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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Take Care Of Old Mattress Disposal The Right Way

When was the last time you woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep? It is understandable if there was some kind of disturbance with a cat jumping on you or a kid asking for a glass of water. Not getting back to sleep is extremely frustrating especially when you start counting down the hours when you have to wake up to go to work. It might have helped if you’re mattress was in good condition.

The mattress that has been slept on for over 10 years just simply doesn’t offer the kind of support needed for good night’s rest. If that is the condition of your mattress, then you should give serious consideration to replacing that mattress. That can go a long way towards helping you fall back to sleep and stay that way until the alarm goes off!

Replacing a mattress will require a trip to the mattress store in order for you to try out the different brands. Once you have settled on the perfect fit, you just have to arrange for the old mattress to be removed. That is easily handled by Junk King Salt Lake City.

Mattress Pile

When you hire Junk King for your mattress removal you will be assigned a pair of movers to do the actual work for you. You should never try and bring a mattress down a flight of stairs by yourself! Just leave that for the Junk King. That mattress will find its way back to the junk King depot where it will join a pile of other old mattresses. When that pile has reached a level to fill up an entire trust, then the Junk King team will take all of those mattresses for recycling. This is all part of the Junk King service and it is one of the many reasons why junk King has become the leading professional junk hauler in the Salt Lake City area. We care about where the trash goes!

Getting rid of your old mattress shouldn’t be complicated. It just takes one call to Junk King Salt Lake City. Make the call today.

Make Room In Your Attic With Help From Junk King

The hope for any new homeowner is that they find themselves living in a dream house next to wonderful neighbors. Just as it does with coworkers and classmates, it takes a while to get to know your neighbors and become friends. Once those bonds are made then your neighbors can be called upon for all kinds of support. The most important support offered by neighbor is just simply being there to watch over your house. You’ll also do the same for them and that’s what makes a neighborhood. You can also borrow items from your neighbor like tools and the occasional cup of sugar.

However, there might be some tasks that your neighbors won’t be able to help with. That is certainly true with bringing down furniture from the attic. You wouldn’t want to put your neighbors at risk any more than you want to put your own back at risk. That is why this type of task is best left to the pros from Junk King Salt Lake City.

The Right Help

The Junk King team provides the right help for clearing any item out of your attic. That help comes in the form of two very capable and experienced movers. Every Junk King session is staffed by a two-man crew. And that is typically what you will need to get rid of most of the unwanted items from your home. If your target is clearing out the attic, then the Junk King crew can certainly handle that task with ease. Yes, it might seem like a challenge to navigate bulky items down a narrow attic staircase but this is exactly the type of work that the Junk King team does a daily basis. The only thing you need to do for this job is literally point to the things that you want removed. The Junk King squad will handle the rest.

If you are ready to take care of this task, then when you call into Junk King, they may offer same day pickup. Otherwise, you can count on the appointment being completed within 24 hours. That is always the goal for Junk King.

Make more room in your attic by getting rid of the junk with a little help from Junk King Salt Lake City. Book your session today.

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