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Recycling News in San Antonio

There’s a big change coming to San Antonio SeaWorld Park. We’re not talking about the arrival of a baby whale or some new dolphin tricks but instead the banning of plastic bags. By this time next year visitors at the San Antonio SeaWorld Park souvenir shops will be offered a choice of either a 100% recycled paper bag or purchasing a reusable cloth bag to hold all their trinkets and souvenirs.

According to Angie Llanas, an animal ambassador at SeaWorld San Antonio, this is a major problem “At this park alone, we go through 800,000 plastic bags a year,” she said. “Taking that out of the mix can really have an effect on the environment.”  Not only is this an issue for San Antonio residents but also for all the denizens living under the sea. Recent estimates put the amount of plastic bags that end up in the ocean at around 1.4 billion pounds. That is billion with a B!

It’s not just the ocean that has to deal with all of this garbage but also many of the waterways like the ones that are home to animals like Spike, the alligator snapping turtle found in Texas and the southeastern U.S. What happens when a plastic bag makes its way into the water is that a creature like a sea turtle thinks it’s a jellyfish and gobbles it up. That can cause major problems for that beastie.

“We don’t want that, so anything we can do to help, that’s great,” Mark Miller, a park visitor from the Woodlands near Houston, told the local news. A program like this one is a perfect way to inspire the next generation of recyclers; that would be your kids.

The lesson here is that if they’re all are always alternatives when it comes to sending trash to a landfill or throwing it onto the street. You might already have your kids involved in a recycling program around the house. Once you teach them how to sort kitchen garbage it’s easy to fall into the routine of weekly recycling. The one drawback with this type of program is that you are only able to recycle whatever you could fit into your recycling bin. This is going to leave a lot of items earmarked for a landfill unless you team up with Junk King San Antonio.

Junk King is the San Antonio based business that specializes in junk removal of any size. The Junk King crews have been instructed that when they come across an item which can be recycled they need to make sure it ends up at the proper facility. This includes stuff like your unwanted furniture, mattress or scrap metal pieces. With Junk King San Antonio on your team you can rest assured that every effort will be taken to keep your garbage away from a landfill. That’s good for the kids and all creatures great and small!

San Antonio Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

The internet is a wonderful research asset we all have access to. Even somebody without a computer can head over to their local library and log on to get answers to any questions. For instance, supposed you’re sitting in your San Antonio home or apartment surrounded by piles and piles of cardboard and you wanted to get rid of it all? The obvious answer would be to go to the internet and ask the cyber world, “Where can I recycle cardboard in San Antonio?” Here are the actual top two answers to that question:

“The apartments we live in don’t recycle, so we take our items elsewhere that can be recycled. The only thing we can’t locate is a place to take cardboard! The drop off bins @ schools accept all forms of paper EXCEPT cardboard. – All of the recycling agencies on the city site don’t reference cardboard on their sites. ACCO Waste Paper of San Antonio” takes paper, but they don’t say if they charge or if you can drop off. Anyone have experience with this?!”

While that might not be a big help, this message was followed up with the following:

“Try earth911 I found two agencies that have listed themselves on this site as accepting cardboard. Since this information can change, you will want to contact the companies directly first. One of them is Greenstar, an Ireland-based company which actually has a facility in my area (Oklahoma City) and who has done some of the recycling for the Recycling Center that my husband and I run. Fortunately, here in Oklahoma, OEMA (Oklahoma Environmental Management Association) provides cardboard recycling bins. My Recycling Center has four of them. We did have five, but someone burned one of them down on July 4.”

So the answer to where to recycle cardboard in San Antonio is provided by someone living in Oklahoma. Okay, so maybe you have to dig a little deeper to get the right answers you’re looking for. Of course, you could just call up Junk King San Antonio and be done with it!

Junk King is the San Antonio based business which has been removing all kinds of junk from businesses and homes including cardboard boxes. What’s great about Junk King is that they’re not just going to be acting as super charged garbage men. Yes, they’ll come into your homes and pick up any item you want removed but they’re also going to strive to make sure that item is properly disposed of. In the case of cardboard, this means dropping that off at the San Antonio recycling center which handles that type of product.

When you hire Junk King San Antonio you have the option of filling up their truck or just getting rid of a couple of items. The choice is yours but know that whatever choice you make, you’ll be doing right by the environment by hiring Junk King.

