Renovation Debris Is No Match For Junk King

When planning out a kitchen remodel, you can prepare yourself for the disruption by setting up a makeshift kitchen in another room. You only need the essentials like a microwave, coffee maker and toaster for the mini kitchen. It might be easy to do a lot of take out ordering for the duration of the project. All of that is expected. What you might not be prepared for is all the renovation debris that will be created during the project. That starts on the first day when the demolition occurs and it will be ongoing until the remodel crew finishes. The best way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed is to hire Junk King Salt Lake City for the renovation debris cleanup.

Dedicated Cleanup

Junk King provides dedicated cleanup for your remodeling project. That means their only job is to remove the renovation debris on the scheduled appointment days. If the project starts on a Monday, then you might want to set up your first session with Junk King for the following Saturday. They can come back on subsequent Saturdays to remove all the construction waste that will have accumulated. You could also schedule them for a pickup after demolition day and then a final cleanup on the last day of the job. When you put Junk King in charge of the cleanup, you’re free up your remodel work crew to stay focused on the project. They can devote a full work day to the effort as opposed to taking time off to dispose of the trash.

Cost Effective

Hiring Junk King for the renovation debris cleanup will be very cost effective. They charge the same flat rate for this type of removal as they do for their regular removal. You won’t be paying for the crew by the hour or for the truck rental. That one rate covers everything. And that rate isn’t going to use weight as a factor. Instead, it will be about how much space your stuff uses on the truck. You’ll know the price before the job begins so there won’t be any surprises.

Renovation debris cleanup is a breeze when Junk King Salt Lake City is in charge. Book them today.