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How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Happy

From the moment your hotel guests arrive to the moment they check out your mission is to keep them happy. You have no doubt discovered that all your hotel guests fall into one of two categories: low maintenance or high maintenance. Even with the low maintenance guests, you still want to put a smile on their face so that they will recommend you on the various review websites online. Here are some things that you should be doing to make sure your hotel guests are happy: hotel-room-1447201_1280 Offer Free Wi-Fi It's a safe bet that anyone staying in your hotel is going to have a cell phone. They made also have a laptop and tablet that they are using for business or for fun. All of those devices benefit from Wi-Fi. The same guess probably just came off a plane that charge them for Wi-Fi. By offering free Wi-Fi you are providing a service that will definitely be appreciated by all of your guests. Provide Lots of TV Channels Your guests are used to watching TV at home on a variety of channels. That can be up to 400 different options. You don't have to provide that many channels but the more you can, the more you'll make your guests happy. At the very least, you should definitely be providing free HBO, which is the most popular premium cable service. You should also make sure that those televisions get a good signal and they're all flat screens. This could take a bit of an investment but it is one that will certainly generate a positive return. Have food options Maintaining the kitchen for room service can be a costly endeavor. It always works best if you already have a restaurant that is part of your hotel that can provide the room service food. If that's not possible, then at the very least you should offer options for your guests for take-out/delivery. There are plenty of restaurants in your area that would gladly deliver to the hotel. Putting take-out menus into each room will make the guests happy especially if they check in late. Make Sure Everything Is Clean The first thing a guest does when they get into the room is checked the bed for comfort. The next thing is to go into the bathroom to see how clean it is. It is essential that your housekeeping staff maintains impeccable cleaning standards around the clock. You also have to do your part by making sure there is no rubbish cluttering up your property. That's where Junk King Salt Lake City can be a terrific partner. These are the junk removal pros that can quickly dispatch of any old furniture or electronics. Working with Junk King Salt Lake City will make sure your hotel is always clear of rubbish.
How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Happy


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