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Monthly Archives: June 2010

San Antonio Furniture Pickup

Anyone who stays in a home or apartment for an extended period of time will often want to find a way to spruce things up a bit. The easiest way to add some life is with a couple of fresh coats of paint. You can explore your inner artist by bringing in some bold colors and trim. But once those walls are taken care of you might notice that some of your furniture is a bit threadbare. As long as you’re in the make-over mood you might continue by adding some brand new pieces of furniture that match your new color scheme. But what about the old stuff? That’s when you should call in a trusted San Antonio furniture pickup company to haul away your old furniture and make way for the new. Using a furniture pickup service provides a qualified answer to “what are we going to do with all this old stuff?”

Hiring a San Antonio furniture pickup company means you’re not going to be leaving anything to chance when it comes to getting rid of your old furniture. Not to point fingers, but perhaps there is someone in your house who isn’t as “fast” with a project as you would like them to be. Is “getting rid of the old furniture” on someone’s “to-do” list? No matter how many times you ask to get rid of that old sofa there’s always an excuse like “it’s too heavy” or “it won’t fit in my SUV.” Truth be told, those are actually valid points. That’s why bringing in a furniture pickup team will mean you won’t have to hear those excuses. One phone call and whatever furniture you want gone will be gone!

As fall approaches, there will be hoards of kids heading off to college. Although these freshmen might not like the idea, this is a perfect time to remodel that old bedroom and turn it into a guestroom or screening room or some other dream you’ve thought up. First you’ll need to get rid of all the old stuff. In a kid’s room, that furniture could be close to fifteen years old. After all, how often does a teenager “remodel?”  You can always store that old furniture in your garage or basement, but isn’t storage space already limited? And do you think in four years your college graduate will want their first bedroom set for their new life? A furniture pickup company can haul it all away and leave you an open space to work with.

Getting rid of old furniture is a perfect way to make a fresh start in your home. You might enjoy entertaining but feel embarrassed by the condition of that well worn sofa sectional. Bringing in a new set of furniture can brighten up any room. Once a San Antonio furniture pickup service takes out all those well worn items, you can get back to enjoying the simple pleasures like throwing a dinner party on a warm Texas night. It all starts with a trip to your favorite furniture store and a phone call to a San Antonio furniture pickup service. And most importantly, think about how you won’t have to lift a finger to do anything; except of course calling or booking online to set up a free estimate.

San Antonio Junk Removal

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Doesn’t that also hold true for all the junk you’ve gathered in a lifetime?  Maybe it was an old boat you thought you could restore. Or a pile of lumber for a shed you were going to build but now the wood is no good. It could also be a ratty sofa you stuffed in the garage to make way for a new one. All of these types of items might have served a purpose at one point in your life but now they have been classified officially as junk.  The problem then becomes how to deal with  this unnecessary clutter.  Simple: call up a San Antonio junk removal service like Junk King and let them handle the mess.
The professionals at Junk King San Antonio will know just what to do with all that garbage. Even if it is just one rusty fender or a single broken down dryer it’s still junk and it still needs to be hauled away. The reason you’re hanging on to this junk is probably because you can’t load it up yourself or don’t have any idea of where to take it. That’s why bringing in a San Antonio junk removal service can take away your stress and your junk.
Junk can come in many forms. Aside from the broken parts of appliances and cars, you might have recently gone through a remodeling project. Maybe it was putting in a new bathroom or renovating the kitchen. It could even mean tearing up the driveway for brand new pavement. Whatever the project, that’s going to be some demolition, and unused materials are being piled up somewhere in your home or backyard. You could try getting rid of this refuse by stuffing your garbage cans every week but that might take months before you can get rid of it all. A San Antonio junk removal service like Junk King can have it gone in minutes.
Let’s review what you’ll get by hiring a San Antonio junk removal service. First of all, you’ll be getting your space back, whatever space that might be.  Second, no more squabbling over what to do with all that junk. And most importantly, you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment knowing that the “eyesore” in your home is finally gone. All of that can happen with one simple phone call to Junk King San Antonio at 1-800-995-JUNK. The big question is what are you waiting for?

Junk King San Antonio Blog

Welcome to the Junk King San Antonio official blog!  My name is Carol Hasselbalch – my husband Mike and I own the San Antonio Junk King franchise.  This blog will be one of our primary lines of communication to our customers, friends, fans and anyone else who is interested in our Junk Removal services.

Be sure to check in for frequent updates and news about our affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling services for the San Antonio area.  Also, be sure to check out our official San Antonio Junk King Franchise page for more information.

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