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Tackle Your Empty Nest By Clearing Out The Clutter

Parents who have sent their kids off to college for the first time will suddenly discover that they have a lot of free time on their hands. There are no more school lunches to pack or carpools to coordinate with. There aren’t any afterschool sport programs to attend or PTA meetings to participate in. Obviously, parents really didn’t mind putting in that effort because it’s all part of raising a family.

If you are one of those families who have sent their kids off to college, now is a terrific time to refocus your energies and develop new interests. You are still able to talk to your kid every day and you will see them soon enough over the holidays. It might help with your feelings of the proverbial empty nest syndrome to clear out the clutter from your “nest.” Getting your home in order is a terrific way to get organized and start planning for new adventures in your life. Moving out clutter is what Junk King Salt Lake City is all about and they are standing by to help.

One Room at A Time

If you want to get serious about decluttering your home, then you want to take it one room at a time. The first room that you assess might be your college student’s room. You might still want to keep this as a bedroom going that they are going to be coming back but that doesn’t mean everything in there is going to be used again. There might be a closet full of clothes and old sporting equipment that could be boxed up and taken out. There might be some toys and books that could also be cleared away. This room can be converted into a guestroom for out-of-town visitors as well as when you are student comes home for the holidays.

Moving on to the other rooms in your home you might also discover the same amount of items that you are no longer using. Every closet will have plenty of things that no longer fit or are out of style. They can also be a lot of household goods and electronic gear that have been replaced. There is no need to hold onto any of that stuff. You can all be turned over to Junk King in a single session.

Hiring Junk King Salt Lake City to declutter your home will go a long way to fill the empty nest void. Start that project today.

Seasonal Junk Removal Sessions Are A Great Idea

Do you remember when you moved into your current living space? Did you count the number of boxes? According to surveys, the typical move requires at least 60 boxes. Do you think you were over or under that number? Suppose you were to move today. How many more boxes of stuff do you think you would have to pack up? Of course, you always have the option when moving to get rid of the unwanted rubbish but why wait until then? Seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Salt Lake City are great ideas for keeping your home clear of rubbish all year long.

Removal Inspiration

You might be inspired to set up your seasonal junk removal sessions by trying to get at things in your home. For instance, if you park your car in the garage that’s full of clutter, then it might be a challenge to get from the garage door to the kitchen door. How frustrated do you get anytime you go into the closet looking for an outfit to wear because everything is crammed in so tight it’s hard to see? What about your basement and attic? Are they overrun with so much stuff that they have become storage units as opposed to the usable living space? These are the kinds of removal inspiration that can trigger a call to Junk King.

When you set up seasonal junk removal sessions you can take care of getting rid of that clutter but it doesn’t have to be all at once. That will give you plenty of time in between appointments to sort through all of your possessions and decide exactly what you can live without.

Big Assist

The team from Junk King is going to provide a big assist when it comes to getting rid of your rubbish. They’re going to do all the lifting and loading for you. It would make them quite upset if they saw you picking up something even if it was just a pillow. And don’t worry about asking them to climb stairs with every furniture. This is something they do all day long and nothing you are asking them to present a challenge for them.

If you want to keep all the junk out of your house, then seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Salt Lake City can make it happen.

Easy Home Business Ideas To Start

What does your community need? The answer to that question could become the idea for your new home business. Finding the answer might mean doing a little research and talking to your neighbors. If you come up with an idea, then do a quick online search to see if there is a similar business in your immediate community. If not, then you could be the one to provide that service. Here are some easy home business ideas to start up in the New Year:


At- Home Daycare

If you like hanging out with kids all day, then opening your home for daycare is a good idea. It is especially smart if you’re already raising an infant. There are certain licensing requirements that the city will need you to follow through but these are easy to follow. You might also provide off-hours daycare. This is for parents who have their kids enrolled in preschool but have no place to put them between the time the school closes and they get off work. Very much in demand.

Elder Care

You don’t have to be a certified nurse to care for the elderly. In home care can consist of meal preparation, self-care and minor errands. This is the type of work that many families would appreciate and you could take on several clients during the week.

