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Monthly Archives: August 2022

College Move Out Junk Removal: How it Can Help You Save Money


College Move Out Junk Removal


Going to college and living in a dorm, fraternity, and sorority housing, or even sharing a house or an apartment can be a great arrangement. But after a few years of this, even the most frugal student can accumulate quite a bit of “stuff” in their living quarters.


And after four years, assuming one is there that long, many graduates get ready to leave but discover that before they can move on with their college move out, they have work to do.


What kind of work?


Usually, it involves college move out junk removal. And this can be quite a lot of work depending on just how much junk and unwanted or no-longer-needed stuff they need to ger rid of.


What is College Move Out Junk Removal and Why Should You Care?


Simply put, college move out junk removal is the process required to clear out, load, transport, and dispose of college move out junk. And, as we noted already, this can often consist of a great deal of junk and unwanted items. 


Why is this important?


Because a college move out – especially coming right after finals – is already a stressful and challenging task.


And the less stuff a student or graduate has to sort through, pack, and load up for moving, the better. If, for example, 25 percent of the items being packed and moved around are things that should have been disposed of, that’s 25 percent more packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking that will have to take place.


All this costs not only time and effort, but it can cost money.


That’s true because many college graduates opt to hire a moving company to load, transport, and unload all their belongings. So, the larger the load, the greater the costs. 


In fact, there are several college move out services that specialize in moving college and university students. And they all point out that it is a good idea for their customers to sort through all their belongings and purge those things the students no long want, need, or can use. 


Which brings us to another type of “college move out service” designed expressly for getting rid of those purged items: junk removal services.


And fortunately, for reliable, affordable, and professional junk removal services, San Diego has the best.


In fact, for any type of college, residential, and commercial junk removal, Downtown San Diego residents and students have relied on Junk King San Diego Downtown. 


By calling Junk King to come and remove all your excess and unwanted stuff before you move, you can actually save money. That’s because what you don’t pack, you don’t pay to have moved. 


And two of the best things about using Junk King San Diego Downtown is that most of that stuff will get recycled or reused, and we do all the heavy lifting – you just point us in the right direction!


When the College Move is Out of the House and Into Your Own Place


college move out


Granted, your “own place” may be just a room in a dorm you share with another student. But once you get settled in, it’s your space. And, while some may find themselves in a fraternity house, this can be seen as a larger space although still a shared space. But the same dynamic is at work: you’re out of your parent’s home and in your own place. 


And for those students fortunate enough to land in an apartment while going to college, well, you’ve simply got more space to call your own. And probably more stuff that had to be packed and moved!


Moving out of your parent’s homes can be challenging, exhilarating, and a bit overwhelming – even if you’ve already done it once or twice before. 


Stuff accumulates, new stuff has to be packed, really old things have to be replaced, and the work of organizing your move never gets any easier really. And, of course, there is the annual decluttering and personal junk removal that has to happen.


Amazingly, it often happens that no matter how diligent you are at getting rid of clutter and excess “stuff”, things still show up at your new place that you don’t want or need. 



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Decluttering When You Get to Your New College Home


The big day has arrived and you’re busy unpacking your belongings in your new place. For college students, living arrangements often mean a minimum or storage space so keeping your things to a manageable level is important.


Which is why ‘decluttering upon arrival’ is often an annual fall ritual for many college students.

The problem for many college students who have just moved from home to attend school – especially those in their first year away from home – it’s a crazy-busy time to deal with moving in!


With that in mind, however, we’ve put together a few great tips on decluttering and organizing:



Start Early


Take your time and don’t try to get it all done in one day. If you can, great! Otherwise, pace yourself and give yourself occasional breaks.



Start Small


Start with the small stuff, make some visible progress, and then move to any larger items you need to get rid of. But avoid tossing out anything you may have to buy again later.



Eliminate Duplicates


Minimize your supplies and gear. Avoid duplicating items like curling irons and blow dryers, for example. The same with clothes, especially bulky items like coats and jackets. 



Sort and Categorize


You should have three piles: Keep, Sell/Donate, and Junk. Also, consider the “One Year Rule” – If you never used it last year you likely won’t this year either, so get rid of it.



Don’t Rent Storage


Rented storage space is just a place for more stuff you likely don’t really need. Maybe for seasonal clothing or equipment, but not for things you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of.



Buy Muti-Function Items


This could be fold-out couches or futon beds that double as a sofa. Beds with built-in storage underneath are great, as well. 



Optimize Vertical Space


Avoid spreading out with your stuff and focus on storing “up” instead. Shelving, stackable bins, bookcases, etc. are the way to go.


And the most important rule when it comes to decluttering and organizing is to be ruthless with your junk. If it isn’t something you use or need, you may have to make some hard decisions! Everyone needs some things that are not “functional” to decorate and personalize their space, but not too much of it.


