for spring cleaning. It turns out that high water flows brought with it a run of rare fish. Normally this pool would be open by Memorial Day but this year the flows were too high and the water had to be diverted under the pool which then allowed for the cleanup and prep work to get it open. This is a case where spring cleaning is going to help a lot of folks cool down.
Then there was a recommendation from the Sacramento Bee about spring cleaning and gas prices. It turns out that extra weight in your car can be a drag both literally and figuratively. That’s why they recommend a spring cleaning of your auto to take out all the “nonessential items.” Even filling up a bag of trash can lighten your car lode considerably.
For most of us, the mention of spring cleaning has to do with our own homes. How many times in the last couple of months did you walk past your overflowing closet and say, “I’ll get to that for spring cleaning?” How much junk is crammed into your garage with the promise of tossing it out for spring cleaning? Well, spring is here and it’s going fast! Before you know it, summer will be rolling in and nobody wants to clean up in the summer. This is the time for kicking back and having fun. So, get to it!
When it comes to your spring cleaning chores the good thing is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can hire professional help. This would be especially needed if part of your spring cleaning has to do with tossing out large, bulky items like old furniture pieces, mattresses or kitchen appliances. These are all the things you simply can’t put out onto the curb for a trash pickup. Instead, they need to be carted off. Is your SUV or car big enough for a sofa? Probably not which is why you should hire a team of professionals like Junk King Sacramento. They can show up with the right size truck to haul away all your big items.
As long as you’ve got a crew coming in for the big items there is no reason why they can also cart away anything else you want tossed out. Spring cleaning can reveal a lot of junk that needs to go. Take it all out in one trip and enjoy the rest of your spring!
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