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Many pet owners hate the thought of leaving their furry loved ones unattended for the day. A dog walker helps fill in the gap. The best way to market your services is by posting flyers in your neighborhood. Be sure to use a picture of your hugging a dog so your customers can see the connections you make. You could also extend your dog walking to pet sitting. This is like having a doggie daycare in your home. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!


If you have a talent for pies, cakes and cookies, then you might consider baking as a home business. There could be several restaurants and coffee shops in your neighborhood that would enjoy having fresh baked goods to sell to their customers. You can also set up a stand at a farmer’s market and take orders.

No matter what type of home business you’re going to start, you will need a dedicated office space to focus on paperwork, bookkeeping and marketing. That could mean moving things around in your home or getting rid of some furniture all together. Junk King Salt Lake City can help with the furniture removal. Their moving crew and truck is all you need to get rid of any amount of unwanted clutter. Let Junk King Salt Lake City help get your home business up and running with a thorough clutter removal session.

Make Room In Your Shed Today

How much more room do you need in your home? Often it makes more sense to build a room addition than move into an entirely new house. It also makes sense to create more room by clearing out junk. That holds true for your garage, closet, attic, basement and backyard shed. Often the shed becomes a kind of storage overflow for the rest of the house. Whatever you can’t fit in the garage can end up in the shed but what happens when the shed is full to the rafters? That is when you need to hire Junk King Salt Lake City.


Junk King has been around since 2005. This is a company that started out with a single business in one town and has grown into a national franchise with companies in over 40 major metropolitan areas that stretch from coast to coast and even up into Canada. Clearly, this is a company that knows a thing or two about junk hauling. They won’t have any problem clearing out your shed of all the unwanted clutter.

A junk removal session set up by Junk King is staffed by two movers. This is the team who you’ll be in charge off while they’re at your home. That means you’ll be telling them exactly what you want taken away. There isn’t any limit to size or weight. Even if you want the entire shed taken down plank by plank, the Junk King crew will be happy to handle that task.

Obviously, cost is a factor when hiring any service profession but with Junk King you won’t be charged by the hour or by the pound. The rates are based on how the truck gets packed up. That is determined by the experienced crew. After they look over all the things you want to get rid of, they’ll be able to tell how much space it will take up on the truck. You’ll be presented with that estimate and once agreed to, it gets locked down. There isn’t anything complicated about hiring Junk King Salt Lake City to clear out your shed and haul away your junk. Make it happen today.

Best Tips For Staging Your Open House

Making your home available for an open house after it has been listed is a great way to bring attention to the sale. An open house also comes with a certain amount of risk. If your home is not in good condition, then it could turn off prospective buyers. Most buyers want a home that is turn-key ready. You need to show them that your home is as close to that as possible. Here’s the best approach for staging your open house:


Consider Your Improvements

Before you consider making improvements for your house, you have to consider your neighborhood. Are there are a lot of young couples moving in or is this more of a retirement demographic? If your home hasn’t been renovated in over 20 or 30 years then chances are your choice of wall paint and carpeting might put off prospective millennial buyers. Repainting and refinishing the floors will go a long way towards making your open house more attractive.


A prospective homebuyer wants to envision what their life will be like in your home. That might be hard to do if everything is anchored with your memories. This is why you should consider taking down all the personal photographs and keepsakes. You’ll be able to put them on proud display in your new home but you don’t really need to show them off to a prospective buyer.

Make Repairs

There are probably at least a dozen minor repairs in need of fixing around your home. If you can’t manage to replace the cracked window or stop a leaky faucet, then you can hire a handyman for the day to go through your list of minor repairs. Many of these might be cosmetic fixes but they will put your house in the best light.

Upgrade the Curb Appeal

What your home looks like from the outside is going to be the first impression. A good power washing goes a long way to removing a lot of dirt and grime but don’t stop there. You can bring in some colorful planted flowers, replace the welcome mat and give the front door a fresh coat of paint.

Remove the clutter

Prospective buyers in an open house are going to be looking everywhere. That includes peeking in the closet, down the basement, out in the garage and up in the attic. If you’ve got boxes of clutter and rubbish crowding out those spaces, then should hire Junk King Salt Lake City to get rid of that rubbish. Junk King Salt Lake City will provide you with a pair of capable movers and a big truck. That’s all you need to get rid of just about anything you want to toss out. The best way to get your home ready for an open house is to start by hiring Junk King Salt Lake City for quality junk removal.

