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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Junk King Does Rubbish Clearing The Right Way

According to news reports, this year Punxsutawney Phil is making the prediction that spring will be here early this year. That is really not something to get excited about because when it comes to predicting the weather using a groundhog shadow it is not very reliable. Officially, spring starts on March 21. That is just a month and a half away but here in San Diego you might feel the effects of spring a lot sooner. Spring should always put you in mind for a thorough house clean. It’s a much smarter approach to clean your home after the clutter is gone. That is why you should focus on clearing out all the rubbish today so that when you are ready for your spring-cleaning sings will be a lot more organized. The best approach for rubbish clearing remains hiring the team from Junk King San Diego Downtown.

No Help Needed

There are some people who hire a cleaning service for their home. That is a terrific way to get the house clean from top to bottom. Ironically, many people who hire cleaners spend time cleaning the house before the pros show up. That is a bit like washing dishes before you put them into the dishwasher. When you hire Junk King for rubbish clearing, they will be no help needed. There isn’t anything you have to do to prepare for your session other then decide what you want removed from your home. Even bringing boxes to the front door isn’t necessary. Everything can be left packed up right where you find the rubbish. The Junk King crew will happily go through every room that you invite them into to pick up the objects that you want cleared away.

The team from Junk King won’t need any help packing up the truck either. This is something that they have a lot of experience with. That process will also help determine what your final fee will be. Junk King’s pricing policy is all about the volume. When the crew can pack everything in tight, then you will be paying the low-end of the price scale.

Handling rubbish clearing the right way means hiring Junk King San Diego Downtown. Book your session today.

Junk Removal Makes A Terrific Valentine’s Day Gift

Confession time: have you ever given a disappointing Valentine’s Day gift? You might have had the best intentions but waited until the last moment. That means that the roses that you wanted to give were a bit “picked over” and the chocolates weren’t the best quality. You can make up for a bed Valentine’s Day gift by thinking of something thoughtful this year. That could involve making improvements around the house. After all, flowers and chocolates last only so long but clearing out the junk in rubbish can make a huge difference that lasts a long time. For that kind of terrific Valentine’s Day gift you want to bring in the team from Junk King San Diego Downtown.

Consider Everything

For your Valentine’s Day junk removal session, you should consider everything that you want to get rid of in your home. The team from Junk King can make it all disappear. The only thing they can put on the truck are those items that have been deemed hazardous materials by state. Those are just things like propane cans or leftover solvents. As for what else can go consider everything from furniture to sporting equipment to appliances to clothing and all the unused household goods. That can either add up to a very long list or just a few items.

It doesn’t matter to Junk King how much or how little you want to get rid of. Their focus always remains on making sure everything fits on to the back of the truck in as little space as possible. At first glance, it might not seem important to you how Junk King packs a truck. But that is how they will determine what your fee will be. They can make that estimate by looking over all the things that you want to get rid of. Not only are they expert lifters but they are also expert packers. That attention to detail can help result in a very fair and affordable price for this service.

A terrific Valentine’s Day gift would be a rubbish removal session with Junk King San Diego Downtown. It is sure to generate a lot of smiles around the house.

Junk King Makes Mattress Removal In Chula Vista Easy

An old mattress is not one of those things that can be stuffed into a trash can. They also can’t be sold on one of those “buy my stuff” apps on your phone. The moment and mattress has been designated as “used” it has effectively become useless. The only way to get rid of an old mattress from your Chula Vista home is to bring in a company like Junk King San Diego. These are professional junk haulers who make this type of removal job easy. You don’t have to do any the work. You don’t have to bring the mattress downstairs. You don’t have to devote a large portion of the day to make it happen. With junk King on the job everything will be easy.

Delivery Day

You might want to coordinate the mattress removal with Junk King on the delivery day of your new mattress. After going to a mattress showroom and picking out your new mattress you’ll set up a delivery day. The moment that is lockdown you should call junk King to get the removal squared away. This way it can all happen in the same day and that won’t disrupt you going to bed at night!

Hiring junk King just to remove an old mattress might seem as though it is a lot of effort for simple task. It doesn’t matter to Junk King whether you want to get rid of just one thing or a dozen. However, since you do have a capable moving crew and a big truck at your disposal you should consider all of the other things that you could get rid of in that same mattress removal session. A few hours spent sorting through closets and your garage can yield a lot of newly designated rubbish that should be cleared out. The moment you decide you are not going to use in ever again is the moment you should give it to Junk King. There’s no reason to hold onto unwanted clutter.

Getting rid of your old mattress in Chula Vista is easy when Junk King San Diego is on the job. Set up your appointment today.

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