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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Find Fast Junk Hauling For Lemon Grove

It is true that lemon groves once flourished in Lemon Grove. Now there are just a few lemon groves left but the city still claims it has “the best climate on earth.” In fact, it says so right on the 3,000 pound giant lemon that sits on the corner of Broadway and Lemon Grove Avenue. This giant lemon was originally a 4th of July parade float built in 1928. Two years later, the float was plastered over to turn it into a permanent sculpture and it has been in place at its current location ever since.

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Obviously, if the city wanted to move a 3,000 pound lemon they would have a difficult time. You might be facing the same kind of challenge around your home but on a different scale. No, you don’t have large pieces of fruit to get rid of but you could have some very heavy sofas, tables, dressers and appliances that need to be lifted out of your house. Good thing you’ve got a company like Junk King San Diego Downtown standing by to lend a hand.

Technically, you’ll be getting at least 4 hands to help with your junk removal task. Those hands will come attached to the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your session. Junk King doesn’t ever want to see you lifting anything you want to get rid of. The Junk King crew has plenty of experience lifting heavy objects. They do this all day long. Now they can do it for you and that will keep your back free of strain.

Just what can Junk King remove from your home? The list is a long one. It includes furniture, televisions, appliances, electronics and construction waste. Your home can look a lot better if any one of those items if cleared out. Imagine if you can get rid of all your unwanted clutter in a single session.

The crews working for Junk King are fully insured and that makes them totally trustworthy. They will treat your home with care. Having rubbish removed from your Lemon Grove property is much easier thanks to Junk King San Diego Downtown. One call gets it done.

Take Care Of Your Jamul Junk Removal

Why is San Diego such a great place to live? Here’s how an online site describes the area: “San Diego’s endearing ocean-moderated Southern California climate is hard to beat and enables year-round enjoyment of the area’s many outdoor amenities and activities. The economy has typically been strong and the city is well endowed with arts and recreational amenities.” That’s a good “headline” but to get the real story of why San Diego is a good place to live you have to do deeper into the individual neighborhoods. A prime example would be Jamul. This community is quintessential San Diego. It’s near the beach, chock full of nice eateries and shops and the streets are lined with homes where the owners take pride in their property. Those owners are given help by a company like Junk King San Diego Downtown.


Well-manicured lawns don’t just happen by accident. And all those clean driveways and inviting Jamul backyards take effort to keep clean. Junk King provides the kind of professional junk hauling service that makes getting rid of rubbish easy. Some folks like a fast cleanup. If they take on a remodel project, then they want all the demolition debris and construction waste picked up as soon as it is created. Junk King can easily take care of that. It’s all a matter of scheduling. But once the Junk King teams are on site, it won’t take long to clear out any pile of debris.

Not all the cleanup happens on the outside of a house. There is a lot of potential clutter from inside the garage, spare rooms and closets that could also be removed by Junk King. Their goal is to leave their customers completely satisfied. It’s not unusual for a Junk King customer to get their garage cleared out one weekend and the rest of the house decluttered on the following weekend. It takes time to sort through shelves and boxes. What doesn’t take time is the Junk King crew. Every session will have at least two capable movers who are going to be doing all the work. You’re going to like how fast they move. To keep your Jamul home clear of rubbish, keep Junk King San Diego Downtown programmed into your phone. They’ll be ready to work when you are ready to get rid of junk.

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