Put These Ingenious Moving Hacks To Work On Your Next Move

The older we get the more stuff we accumulate. Moving into your college dorm might only require filling up the family SUV. But by the time you graduate and head off to your first apartment there could be a lot more stuff to pack up. That will only grow as you add more things to your life. There is nothing wrong with that especially when you can put these ingenious moving hacks to work on your next move.


Garbage Garment Bags

Moving companies will often offer you wardrobe boxes to put your clothing in but that comes in a price. Instead, you can create your own garment bags by pulling trash bags up on a bunch of clothes still hanging. Tie the bag and you’ve got a nice manageable pile of clothing. Might only take four or five bags to pack up you’ll closet.

Pack an Overnight Bag

As your movers pull away from dropping off all your stuff at your new place, the last thing you want to do is probably unpack. That’s why you should put together an overnight bag. Not only should this include a change of outfit and everything you need for the bathroom but also important things like sheets, pillows and blankets for the bed. Everything else will reveal itself over the next coming days!

Plastic Wrap Your Drawers

If you are moving dressers, then you don’t necessarily have to empty all the drawers. Instead, shrink-wrap the entire dresser in a cocoon of plastic. You’ll find roles of this type of plastic for sale at any moving supply store. It’s a great investment that can be used on any item with a drawer like a nightstand or cabinet. Just make sure you’re not wrapping any breakables because they will get jostled around.

Use a Wine Box For Glassware

The moment you know you’re moving, you should start collecting free boxes. A great place would be any liquor store or bar that you frequent. They should have wine boxes with corrugated partitions. This is great for your glassware. Just slip in and they won’t break and you don’t have to wrap them separately.

Don’t Pack Clutter

Since you’ll be emptying your closets and cabinets, you’ll be coming across a lot of things that you probably don’t use any longer. That includes shirts, jeans and even old computers. None of that stuff should be brought with you to your new place. Instead, turn it over to Junk King Salt Lake City. These are the junk removal professionals that can quickly clear way all your unwanted rubbish in a single appointment. Using Junk King Salt Lake City for your next move really is a smart move.

Great Marketing Ideas For Your Start Up Business

Achieving success in your business is all about getting the word out. It would be great if you could spend millions of dollars for television ads but that’s not always practical for start up business. Instead, think local and build out your marketing campaign from your community. Here are some very affordable and smart ways to market your startup business:


Put Social Media To Work Social Media

Your business should have a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. You can post the same things across all those platforms but the goal is to keep posting. The challenge is not to come across as if you are always selling something. Instead, find a way to engage your customer base that will have them liking your page and sharing. You could find some viral content like a funny video to share that might not have anything to do with your business but you get the credit. Your social media platforms are also a great way to get the conversation going by asking survey questions related to your business. Everyone like share their opinions!

Sponsor a Local Team

It is important that you build out name recognition for your business. A good way to do that is to sponsor a local sports team. There will no doubt be plenty of opportunities online many Little League organizations but you don’t have to stop there. They could also be bowling leagues and adult softball teams to sponsor. Just be sure they spell your name right on the outfits!

Give Away Promotional Gifts

How many times are you stuck in traffic? Now think about the car in front of you. Do you read their bumper stickers? If you have a fun logo and bumper sticker for your company, then you could have advertising circulating all the time. A refrigerator magnet with your company logo or a clip to hang something will be something that your customers will see every time they make a trip to the refrigerator.

Offer Free Consultation

Not only should you be giving away free promotional materials but you should also offer some of your services for free in the form of a consultation. This set you up as the expert in your chosen field. For instance, a plumber might offer suggestions on their website blog about what to avoid putting down a garbage disposal. Obviously, this would prevent them from getting business but it spreads goodwill.

Keep Your Business Clean

Your most effective marketing tool is going to be positive word-of-mouth. That starts with the first impression your customer has of your business. If your business is cluttered with old promotional materials, manikins, display cases and other rubbish, then those customers are going to be turned off. All of that can easily be cleared away with one call to Junk King Salt Lake City. A team of capable movers will be dispatched to your business with a big truck. They’re going to do all the lifting and loading for you. You’ll get your business clean without lifting a finger!