San Antonio Computer Recycling and Disposal

A local group called the Texas Campaign for the Environment is tackling the growing problem of getting rid of electronic waste by sponsoring a bill called the Producer TakeBack Recycling Program. The idea is that the manufacturers of computers, televisions, monitors and other electronic devices should be responsible for collecting and recycling those items. Here’s how they explain it on their website: “Texas Campaign for the Environment and the Computer TakeBack Campaign advocate Producer TakeBack Recycling, an equitable waste prevention solution for collecting and recycling electronics that creates a cleaner environment and saves taxpayers money. Producer TakeBack Recycling is a product and waste management system in which manufacturers (“producers”), not consumers or government, are financially responsible for the environmentally safe management of their products when they are obsolete.”
While that is a very noble idea and one worth supporting we all know how long it takes for the government to do something right! By the time this bill would come up for a vote and then be implemented you might already have gone through a half a dozen cell phones, three desktop computers and two televisions! Does this mean you should be hanging onto all that electronic waste while you waiting for this all to be sorted out? There is no need to do that especially when there’s a Junk King right here in San Antonio that can handle all your computer recycling and disposal needs.
Junk King San Antonio is part of a national franchise specializing in the removal of all that stuff that clutters up our lives. There is a level of quality that has come to be expected of a Junk King business. One of the main missions of the Junk King is to divert a majority of all items they collect away from landfills and into proper recycling centers. Junk King San Antonio is no exception. When it comes to computer recycling and disposal these are very delicate matters to handle because of the hazardous materials that are released when electronic waste is crushed. In other words, you can’t just toss out a computer in the garbage; it has to be properly disposed of.
Keep in mind that if you have a computer you want to get rid of and hire the hauling crew they don’t just have to pick up that one computer and call it a day. They’ll be showing up at your home with a big empty truck that you can fill to the rafters with all your junk. This can include an old coffee table or bedroom set you want to get rid of. It can also mean tossing out all those engine parts and rusty bumpers that might be collecting dust in your garage. No item is too big or too small for the Junk King crew to take away. You can start with your old computer and end with all the junk in your San Antonio home!

Reorganize Your Office Space in San Antonio

You can tell a lot about an office by the way its employees decorate their desks. There are some corporations who would prefer that there be no display of personal effects in office. They want a sterile environment that reflects their professional work ethic. Obviously, this is not going to be a fun place to work! However, if you happen to find yourself in an office where employees get to display pictures of their family or beloved pets along with other keepsakes you going to find a very happy environment. In many ways it’s that type of environment which is more conducive for better productivity. Just because workers are allowed to personalize their desks doesn’t mean they are necessarily unorganized. What looks like clutter to some could just be a very, complicated system. However, even a fun office could benefit the major reorganization of its space. That can only happen when the staff dedicates themselves to getting rid of all their office junk.
Office junk can come in many forms. It could be a dozen or so office chairs that have been replaced by more comfortable models. Instead of tossing out those chairs because that would be “wasteful” those chairs end up being jammed into the hall closet or down in the basement storage space. Now suddenly what should be used for more practical purposes has become a furniture storage area for furniture that will never be used again. And how many of those office furniture pieces are actually damaged but are just shoved into a closet because nobody has the wherewithal to move them from the office space?
Of course, every office has their collection of file boxes. These are extremely hard to let go of. But ask yourself this question how many of those files are already loaded onto a computer? And weren’t they loaded onto computer so you could get rid of the files? Now is your chance!
Then there is the issue of all those fax machines, PC hard drives, monitors and other pieces of office equipment that have been upgraded. Clearly just can’t throw those away! Once again you’re not using your space the way you should be. It’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to toss all those pieces of equipment into the dumpster. They are after all considered e-waste and need to be disposed of properly. This is where the services of a professional junk hauling team like Junk King San Antonio can come into play.
Not only will they be able to handle the unwanted office furniture issue but they should deathly be able to handle all the electronic waste whether that means taking it to a proper recycling center or it simply making sure it is broken down in the proper way.
Once all that junk is gone there’ll be room for more storage space or more filing cabinets. The goal of any business should be to expand but you can’t really do that if you cramped for space!

