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A Guide to Refrigerator Recycling in Chula Vista

storage room cleanout


Do you have an old fridge you need recycled right away? Click Here!


Disposing of old refrigerators is a big job. 


Big because the appliances are big, for one, and they have to be properly disposed of, as well, which can be a big chore in itself. And it presents a big opportunity to help the planet and reduce the impact of old refrigerators in the waste stream through refrigerator recycling.


appliance removal learn more


And you may well ask, “Is refrigerator recycling really a thing?”


Well, as it turns out, yep!


Why Recycle an Old Refrigerator?


And that’s another fair question to ask: “Why recycle an old refrigerator?” The key to that question is to understand the importance of recycling a refrigerator instead of landfilling it.


Of course, we all understand that recycling is not only a good thing to do with as many waste items and materials as possible, but that it’s also good for the planet – the environment, the atmosphere, and the groundwater. 


But we also know that some things seem to be difficult, if not impossible, to recycle. 


Take large household appliances like refrigerators or chest freezers, for example. Surely recycling a refrigerator is not a common activity, right? And, when it comes to refrigerator recycling, you obviously can’t just put it in your household recycling bin on the curb.



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In fact, most of us would even be hard pressed to get one into a recycling dumpster!


That’s because your average residential side-by-side refrigerator is almost six feet tall and over three feet wide – front to back, as well as side to side. Not to mention that it weighs up to 400 pounds, with an average weight of 250 pounds.


But this also means that, if that old fridge ends up in a local landfill – like the Otay Landfill, for example – the thing will take up an excessively large amount of space for one waste item.


The average household refrigerator takes up just over 50 cubic feet of landfill volume. Multiply that by the more than 10 million estimated units that do end up in landfills every year. Now you’re talking about 500,000,000 million cubic feet of space, or close to 17 square miles of refrigerators standing upright, side by side!


Benefits of Recycling an Old Refrigerator



There are several other benefits of recycling a refrigerator aside from reducing space used in landfills. 


For example, by having your old refrigerator properly recycled, you will ensure that all the oils, refrigerants, and other dangerous compounds will be removed and recovered safely. And, depending on where you live and the age of your unit, you may also be eligible for a rebate program.


junk removal service recycling


In addition, recycling benefits the economy. 


As one source notes,


“On average, most cooling appliances that are at least 10 years old are made up of over 120 pounds of recyclable steel. In addition, there are many other metals and components that can be reused.”


Along with all the steel, refrigerators provide a variety of plastics and other metal. These plastics and metals are removed from the interior of the machine and can usually be fully recycled. Then there’s the glass dividers and shelving that can be crushed and shipped to glass recycling plants.


And finally, the compressor of your unit is safely removed and able to be recycled in other appliances.


How to Properly Dispose of Your Old Refrigerator


It can be tempting to forgo all the recycling efforts and simply haul your fridge somewhere outside of town and dump it. 


Not a really good idea.


Not only is it highly illegal in California, but it is also dangerous and poses a very real threat to the environment. And even if you do find a landfill to dump it in legally, that is still one of the worst ways to dispose of your old refrigerator.


As one site explains,


“Disposing of your unused refrigerator or freezer unit improperly can have many dangerous repercussions on the environment. Old appliances that were built prior to 1995 contain foam insulation made with CFC-11, which is an environmentally destructive gas that contributes to the recent changes our climate is experiencing.


If these units are left to rot in landfills, they can also contribute a dangerous amount of carbon dioxide to the earth as the foam insulation begins to degrade. Landfill availability is limited, and these huge appliances can take up a great deal of precious space in an already packed area.”


In addition, most old freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers contain ozone-depleting chemicals used in refrigerants that are dangerous to the environment. 


For example, most refrigerators manufactured prior to the mid-1990s used Freon as the main refrigerant. In 1994, the use of Freon, or R-12, was banned in new refrigerators and air-conditioning systems due to its damage to the ozone layer. Beginning in 1990, the less harmful replacement, R-134a, has been used in many old systems.


And refrigerant recovery has to be performed by a certified technician. Fortunately, most reputable recycling facilities have that covered.


So, it is pretty much a settled issue that, if you can’t or do not want to sell or donate your old refrigerator, then you will want to have it recycled. 


But that begs the question as to how to recycle an old fridge?


A Guide on How to Recycle Your Old Fridge in Chula Vista


For many homeowners, renters, and others, when it comes to old refrigerator disposal, it’s common to ask, “How do you recycle a fridge?”


The good news is that old fridge recycling in Chula Vista can be easy.


In fact, it can be so easy that we’ve put together a DIY guide for preparing your old appliance for removal and recycling.


When you decide to call for a professional refrigerator removal service to haul your old fridge for you to be recycled, you don’t really have to do much of anything. However, if you like to tinker and get things ready for disposal, there are just a few simple steps you need to follow:


  1. Unplug your refrigerator 24 hours before it will be removed
  2. Turn off the water valve to the appliance
  3. Empty and drain the ice maker if it has one
  4. Remove the interior components
  5. Arrange for refrigerant removal
  6. Clean your old refrigerator
  7. Call for a professional junk hauling service


Fridge Disposal Infographic


This last step is probably the easiest since, if you live in Chula Vista, you need simply to call Junk King San Diego Downtown.


