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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Office Furniture Removal Won’t Be a Challenge Thanks To Junk King

Every day in an office brings a series of challenges that have to be met. These challenges can be all part of the daily business operations or they can be an emergency situation where a special client needs attention. The hope is that the office staff can get to the day by tackling those challenges head on without complications. It helps when they have a workspace that is conducive to productivity.

There is a debate raging whether an open floor plan versus cubicles is the better office design. One thing is for sure, no office staff wants to work being surrounded by rubbish in clutter. If your workspace is full of unwanted office furniture removal, then it is time to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King San Diego Downtown.

Decide What Has to Go

Before arranging for your junk hauling session with junk King you need to decide what has to go from around your office. Broken chairs are an obvious choice. However, they could also be additional chairs that no one wants to sit in simply because they are bad for their back. There can also be desks and tables that are also not being used.

Because you will have two movers and a big truck assigned to this task you don’t have to stop with a few pieces of furniture. The Junk King team can also remove all the unwanted office equipment that has been replaced. How many desktop computers, printers and monitors are you keeping in storage that can’t be used or sold again? All of those things can be turned over to Junk King for responsible disposal.

Handling E-waste

When Junk King talks about responsible disposal they’re really talking about dropping items off at two places. That would either be a certified recycling center or a charitable organization. The charities can’t do anything with the e-waste office equipment. That’s what the recycling center is are for. But these are very specific facilities that handle this type of disposal.

Computers and monitors don’t belong in landfills. Junk King will strive to make sure your old office equipment is dropped off at those designated sites. If the furniture still is usable, then perhaps one of those charities can benefit. The ultimate goal is to avoid a trip to a landfill. And Junk King hits that goal nearly every day!

Take care of your office furniture and equipment removal needs with one session from Junk King San Diego Downtown. Book it today.

Junk King Is A Big Help With An Estate Cleanup

Settling an estate can sometimes be a drawn-out process. There may be some probate issues that have to be dealt with along with the execution of certain stipulations in a will or testament. As the executor of an estate you will be in charge of making sure all of those elements are handled the right way. Obviously, you’ll be doing this in conjunction with a lawyer who is essentially working for the estate. As with any type of big project, the last phase for settling an estate would be the cleanup. This is when the house is cleared of any remaining furniture or other household items. This is also a job that you don’t have to take on by itself. One call to Junk King San Diego Downtown can get it done in a very timely fashion.

Decisions to Make

When it comes to disposing of the possessions in a home there will be a lot of decisions to make. Some of these choices will be easy. There will be a lot of items that you want to keep in the family. They could be other things like antiques or appliances that have appraised value. Those should be sold off through an estate sale or on consignment. Everything else becomes the stuff that will give to Junk King.

You can benefit from the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your clearing session. This is the team is going to do all the actual work for you. That work might involve going from room to room in the home and pulling out the things that need to be carted away. Don’t think of this as extra work for Junk King. Instead, think of it as their standard operating procedures.

Fair Pricing

Hiring Junk King to help with your stay clean out will mean filling up a truck with a lot of rubbish. How much the truck it’s filled up will determine exactly how much you will be paying. The Junk King crews can make an estimate of whether or not your items will fill up one third, one half, one quarter or the entire truck. They’ll then present you with the price based on that estimation. It is a flat fee that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. It is also very fair price when you consider the alternative of having to hire your own crew and rent a truck. Junk King wants to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Once you agree to the price the crew will quickly load up all the items and the job will be done.

When you need big help with an estate cleanup you need to bring in Junk King San Diego Downtown. Book the session today.

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