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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Hire Reliable Junk Removal Help In Lakeside Today

Do you have a few hours to spare on September 15th? If so, then you could volunteer to be part of a global effort called International Coastal Cleanup. This is an event held around the world on the third Saturday in September every year. Here in California, there are over 2,000 miles of coast and inland shorelines that can benefit from this cleanup. Here in Lakeside, the obvious choice would be to pitch in around Lake Jennings. Although it is in decent shape, there are pockets of the lake where careless people have left their trash. That’s got to stop and cleanup days like this are meant to bring attention to the effort.


Ironically, you might find it easier to volunteer to clean up a shoreline than to clean up some rubbish around your own home. It’s easy to pick up trash with a trash picker but it’s not so easy to carry a sofa out of your home. For a job like that you need to hire your own crew from Junk King San Diego Downtown.

Junk King are the professional junk haulers with a lot of experience removing all kinds of unwanted clutter. Shape, size and weight are never an issue for the Junk King team. It’s good chance that whatever you’re asking them to removed, they’ve already loaded up some variation of. They’ve cleared out every kind of furniture, appliance, sporting equipment and household goods but they don’t stop there. The Junk King crews have also taken apart hot tubs, tool sheds and entertainment centers. The question then becomes what do you want to get rid of?

Junk King San Diego Downtown is a family owned operation. Although they’re part of a national chain of professional junk haulers, it is the care they take in their community that matters to much. This is a team that doesn’t want to see the environment around Lakeside turn sour. That’s why they’re big on recycling and donating. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what items from your home would fit into those categories. The crews all have the training to take care of this automatically. Put Junk King San Diego Downtown to the task of clearing your Lakeside home of rubbish today. You’ll be glad you did.

Junk King Offers Big Cleanup Help For Dulzura

July has been a bad month for wildfires across Southern California. Dulzura has been hit more than once with building fires and brush fires that quickly spread. Although they have been the worst fires on record  for the state, they have caused a lot of damage and a lot of scares.


Any time there are wildfires, the folks that live in proximity of “hot zones” need to be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. The recommendation is that you should pack what you would need to survive for at least three days. You should also bring any important papers or photos in a secure lockbox. All of these things should be within easy access. When the evacuation orders come down, you don’t want to get stuck going through garage clutter to find your “go bag.” This is why preparing for the worse is much better than scrambling at the last minute. Part of that preparation should include getting your garage in order. That might mean a big cleanup but it’s not a job you have to do on your own. Junk King San Diego Downtown is ready to assist you in this important task.

You know it’s a big cleanup for a garage if you’re not able to park your car in that space because of all the accumulated stuff. It is understandable that a car can be pushed onto a driveway while the garage is used for storage. The important question then becomes if you’re keeping stuff in storage because it matters or just to get it out of the way.

When you hire Junk King to help with a big cleanup, you literally only have to point to the things you wan the crew to load up and they’ll take it away right from the spot. To facilitate this task, you’re going to have to do some pre-sorting. It’s time to go through all the boxes and shelves in your garage and pull down all those items you know you’re never going to use again. You might also have a bunch of things that are broken. Are they worth getting fixed? Once you’ve got a handle on what you want to get rid of, book your appointment with Junk King and just watch how fast it will all disappear.

Letting Junk King San Diego Downtown help with a big cleanup in your Dulzura garage not only frees up room but it can also make things safer.

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