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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Get Your Bedroom Ready For Makeover

We all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Much of that time there isn’t a lot going on beyond sleeping.  However, that sleep might be the most important thing you do on a daily basis. It is when your body has a chance to “reboot.” There is a doctor around doesn’t prescribe rest as part of any recovery. All of this means that your bedroom should be a cozy environment. If there is anything standing in the way of you getting a good night’s rest, then it should be removed. That includes any clutter or even a lumpy mattress. It might be time for a bedroom makeover. For that to happen, you may want to clear out all the old furniture, drapes and carpeting. That is a job that the team from Junk King Salt Lake City can be a big help with.

Whatever Needs to Go

Junk King is going to dispatch a two-man moving crew to help remove whatever needs to go from your bedroom. This is a crew who has a lot of experience carrying objects up and down staircases. That will certainly come into play with clearing out your bedroom.

The Junk King team will also be arriving in a truck big enough to hold everything that you want to clear out. It might be that some of the furniture items you are getting rid of could be used by someone else. If that is the case, then Junk King will strive to drop off those items at a nearby charity. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is doing the removal.

The cost for Junk King’s service will be determined by how everything will sit on to the truck. The goal for the Junk King crew is to pack everything in as tight a space as possible. That will result in the low end of the price scale.

When planning a bedroom makeover, a removal session with Junk King Salt Lake City should be on the agenda. Book that session today.

Planning a Commercial Relocation? Junk King Provides a Solution For Those Unwanted Office Items

Moving your corporate office from one location to another can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Junk King’s commercial relocation and junk hauling services are the answer.



Junk King helps businesses large and small across the country to remove unwanted junk or office equipment no longer needed, with the help of an expert crew and our iconic “Big Red Truck.” Whether you need your office gear cleared out and recycled, or you are setting up shop somewhere else, we are here to help.

What Is Commercial Relocation?

Commercial relocation is a little more complicated than residential. Put as simply as possible, it means moving your business from one place to another, for whatever reason there may be. Packing up and moving to a new home tends to be easier because everything is privately owned, whereas commercial properties may have restrictions in place.

Trust Our Reputation

Junk King is a respected and well-known removal company with tons of experience working with commercial properties.

Depending on the type of business you run, you may have a lot of items you need to transport to your new location. If you are moving your office and want to take desks, chairs, and computers, you need a reliable company you can trust to help move it all safely.

We understand how commercial relocation works, and we have the qualifications and expertise needed to do so effectively, so you can rest assured that things are sure to go to plan with us in your corner.

Our team also understands that commercial moving requires a lot of planning in order to coincide with your business needs and schedule. With this in mind, our service is set up to work quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to avoid adding any extra concerns for you in this busy time.
Planning a Commercial Relocation?  

Commercial Junk Removal

Of course, not everything will always make the cut and earn a place in your new location. In this case, you can benefit from our commercial junk removal services. Whatever you are leaving behind can be packed up and cleared out without issue. We handle the mess, so you can focus on the move.


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How Can Junk King Help with Your Commercial Relocation?

Case Study:  Credit Union relocation in Northern Utah.

We received a call from a local credit union moving to a new location with updated furniture and a new corporate identity.  It’s understandable that they did not want to take their old office equipment and admirable that the credit union did not want it going to the landfill.  Enter Junk King!  Being known for recycling, repurposing and reusing up to 60% of every pickup, the credit union put the cleanout in our hands.

Here are some photos of the actual office cleanout;


Miscellaneous Tables



Desks and Chairs



Executive offices



Cabinets, Filing cabinets, and office chairs



Unused Cubicles and Desks



Bank Teller Chairs, filing cabinets, and shelving


Outdated couches and furniture 


An old refrigerator and break room fixtures


Old Office equipment and files


A lot of commercial relocations require specialist equipment that you could have trouble managing on your own. Rather than struggle through a long, tough removal process, call us up and let us take care of it for you. With Junk King, clearing out your credit union could not be any easier. 

We have all the gear and top-notch experience in the industry. Our two-man team can haul your non-toxic junk in no time, all with professional care and precision. 

The type of junk we remove includes:

  • – Furniture
  • – Building debris
  • – Appliances
  • – Gardening debris
  • – General junk
  • – Paperwork storage boxes

When you see our guys arrive on site with the Junk King Big Red Truck, you’ll know you’re in good hands. You’ll still be able to stay and oversee while they clear, haul, and pack up your stuff- but you don’t need to lift a finger!  They’ll even sweep up after themselves to make the clean-up easier.

Free Quote

The best part is we can bring our team out to give you a quote for the job, completely free of charge. If you like it, we can get started straight away! If not, there is still no cost to you and no hard feelings.

Alternatively, we can provide a virtual quote if you send us photos of the site. To get a rough idea, check out our pricing estimator.

Eco Friendly

We don’t just care about moving your belongings and hauling your junk: we also care where it goes. At Junk King, we aim to reuse or recycle as much of what we clear as possible. Together with licensed facilities, our crews do their bit for the environment.

We comply with the SLC Government Sustainability guidelines to back up our title as the greenest removal company in America.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

Junk King is the perfect solution for the commercial relocation of a credit union. Our friendly and professional crew works quickly and effectively. They can have your belongings packed up safely and securely to keep the relocation running smoothly.

What’s not going with you to your business’s new spot we can clear out and try to recycle. Top-rate service, competitive prices, and well-honed expertise are what make Junk King the best choice for your credit union’s commercial relocation or junk haul.

commercial junk removal services

Get Organized By Removing Clutter

Any attempt at organizing always involves getting rid of unwanted stuff. Whether you are organizing a junk drawer in your kitchen or the entire closet in your bedroom you will always find a bunch of things that you can do without. The issue then becomes what to do with those objects. That is where the team from Junk King Salt Lake City can be of assistance. One session with these junk hauling pros will help you clear the way to get your entire home organized once and for all.

Furniture, Too

Clutter can come in many forms. Essentially, it means anything that is getting in your way. That could be a lot of random items scattered throughout the house or it can be a particular piece of furniture. You might have an old sofa down in the basement that nobody is using and it is just taking up space. That would definitely be considered clutter. There could also be a bunch of old electronics tucked away under your bed were out in the garage that would also be considered clutter. You were right not throwing those things out into the trash but they can all be turned over to Junk King for responsible disposal.

Junk King will assign you a pair of movers to take year of your clutter removal. Those movers will go to any room in your home to pick up objects. That includes climbing stairs down into the basement or up into the garage. All you have to do is point to the objects that you want cleared out and you can consider them as good as gone!

You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone. All you have to do is pick a day and a two-hour window within that day to make it all happen. The Junk King team will keep you apprised throughout the day of their progress on other jobs so you know exactly when to expect them. In many cases they show up early and they will take a lot of time!

The quickest way to get your home organize is to have all the clutter removed by Junk King Salt Lake City. Book your session today.

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