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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Junk King Provides Help With An Estate Clean Out

Being put in charge of someone’s estate as an executor comes with a lot of responsibility. It will fall to you to determine just how the assets of that estate are allocated. That might mean finding a way to dispose of those assets for a fair price. The biggest item in any estate would be a piece of property such as a home or even a vacant lot. To sell the property it has to become market ready. For that to happen, there will probably need to be an estate clean out. That is where Junk King Salt Lake City is going to be a huge help. One session with these professional junk haulers is all it will take for you to have every unwanted item removed from any size all.

Keep the Valuables

Every estate will contain items that are worth something and things that are considered rubbish. Some of those valuable items might be keepsakes that you want to hold onto for sentimental reasons. Other objects such as furniture and appliances could be sold off and that money can be added to the estate assets. As for everything else, that is what needs to be cleared away. Even someone who buys a home “as is” wants it to be empty and not filled with rubbish.

When you book a session with Junk King, you will have a team of movers and a huge truck at your disposal. This is standard for every Junk King appointment. It might be all that you need to clean out the estate you are dealing with. However, if there is an inordinate amount of rubbish to clear out, then Junk King might dispatch additional trucks and crews to get the job done. You won’t have to worry about paying any extra for that extra labor. Your cost will always be determined by how everything will fit onto the back of the junk. And you will know what that cost is in a written estimate before the work begins.

The best approach for an estate clean out is to turn that job over to the crew from Junk King Salt Lake City. Make a call to book your appointment today.

Junk King Salt Lake City Customer Share Positive Reviews

“I never post reviews but I have to this time! Guys were great! And superfast and friendly! Thank you!” – Tania, Payson

It is always great when a customer is satisfied with the service they hired a company for. Today, it is easy to share feedback with other potential customers. That goes a long way towards helping someone find the right person for a particular job. As you can see by the above post, when it comes to removing junk, Junk King Salt Lake City is the way to go. That is just one of the many reviews that have recently been posted online proclaiming that this is a terrific service to help clear out all the unwanted items in your home. Here are a few more samples of those reviews:

“Super friendly, superfast and on time. It cost more than reserving a dumpster for a day but it saved me from having a dumpster sit on my curb. They took care of loading the junk and at least there is a chance that some of the good junk can find a new home.” – Daren, Salt Lake City

Junk King prides itself on its responsible disposal policy. That involves identifying objects that could be dropped off at a charity or a recycling center. Nothing has to go to waste when you put Junk King on the rubbish removal job!

“They did a great job clearing out boxes in my garage! They were so friendly and quick. I would definitely use them again.” – Melissa, Draper

“Very personable and professional staff. They were able to pick up less than 24 hours for my call. Definitely recommend.” – Joni, Salt Lake City

It is Junk King Salt Lake City’s mission to help you get rid of your unwanted rubbish as quickly as possible. Put them to the test and see how fast the job gets done!

3 Actions Real Estate Pros in Salt Lake City Need Homeowners To Take


The COVID-19 pandemic has not been kind to us, and people are moving from the big cities to the smaller metro areas. Salt Lake City is among the top gainers with 9.6% in net arrivals due to this unforeseen exodus caused by coronavirus.

Besides the high quality of life, thanks to the numerous natural amenities, we believe that the low cost of living is quite an attraction. Although the home prices in Salt Lake City appear higher than in other cities, they are relatively low compared to similar metropolitan cities. Consequently, real estate pros are looking for ways to ensure they are getting homes sold and getting top dollar. 

At Junk King Salt Lake City, we provide full service junk removal in the surrounding area and are on the front lines with many local real estate professionals, helping them assist their clients’ goal of selling their home. Therefore, below are three action steps that will help real estate pros in Salt Lake City empower homeowners to get their homes sold fast. 


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Action Step 1: Clear A Way For the Spectacular Views


There is so much that Salt Lake City has to offer to residents with diverse interests. Potential buyers interested in the great outdoors are looking forward to going hiking, mountain climbing, or camping– the city will have them spoiled for choice.  It is no wonder that Salt Lake City’s Cottonwood Canyons have come to be regarded as the place with the greatest snow on earth. Besides, residents can’t go wrong with breathtaking national parks and majestic mountains. 


Junk King Truck in Salt lake city



However, a real estate pro has to know how to capitalize on the spectacular views to get a buyer interested in buying a house. Many real estate agents in Salt Lake City confess that people move to the city to enjoy the beautiful scenery, so why not make it possible to view them from their homes.

One way we’ve seen agents take advantage of our full service junk removal services is by having homeowners trim overhanging branches, pull up overgrown shrubbery, and bring exposure to the beauty that is the outdoors of Salt Lake City— beautiful green yards and clear blue Salt Lake City skies  getting in the way of the view. That’s when Junk King steps in and picks up and disposes all the yard waste.


Action Step 2: Make A Home’s Maintenance Noticeable


Although there is no such thing as a perfect house, we recommend making the home’s as comfortable as possible as well as making the maintenance of a home noticeable. A real estate agent’s job is to negotiate the highest price for the seller since that means a higher commission. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by showing that the home has been well maintained. Several ways to make maintenance on a home noticeable:


mattress recycling


  1. Asking homeowners to winterize their home. Not only does an agent avoid costly repairs that can pop up in the home inspection, delaying the process, but it visibly shows that the house is more than a home, it’s been an investment to the homeowners. The 12 key areas that home inspections focus on include the roof, basement, and air conditioning, among others.
  2. Ensure that all outlets in the house are in working order.
  3. Replace non functioning appliances and dispose of the old through our full service junk removal in Salt Lake City. See a full list of appliances we take and recycle.
  4. Animal nests and soot in the chimney should also be cleaned before using the fireplace in winter. With temperatures falling to extreme levels during winter, a real estate agent should prepare the home for potential buyers interested in buying during the cold season.
  5. Clean the gutters and remove the debris and fallen leaves accumulated in the gutters. It prevents clogging and allows melting snow to drain. You’d be surprised but this is one of the first things many prospecting home buyers look at when looking at a home’s maintenance upon arrival.
  6. Open up the indoor and outdoor space by decluttering a home with old and unused furniture, mattress and hot tubs. Our full service junk removal comes in handy during prepping a home to show because we can take almost everything!
  7. Repair walls or ceilings that may have water stains from minor leaks that can happen over the years; utilize our services to eliminate construction waste.
  8. The backyard should not be left out! If the deck has some rotting wood, replace it. Remember that a prospective buyer already has a plan of what they would like to have on their property. If they feel they will have to dig deeper into their pockets to install porch lights and replace the deck, chances are they will look for a house with less work awaiting them. 

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Action 3:  Remember that Junk King Salt Lake City is Your Partner in Business


Junk King Salt Lake City has been in operation since October 2020 and partnering with SLC’s finest real estate professionals has been very rewarding. Whether it’s helping a real estate agent’s client get their home ready in the ways mentioned above or it’s coming in and doing a complete home cleanout, without a doubt we provide the best value in the junk removal industry and do not discriminate against our clients based on the amount of junk they want or need to be removed.

If you’re a local real estate pro, connect with us during this incredible house market that we are currently in. We can provide manpower and solutions to the services you offer your clients and we have four ways of estimating prices, which we guarantee are better than any other junk removal provider. Contact us today to book online and save $20 for any job worth $100 and above.



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