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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Furniture Removal Services in Downtown San Diego




There are many reasons why folks living in and near Downtown San Diego may find themselves in need of furniture removal services. 


Relocating is a common one. When people move from one home to another, it’s not unusual to have certain pieces of furniture that you no longer want and don’t want to pack and move either. It may be that the piece is too far gone to donate, nor could you hope to sell it. 


So, getting rid of it is a natural decision. But if it’s large or bulky – or both – then getting someone else in to remove it and then haul it away is a typical option.


But furniture removal is rarely that simple…



furniture removal guide group 2


The Dilemmas of Moving Your Furniture



If you are moving, furniture removal can be a time-sensitive chore meaning that you need to have it done within a small window of time. If you don’t have a truck, some moving equipment, or some capable help to do it all yourself, that means finding a service to do it for you and just when you need it done.



If you’re a renter, there can be an issue of liability for furniture removal. Damage to walls, corners, ceilings, flooring, and doorways is not unusual when people remove furniture from houses or apartments. 



And that doesn’t even take into consideration any potential liability issues for people getting injured while carrying out your furniture removal



Another seemingly insignificant dilemma is the actual distance for furniture removal tasks. It’s one thing to take a large sofa from a living room, down the hall, and out the front door to a waiting truck.



Book Online Now! Save $20



However, having to haul that same piece from an upstairs den, down to the ground floor of an apartment or condor, out the front door, and then across the property’s complex to the street just to load it – that’s something else altogether!



Of course, we haven’t even addressed the dilemma of simply moving large furniture, never mind loading and hauling it. 



Six-piece sectional sofas, for example, can weigh well over 1,000 pounds with each section being close to 250 pounds or more. How do you even begin to move items like that? And a large power recliner can weigh in at 170 pounds or more. 



Things You Should Know Before Starting the Furniture Removal Process



Junk Removal Coronado



When it comes to the furniture removal process, it’s important to keep in mind that removing furniture does not need to be a DIY function. 



Even if you feel you are fully capable of handling large, heavy, and bulky pieces of household furniture by yourself – or with the help of an equally capable partner – there really is no need to do so when you have easy access to professional furniture removal services right here in Downtown San Diego.



But, for argument’s sake, let’s assume you still want to do it all yourself. With that in mind, here are some tips for moving heavy furniture:



Plan Your Work

  • Map out the path you’ll take with your furniture pieces
  • Measure your furniture as well as doorways, stairways, and corners
  • Gather your supplies and tools such as blankets, dollies, hand trucks, etc.




Disassemble Pieces

  • Many large items, such as dressers, desks, and bookshelves are easier to move if they are taken apart
  • Remove any drawers from dressers to lighten the load



Cover and Wrap Pieces

  • Wrapping your large furniture in a moving blanket or shrink wrap held in place with packing tape to ensure it won’t move or slip as you lift can make handling far easier



Use Furniture Sliders

  • Some heavy furniture can be slid along wood or other smooth, uncarpeted floors with the use of furniture sliders
  • In addition, specialized sliders can be utilized for moving heavy pieces across carpets



Up or Down Stairs

  • Cover handrails and corners with blankets or padding to prevent damaging them or your furniture
  • Use a hand truck or furniture dolly and a partner



Sometimes, however, you may still find that some pieces are just not going to be safe for you to manage on your own. And that’s when you will want to call on the services of a reliable and local furniture removal service.



What are the Benefits of Furniture Removal Services from Junk King San Diego Downtown?



We understand that when it comes to choosing furniture removal services in Downtown San Diego, no matter what firm you’re considering – even Junk King – cost is a major consideration. And at Junk King San Diego Downtown we get that. 



This is why we encourage you to request a free, no-obligation price estimate for Junk King old furniture removal services. 



We are quite confident that we have the best pricing in our service area, and we add great value to our fees through our exceptional customer service, reliability, and professionalism. And that’s just one of the benefits that come from furniture removal services from Junk King.



Our company was founded on the principle of keeping as much junk out of our landfills as possible and we make recycling and reuse at the core of our company’s mission. This is put into action each and every day with all the junk material we pick up from every job. We work hard to recycle as much of everything that we can and succeed in recycling 60 percent or more.