San Antonio Recycling – How and What to Recycle

Any new visitor to San Antonio is sure to make a b-line right to the Alamo. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire state. After they got their fix they might ask, “Now what?” For many the answer is a tour of the San Antonio River walk or Paseo del Rio, which actually is 20 feet below street level and just a few steps from the old fort itself. The River Walk is a winding sprawl of cafes, shops and museums along a 2 mile stretch of the San Antonio River that cuts right through downtown. A new project is under way to expand the River Walk up to 13 miles which will connect it to even more historic districts and prestigious museums. The River Walk offers up opportunities for a slow stroll along the banks to vibrant new life and of course amazing dining. Next to the Alamo, the River Walk has become the number two spot for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.
One of the most often overheard comments is how clean the River Walk is. This has a lot to do with the respect that folks have for the place. You can also thank the extensive recycling program instituted by the city government. There is an ongoing 10 year recycling plan in place that is calling on everyone in San Antonio to have easy access to available recycling services. A facet of the Keep San Antonio Beautiful program has to do with cutting back on the number of plastic bags in circulation around the city. A voluntary plastic bag reduction initiative has been put into effect with the goal of reducing plastic bags that are distributed by retailers by up to 25%. At the same time, the hope is to increase plastic bag recycling by 25%. Folks are encouraged to buy their own cloth bags that can be used for every trip to the grocery store. This can certainly put a dent in the amount of plastic bags being used.
As part of the citywide recycling program each resident is provided with a blue recycling cart. But are you aware of the dos and don’ts of what to put in? What’s allowed is any kind of paper product like junk mail, phone books, magazines or newspapers. Also cardboard like cereal and food boxes and broken down moving boxes. You can also toss in aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars or any plastic item that is labeled with a 1-7 recyclable index number. What you can’t put into the blue bin are any bagged leaves, branches, paper towels, food waste, household cleaners, aluminum foil or plastic bags. All of that needs to go into your regular trash.
Then there is the issue of multi-family homes. Right now there are around 150,000 San Antonio residents living in multi-family units where the city doesn’t collect the garbage. They are encouraging the owners of these properties to provide access to the recycling program. In the case of an overflow of recyclable material, you’re well within you rights to contract a private hauling company like Junk King San Antonio. Junk King can can show up at an appointed time and take away any large or bulk recyclable materials and make sure it gets to the right facility.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK. It takes everyone to keep San Antonio clean.

San Antonio Recycling – The Basics Guide

Anyone passing through San Antonio will probably be thinking of that town’s most popular slogan “Remember the Alamo.” But if you talk to the locals, their new favorite slogan might just be “Remember the Recyclables.” San Antonio has gotten into the recycling game in a big way. Each home owner is provided with their own recycling bin that is picked up once a week. There are also drop off centers all around the town for various items that can’t be picked up but can still be recycled. So which are you… a drop-off or a pick-up recycler?

For the pick-up bins, it has become a new routine for folks in San Antonio to effortlessly separate their recyclable items. The first thing to go into the bin would be anything paper. Not only would this include newspapers, magazines and junk mail but also all the cardboard food box containers, phone books, office paper and paperback books.

You can also toss in most of your plastic bottles. The plastic industry has made San Antonio recycling even easier by labeling their products with a number 1 through 7 on the bottom of the packaging. Any item stamped with that range of number is good to go into the pick-up can. San Antonio recycling pick-ups also take on glass and metal. This means any of the glass jars with their metal lids that you’re finished with like baby food or pickle jars. It’s recommended that you rinse them out first. For the metal, all soda cans, aluminum foil or baking tins can be tossed into the bin as well.

What you can’t recycle in the weekly pick-up are diapers, clothing, shoes, hangers, auto parts, motor oil, paints, toiler paper or e-waste. E-waste is basically anything that can be plugged into an outlet. For these items you have the option of the many San Antonio recycling drop-off sites. Here’s the list of specific items that have their own dedicated recycling drop-off place:

* Brush
* Car Parts
* Cell Phones
* E-Waste
* Glass (from mirrors, windows etc.)
* Hangers
* Household hazardous waste (batteries, cleaning solvents, paints etc.)
* Household appliances
* Tires
* Shoes
* Clothing
* Used Cooking Oil

It might seem like a hassle to have to make several different stops at all those recycling centers but the benefit to San Antonio is easy to see when the roads and parks can stay free of garbage. Consider these facts from the Environmental Protection Agency:

“In 2007, 56% of all the paper that was used in American homes was from recycled paper. That translates into about 360 pounds of paper for every American. When we can recycle 1 ton of paper we are actually saving 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill, 2 barrels of oil and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity. When you add in the decrease population and carbon emissions that go along with all that recycle, you can clearly see why a vibrant recycling program is important for all of us.”