Let Junk King Salt Lake City help make your business spotless.


Create A Positive Living Space By Clearing Out The Clutter

Although nobody likes moving, it is a great opportunity to clear the clutter out of your life. What happens after you’ve been in your home for awhile? It would seem that clutter finds a way of moving back in. Yes, we all have the one drawer in the kitchen that is crammed full of menus, rubber bands, keys and coupons that we think we need. One drawer isn’t going to mess up your life. However, when that clutter begins to spread like a fungus throughout the rest of your home, then it can have a direct impact on your quality of life.

Perhaps before the summer is up, you’ll get rid of the clutter in your life. This is one of those projects don’t have do alone especially when a company like Junk King Salt Lake City is standing by the lend a hand. Want some more reasons for clearing out the clutter? Consider these benefits:

Reclaiming A Spare Room

If you have a spare room in your home, then chances are it has become your family’s storage unit. Sure, you could have a bed in there thinking it’s a guest room but you know this is where all the boxes, outdated computers and worn out furniture end up.

When someone does come over for a visit, all that clutter gets jammed into a closet or another spare room but it will still be there. Getting rid of the clutter permanently will allow you to reclaim that room. What can you use it for? What about an office for that home business you’ve been thinking about starting? Maybe you can create a crafting corner or a workout space. Whatever you settle on, it will be a lot more productive than just storage.

Getting Your Garage Back

Just as you can reclaim a spare room by removing clutter, you can also get your garage back. This is another popular home storage area. You know the clutter hasn’t gotten to be too much when you’re forced to park your car on the street as opposed to the safe and dry confines of the garage. Remember when you moved in and that garage was empty? You can get close to that emptiness again with one junk removal session from Junk King Salt Lake City. If you haven’t already added them, some shelves in the garage will help with the organization.


Finding What You’re Looking For

Won’t it be nice to pull down the holiday decorations from the attic without setting off an avalanche of junk? Need to find that special platter for a dinner party? You’ll know right where it is after all the other useless household items have been removed. This kind of decluttering works great in the kitchen especially if your cabinets are overflowing with cooking gadgets.

Getting rid of the clutter will transform the energy in your home. Nothing beats coming into a house that is clean! Of course, clearing out the clutter also means you can scratch that chore off your “to-do” list and that frees up more time to do things that matter. That certainly is good for the summer. All it takes to get your home free of clutter is one call to Junk King Salt Lake City.

Enjoy The Best Of Salt Lake City With Help From Junk King

Do you have a Salt Lake City bucket list? This would be all the things you have been wanting to do but have never found the time. Maybe a trip to Big Cottonwood Canyon is at the top of the list. You can certainly spend hours at the Family History Library or the Natural History Museum of Utah. The one thing that always seems to get in the way of enjoying the city is all the chores you have to do around the house. Thankfully, there is a company standing by to lend a hand and help you free up time can. That company is Junk King Salt Lake City.


The reason to hire a Junk King Salt Lake City is to get rid of the clutter that’s been taking up valuable space in. Were not just talking about a stackable magazines newspapers but instead the big stuff requires movers and a truck to get rid of. Things like baby furniture, mattresses, desks, tables, sofas and appliances are all huge things that can be tossed out into the trash. You might also hesitate getting rid of clothing, shoes, books and toys because it would be a shame to waste them. Junk King Salt Lake City has you covered on all fronts. Not only will they be able to get rid of the big stuff but there also find a way to donate the things that still can be used. This is how they operate.

Junk King Salt Lake City is going to dispatch a two-man crew to facilitate your junk removal task. This is the team is going to do all the work. That means bringing any heavy object up from the basement or lugging a piece of furniture down from upstairs. You should too guilty about asking the team to something heavy. This is what they do every day.

As for things going to waste, Junk King Salt Lake City doesn’t like to see that happen any more than you do. That’s my part of the drop of routes include many local charities. These organizations that can take in things like old furniture and household goods and find a way put them into the hands of people in need. Are you ready to free up your weekend to enjoy Salt Lake City? Then you’re ready to hire Junk King Salt Lake City.