As your local Junk King location, we can provide efficient, safe, and eco-friendly refrigerator removal service that makes the entire process easy for you. And our experienced refrigerator removal team will quickly and easily haul away your old fridge without damaging any part of your home in the process.


Oh, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting!


The Benefits and Importance of Properly Disposing an Older Refrigerator


So, to recap, there are huge benefits to properly disposing of your old refrigerator through recycling, as well as it being an important decision, as well.


Some of those benefits include:


  1. Helping to protect the ozone layer
  2. Recovery of scrap metal
  3. Saving natural resources
  4. Preventing potential environmental issues


In addition to the environmental and other “green” benefits, proper refrigerator disposal means less effort on your part. 


And why is that?


Because the best option for old  refrigerator removal and disposal in Chula Vista is to call a professional appliance removal firm, like Junk King San Diego Downtown. We specialize in appliance removal and refrigerator disposal and recycling, and have for years. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


So, we’re really good at it! And the best part of all is that we make the entire process easy for you.


Recycling: Your Best Refrigerator Disposal Option in Chula Vista


Okay. So, you’ve decided to get rid of your old refrigerator. But how do you go about doing that?


Of course, if it’s still working and in good condition, you can certainly try to sell it. You can make that happen by asking friends and neighbors, or by posting it on an online selling site. Just make sure that it’s clean and that you make a full disclosure about any dings, scratches, or broken parts.


“On average, most cooling appliances that are at least 10 years old are made up of over 120 pounds of recyclable steel.”


Don’t want to wait around for a buyer and dealing with multiple calls or emails? Then donate that working appliance. It’s highly likely that you could successfully donate it to a local charity, or even give it to a family member or friend that needs a fridge. 


Learn about the importance of recycling.


Those are great options. But what if your old fridge doesn’t work any longer?


While the obvious answer might be to dump it, as we’ve pointed out here, that’s actually the worst thing you could try to do. But, since so much of what your refrigerator is made of can be efficiently recycled, getting it removed and taken to a recycling facility is really your best option.


Living in or near Chula Vista also means that getting your old refrigerator transported to a proper facility for recycling is pretty easy. In fact, the easiest way to dispose of your old refrigerator in an eco-friendly manner is to call a local and professional junk removal service. 


And Junk King San Diego Downtown is your best choice for the job!


When You Need Refrigerator Removal in the Downtown San Diego Area


When you call Junk King San Diego Downtown, you can know that you’ll get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly refrigerator recycling, and junk removal service.


The best part about calling Junk King is that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. And that’s a good thing since – unlike your family vehicle – our junk removal trucks are designed for large loads of old appliances like refrigerators, as well as all other types of bulky junk!


Our experienced junk removal team will easily and quickly remove and haul off your old refrigerator, along with any other types of junk you have to get rid of, as well. (Anything except hazardous waste, that is!)


We are proud of the fact that Junk King San Diego Downtown is dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in downtown San Diego and areas like Chula Vista.


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your refrigerator and other junk takes up in our truck.


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!


You simply point, and we’ll load your appliance, rubbish, and other junk items and haul them away with no hidden fees!


Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).



Office Junk Removal In Chula Vista

Office Junk Removal


Do you need junk removed from your office right away? Click Here!


Despite all the talk about working remotely, virtual offices, tele-commuting and whatnot, the fact is that thousands of us are still working in offices – at our places of business – throughout Chula Vista and the neighboring area.


Another fact is that all these offices, like our homes, tend to get cluttered, messy, and filled with junk, waste, and debris that requires more than simply being taken out to the dumpster.


commercial junk removal services


There’s quite a few of them, too. In a city of over 275,000 residents and close to 9,000 businesses, with most of the city’s small businesses in west Chula Vista, that’s a large number of offices.


And many more offices belong to large employers that are not “for profit” businesses in the Chula Vista area such as the Sweetwater Union High School District, the Chula Vista Elementary School District. In addition, there is the Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Southwestern College, the City of Chula Vista, and Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista.


These facilities, as well as hundreds of others, accumulate junk that eventually needs to be gotten rid of. And it not always a simple nor easy task. But what’s an office manager or business owner to do?


No worries! That’s why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in office junk removal.


Why is it Important to Get Rid of Junk in the Office?


Junk Removal Coronado


If you’ve been tasked with overseeing an office organization and junk removal initiative at your job, you’re probably on your phone or laptop searching for “office junk removal Chula Vista CA” and hoping you’ll get lucky.


And, if you’ve tried to recruit help among your peers, co-workers, or direct reports, you’ve probably had to explain why it’s important to get rid of junk in the office, as well. 


We get it. And we can help with that. 


Some good reasons why a junk-free office space is important is that it creates a safe and sanitary work environment, it increases efficiency, and boosts morale. Not to mention that, if your office receives visitors, an uncluttered and junk-free workspace makes a good impression, which is important, as well. 