So, when you choose to partner with Junk King San Diego Downtown for your furniture removal services, you’re partnering with a genuinely green and eco-friendly business. 



In addition, we are locally owned and operated, which means that we view all of our customers as our friends and neighbors, as well, and treat them all accordingly. For Junk King, customer service extends far beyond what our customers actually see and experience from our team. It includes all the actions that take place “behind the scenes” that benefit our customers. 



Why Choose Junk King San Diego Downtown to Remove Your Furniture



When it comes to selecting the best firm for your furniture removal services here in the Downtown San Diego area, Junk King should be your first choice.



And just one easy call to Junk King San Diego Downtown is all it takes to have us show up at your location and haul away your old, unwanted furniture. In fact, we provide a wide variety of professional junk removal and hauling services for the entire Downtown San Diego area and nearby locations such as Coronado, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, and National City.



And our expert junk removal services are both green and affordable so make the call to Junk King San Diego Downtown today.



Give us a call and tell us about the old furniture and other junk items you want to have hauled away from your home, office, or workplace. So, let’s schedule a time that works for you and your busy schedule.



Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



And our professional and insured junk removal team will be there on time, as promised, and we’ll call about 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Once we’re on site and can see what you have and how much room it will take in our truck, you’ll get an estimate from us in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimates. 



Also, after we get there, all you need to do is simply point and we’ll haul all your unwanted furniture and junk items into our junk removal truck – and with no hidden fees or added charges



So, are you ready for easy and affordable furniture removal? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.



You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865)


Couch Removal in Chula Vista : The Complete Guide



Junk Removal Coronado


This thriving city of more than 275,000 residents is not only the second-largest city in San Diego County, but it also truly lives up to its name of “Beautiful City” with some of the most breath-taking views in the San Diego region.


Its scenic harbor, for example, offers dazzling views and easy access to southern San Diego Bay.


Chula Vista’s more than a quarter million inhabitants live in several distinctive neighborhoods that include Rancho Vista, Woodland Hills, Verona, Hillsborough, and Eastlake, among others. But one of the things that almost all those who live in the stately homes, the more “middle-class” neighborhoods, and all the various condos, townhomes, and apartments share is the need for couch removal.


furniture removal guide group 2


Okay, maybe not all the time. And maybe not even more than every few years or so. But when you need your old couch removed and disposed of, you also need to figure how to make that happen quickly, easily, and affordably.


Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in couch removal and old furniture hauling.


The Different Ways to Remove a Couch


When it comes to couch removal, the question isn’t so much of how to remove a couch as it is, how do you remove a couch easily, safely, and properly?


The problem is that, in many situations, removing couches is a major task.


And “couch removal” means getting it out of a house, apartment, or other building, and then hauling it someplace for proper disposal. Keep in mind, too, that “couch disposal” doesn’t always mean dumping it somewhere.


So, what are the different ways to remove a couch? 


Well, there are really only handful of options when it comes to couch removal:

  • Remove it yourself
  • Have friends or family do it for you
  • Pay someone to remove it


The first option can be a killer, figuratively speaking. Couches (and sofas) are not only bulky and large, but they can also be quite heavy. In fact, even a small “loveseat” style of sofa can be anywhere from 48 to 72 inches wide and are most often 36 inches deep.


And, while 75 to 100 pounds may not seem like much, try picking one up by yourself!


But that’s on the smallish end of the couch spectrum. A 6-piece sectional couch, for example, can weigh more than 1,500 pounds with each individual section weighing from 210 pounds to 260 pounds each.


full service junk removal


All of which are good reasons to enlist the help and assistance of friends or family to manage this chore for you. But the problem with this second option is that not everyone has someone else to help, or anyone else close to them that is capable. 


Which brings us to the third option, paying for a couch removal service. This option is made up of several further options which we’ll look at in a moment.


How Do You Know What Type of Furniture Removal Service Is Best for You?


furniture removal services downtown san diego


When searching for the best furniture removal service for your couch removal needs, you must consider the final destination of your old couch. 


If it is good condition and seems to have the promise of many more years of functional use left in it, then selling it or donating it may be a good choice. In that case, you need to look for services that are part of businesses or organizations that either buy used furniture, or those that are non-profits that you could donate to.