Getting Started with College Move Out Junk Removal


Junk hauling


Before you decide to simply start making trash and junk piles and calling the first trash removal service you find online, there are a few educated considerations you should make when getting started with college move out junk removal.


The first thing to consider is that if you simply try stuffing everything into a garbage bin you might find you need to call for a “bulky item” pick from your garage service. And the cost of residential garbage collection for bulky items and excess garbage doesn’t come with a student discount!


The other point to consider is where do you want all of your junk and debris to end up?


For most college students it’s pretty obvious that the less material that ends up in local landfills, the better. Which means that when you look for a local junk removal firm you will want to choose one that is an eco-friendly waste disposal company.


You might be asking if your junk can be recycled? And the short answer is, “Yes!”


In fact, with a junk removal firm like Junk King San Diego Downtown, recycling is at the center of our disposal process (and in our logo, too!) That’s because we work hard to sort and recycle up to 60 percent or more of everything we pick up each day throughout the Downtown San Diego region.


One other consideration when you’re getting started with your college move out junk removal is what items can or cannot be hauled away by a junk removal firm. 


The good news there is that just about anything and everything can be taken by Junk King. In fact, the only types of materials we cannot take are those items classified as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) products. These can include waste products like:


  • Fluorescent light bulbs (including CFLs)
  • Fuels (gasoline, propane, diesel)
  • Mercury
  • Paints
  • Wood stains or varnishes
  • Pesticides
  • Corrosive Cleaners


Otherwise, if you need to dispose of it, we can take it!


full service junk removal


The Benefits of Hiring Junk King for Your Next Project


Regardless of whether you’re graduating or going back to school after the summer break, every college move out can bring with it a few large piles of junk and rubbish. 


And sometimes it can require a bit more – like old furniture removal


One of the benefits of hiring Junk King for your college move out project is that we can easily load and remove just about anything you have that needs to be gotten rid of. And that includes large, heavy, and bulky furniture. 


In fact, not only can we remove old or unwanted furniture, but we can take your old mattress, too. Got a beat up old couch that no one wants to take off your hands? We can manage that. Maybe a mini-fridge that’s seen its last semester at college? We’ve got that! 


Another benefit of hiring Junk King San Diego Downtown is that we are easy to work with and providing exceptional customer service is a priority for us.


We understand, for example, that college move outs almost always occur during one of the busiest and stressful times of the year for students. With finals, packing, making moving and job arrangements, no one has time or bandwidth for dealing with unreliable or slow junk removal companies.


At Junk King, our booking process is fast and simple, we don’t make you wait around all day for our crew to show up, and we always show up on time, as promised. In addition, our pricing is not only fair and affordable, but we never hit you with added fees or “hidden” charges. In fact, you can get a free, no-obligation estimate from us before we ever show up.


And did we mention that we pioneered the concept of green, eco-friendly junk removal?


College Move Out Junk Removal and How it Can Help You Save Money


Unless you’re a particularly well-off college student – which is something of an oxymoron, of course – saving money is an absolute necessity. 


Which is why you might think that taking care of all your college move out junk removal needs all by yourself will be a far more cost-effective and inexpensive alternative to hiring a service. But the reality is often quite different. 


Unless your junk pile is small enough to fit into a residential trash bin – and there’s nothing else to get rid of – you’ll have to find another way of disposing of it all. Which usually means having a truck. And while you might actually own a pickup truck, most college students do not. Which means borrowing one or renting one. 


So, let’s say you manage to come up with a suitable vehicle for hauling your junk. Now you have to get it all in the truck. And this can usually mean asking for help because most students are not on the college rugby team.


All of which adds up to a great deal of effort, a lot of hard work, and the outlay of money for truck and tool rentals, fuel, dumping fees, and probably lots of pizza for your “volunteer” hauling crew!


On the other hand, calling on a professional college move out junk removal firm like Junk King San Diego Downtown means less costs, almost no work, and only having to buy pizza for one.


Your Graduation Move Out Doesn’t Have to Be Full of Stress!


At Junk King San Diego Downtown, we serve the entire Downtown San Diego area including the Universities and colleges in and around the city. 


For personal junk removal and other junk disposal services that are easy, green, and affordable you can rely on Junk King San Diego Downtown to make them a certainty.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Give us a call today and tell us about the junk items you need removed from your space. You can get a free estimate from us online, by text, or by calling us.


And once we arrive on site, we’ll give you a firm quote in writing guaranteed to beat any other written estimate. And once you agree to our quote, we can often provide same-day junk removal or schedule a time that works with your busy schedule.


You can be confident that our same-day personal and residential junk removal can be both eco-friendly and affordable when you call Junk King San Diego Downtown. Contact us today and tell us about the junk items you need cleared out of your university dorm room, apartment, or room at a house. 


Ready to get rid of all your unwanted college junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Just make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


You simply point and we’ll haul your junk items into our large, clean truck for one simple price and no hidden fees.


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