The Benefits of Office Cleaning Services in Chula Vista CA


Sure, you could try to do it all yourself. But that’s probably not going to happen. You could also make it an “employee cleanup day” project, but that means a major loss of productivity, and the headache of planning, organizing, and managing a task that no one in your office is really equipped to do.


A better approach is to outsource the job to a junk removal service in Chula Vista. And, for the best office cleaning services Chula Vista, you can always rely on Junk King San Diego Downtown, your local experts for Chula Vista junk pickup of any kind.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy after our world-class office junk removal:



  • Better Work Environment


Employers should actively encourage employees to create a culture of keeping their workspace clean and organized. A clear and clean work environment gives a good impression to visitors besides providing peace of mind to employees.



  • Improved Efficiency and Use of Time


It’s clear that having everything exactly where it should be saves time which can be used more productively elsewhere. Finding your indispensable items immediately significantly improves efficiency.



  • Less Clutter, Less Stress


Clutter is your number one enemy. Do away with it immediately and get rid of some of the stress. There is already enough of that. You should also develop clear guidelines to determine what to keep and what to throw out going forward.


All of which leads us to the fact that the best way to get rid of office junk effectively and efficiently – aside from outsourcing the actual junk removal work – is to plan ahead. 


So, with that in mind, here three simple steps for making that happen.


Step 1 – Identify All the Items You Want to Get Rid of


This step includes not only marking or making a list of what should you get rid of in your office but identifying what can’t be recycled at home. In other words, are there any “junk” items that are still useable and could be reused or repurposed in your home or home office?


Old chairs, desks, file cabinets, and so on may no longer be wanted or needed in your workspace but might find a new life elsewhere. In addition, consider donating useable office furniture and equipment. 


Remember, your workplace junk could be a great addition to someone else’s workplace.


Step 2 – Know What’s Allowed and What’s Not Permitted to Be Tossed Out


It’s a stark fact that not everything can simply be tossed in the trash. While your office junk will not likely include obvious hazardous waste materials like leftover cleaning supplies and other chemicals, there are still junk items that have to be disposed of properly. 


For example, how do you dispose of electronics at home or at work? If you’ve been tempted to simply toss them in the trash or the company dumpster, you should rethink that strategy. 


As one source noted,


“In California, it is illegal to throw your old TVs, computers, batteries and more into the trash. E-waste is defined as televisions, computers, laptops, printers, cables, VCRs, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, stereos, and electronic games. If this goes into a landfill, its toxic components go into our water table.”


In addition to e-waste, there are similar recycling rules for appliances of many types. 


full service junk removal


While appliances like microwaves, stoves and dishwashers can generally be thrown away, refrigerators typically are not accepted. However, almost any and every appliance can be recycled. And when you have a firm like Junk King San Diego Downtown hauling your office junk for you, you can be assured that we will recycle as much of everything as possible.


Step 3 – Find a Place to Get Rid of the Junk Nearby Your Home or Office


If you’re a typical Californian in San Diego County, odds are you’re already quite eco-conscious and earth friendly. Which may mean that instead of looking for ways to get your old office furniture to the closest landfill you are, instead, searching Google for “places that recycle old furniture near me.”


Of course, if you have your local Junk King team come and pick up that old furniture, we’ll also take care of the recycling for you!


Follow These Steps and You’ll Have a Cleaner and More Organized Workplace!


According to an article at the Harvard Business Review,


“The physical environment of the workplace has a significant effect on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we.


That is certainly true from a simple logistical perspective: we lose precious work minutes every time we go searching for a lost paper on a cluttered desk. The same is true for those of us who have succeeded in becoming paperless at work: one international survey showed that information workers lose up to two hours a week fruitlessly searching for lost digital documents.”


In addition, researchers in the U.S. examined the interplay between stress and workplace clutter and found that stress and emotional exhaustion causes workers to delay making decisions and to keep more material for all their ongoing tasks within easy reach.


The bottom line? From a clean and organized desk to an uncluttered and junk free office, the benefits of office junk removal are well worth it.


When You Need Office Cleaning Services in Chula Vista


office cleanouts san diego downtown before and after photo


One of the best things about calling Junk King San Diego Downtown for your office junk removal needs is that you can be assured of on-time, professional, and eco-friendly removal service.


And, best of all, we do all the heavy lifting!


This is a good thing for any kind of junk removal, but it is especially great when it comes to office junk and cleanouts in Chula Vista and the surrounding area.


And this also means that our experienced rubbish and junk removal pros will easily and quickly remove and haul off your junk, waste, and debris, you have to get rid of, as well. (Anything except hazardous waste, anyway!).


We are proud of the fact that Junk King San Diego downtown is dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around Chula Vista, as well as National City, Coronado, Imperial Beach, and downtown San Diego.


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your office or place of work and we’ll always call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we show up – on time, as promised – we’ll also give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your office junk,  waste, and other items will take up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your boxes, rubbish, and other junk items and haul them away with no hidden fees!


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!


So, ready to get your office cleaned and back in order? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.


Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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