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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Clearing out the Clutter Is No Joke

There will be a flurry of fresh pranks and silly jokes coming your way on April 1. You probably know someone who loves this holiday more than all the other holidays. Maybe that person is you! It’s the one time of year when we can get away with pranks all in the spirit of good fun. Another way you could have fun on this holiday, is to finally take care of your junk removal. Clearing out the clutter in your home is no joke especially if that clutter has taken over. When that happens, you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King Sacramento. They take junk removal very seriously.


Junk King Sacramento is a professional operation from start to finish. The two-man team who will be assigned to your junk removal will roll up in a red truck with the big Junk King logo. They’ll also be wearing the official red Junk King crew T-shirt. Call it a uniform if you will but it definitely sets them apart. So does the fact that the crews are all licensed, bonded and insured. These are exactly the type of workers you should invite into your home!

Before the crew arrives for their scheduled junk removal session, you’ll want to do a top to bottom review of your entire house. This is the chance to finally get rid of everything that is taking up space and has become an eyesore. Don’t judge anything you want to get rid of by degree of difficulty. It doesn’t matter if something is extremely heavy or needs to be take apart first. There is no junk removal challenge that Junk King can’t overcome.

As an added bonus, the bulk of what Junk King will remove from your home could end up at a charity or recycling center. This is part of Junk King’s green way of doing business and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

Consider what you can do with all that reclaimed space. Even if it is just better access to your closet, it will be worth the call to Junk King. Are you ready to get serious about your junk removal needs? Then it’s time to bring in the crew from Junk King Sacramento.

Take Advantage of Online Junk Removal Booking

As technology goes, the Internet isn’t all that old. The first types of communicating through computers via a dial up phone modem happened in the late sixties. By the mid-eighties the expanding network of sites and forums were looked at as a kind of gamers paradise. By the time the 90s rolled around, it became clear that everyone was hoping on board the Internet train. Business had to play a bit of catch up to make sure they planted their flag in a corner of cyber space. Now, you simply can’t compete unless you have a strong Internet presence. That holds true for any type of business including professional junk hauling. You’ll find that not only is Junk King the leading junk hauling service in Sacramento, but they have a website that makes booking an appointment as easy as clicking your mouse.

To set up your online junk removal appointment, you only need to have a date and time in mind. This can be over the weekend, late in the evening or even on the same day. That two-hour window will allow the Junk King crews enough time to get from one job to the next. It certainly won’t take them the full two hours to remove your stuff unless they’re dealing with a massive hoarder-type cleanup. For that job, Junk King will probably send over additional teams to make sure that work gets done in a single appointment.

As an added bonus for booking online, you’ll be able to take $30 off your final estimate price. This price will be formulated by the Junk King team once they’ve had a chance to look over your junk. They will base that estimate on how much space your junk will need on the truck. It’s a flat fee that covers everything. It’s also a sweet deal even with the discount. Don’t hesitate to shop around. You’ll find that Junk King’s prices are extremely affordable. Plus, there aren’t ever any weight restrictions. That means anything goes including that old piano!

You can also read what other happy Junk King customers are saying about their experiences. Are you ready to book your junk removal appointment? Junk King Sacramento makes it easy.

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