In many cases, this can mean free pick-up of your old couch or sofa, and maybe even some cash for you or a nice tax deduction. 


Okay, but what if your old couch has seen it’s final days already and you know you’d be hard pressed to give it away, never mind selling or donating it? That’s when you should consider the option of furniture recycling.


This means finding a furniture removal service that is not only “green” and eco-friendly but guarantees to recycle as much of everything they pick up as possible. 


And for Chula Vista residents that means Junk King San Diego Downtown.


5 Common Issues with Couch Removal that You Should Consider


So, we have already looked briefly at furniture disposal options and aside from selling, donating, or sending it off for recycling, what else is there?


Actually, when you’re contemplating couch removal there are some common issues that you should consider.


First, what are all the things you can do with an old couch besides getting rid of it?


You could give it a new home in your garage, perhaps, and create a bit of a “man cave” ambience in one corner of that space. You could find a neighbor, friend, or relative who could use another couch, or a replacement piece, and “gift” it to them.


One issue is that you might be considering the old “furniture removal on the curb” option. However, unless you make special arrangements with the city’s municipal waste removal service for bulky item pick-up, you can’t legally leave it on the curb.


The City of Chula Vista considers this “improper disposal.” As their website notes,


“’Improper disposal’” means the discarding of any item or items upon public or private premises that were not generated on the premises as a part of its authorized use.”



Some other issues include


  • Wanting to just dump your old couch in the local landfill. They might allow it, but both the County and City agencies recommend scheduling bulk item pickup instead.
  • Dumping your old couch or sofa on the side of the road or in a vacant lot is illegal and can be a safety as well as a sanitation issue.
  • Moving and loading a coach without sufficient help can lead to injuries. Getting because of poorly planned couch removal is not uncommon.
  • Selling your old but usable couch should include the seller’s condition that the buyer must pickup and remove the couch.


What Materials Can You Get Rid of With Junk King San Diego Downtown?


So, you’ve said to yourself, “I want to get rid of my furniture” and want to know what you can get rid of with Junk King. How about almost anything and everything? 


Aside from items or materials that are classified as hazardous waste, which you can have taken care of through the City of Chula Vista, Junk King San Diego Downtown can take just about all of your unwanted materials.


We invite you to look through our website, especially the “Items We Takesection, and read some of our Junk King reviews. We think you’ll like what you see, and we invite you to give us a call and tell us about your junk and old furniture removal needs. 


Got old appliances? We take those, too. Excess trash or household garbage? Remodeling debris and construction waste? Not a problem! 

We can take all this and much, much more.


What Services Does Junk King Offer in Chula Vista and San Diego for Couch Removal?



For affordable couch removal, San Diego and Chula Vista residents can always rely on Junk King San Diego Downtown. And, if you’re wondering what the cost for is getting a couch removed from your house, just call us, text us, or use our online Pricing Estimator for a free estimate. 


We take all types of residential and commercial junk and bulk waste items, including old furniture and used mattresses to electrical appliances and yard waste. For legal and safety reasons, we cannot remove hazardous waste materials such as flammables or biological waste products, for example.


Junk King is a totally green junk removal operation, by the way, and our junk hauling crews take as much of the material we haul away as possible to licensed recycling and disposal facilities. 


In fact, we routinely recycle and reuse up to 60 percent of everything we haul away from every job.



For Reliable, Affordable Couch Removal in Chula Vista, Just Call on Junk King


You will always get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly appliance removal and disposal service when you call Junk King San Diego Downtown.


The best part is that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting or moving yourself.


At Junk King, we understand that although almost all junk items are recyclable, not everything can go to a recycler. Fortunately, just about any household furniture item is a suitable candidate for recycling. 


So, let the pros at Junk King San Diego Downtown take care of the sorting and proper disposal of your old couch and other household items. And, when you partner with Junk King San Diego Downtown, you’re helping keep Chula Vista green.


We’re the smart – and green – option!


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


As your local Junk King professionals, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around Chula Vista.



Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your old appliances and other junk takes up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your unwanted items and haul them away quickly and efficiently. And we do it all without any hidden fees!


Just book an appointment online above or give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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