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Changing Times in Television – San Antonio TV Disposal

Can you ever imagine a time when you actually got to pick between a cheaper black & white television versus a color television? Or how about no color television at all? That’s how things started out in the television industry. Today, it’s all about high definition and flat plasma screens. As quick as a new version of a TV hits the market, you’re old set has become obsolete. That’s why many folks in the San Antonio area are trading in their old TV sets for newer models. But what happens to the one you’re not using anymore? It can’t fit into a garbage can and you don’t want to hang onto it. That’s why you should call up a local San Antonio TV disposal crew like Junk King to take out the old and make way of the new.
Speaking of old television, it’s always interesting to look back on where we’ve come in terms of actual television shows.  Just like your older TV sets are always getting replaced with newer in-demand models, TV programming is also in a constant state of flux. The first US television shows began broadcasting in 1948. However, it wasn’t until 1950 when what could best be described as the first official television season kicked into gear. Here are the top five shows for 1950:
Texaco Star Theatre
Fireside Theatre
Philco TV Playhouse
Your Show of Shows
The Colgate Comedy Hour
These first hits reflect the nations’ attitudes towards entertainment. Audiences were used to seeing variety shows or dramas in the theatre. It makes sense that these would be the first types of programs offered up. Now look at 1955:
The $64,000 Question
I Love Lucy
The Ed Sullivan Show
The Jack Benny Show
TV programmers started to branch out with game shows. The situation comedy was also coming on strong borrowing a page from the popular radio versions of the same show. But if there is one thing you can count on with television, it’s always changing. Look what happened five years later in 1960:
Wagon  Train
Have Gun Will Travel
The Andy Griffith Show
The Real McCoys
The westerns dominated and they had a pretty good run. When was the last time there was a western TV show in primetime? Now jump ahead to 1980 and you’ll find a true mix bag of television tastes:
The Dukes of Hazzard
60 Minutes
The Love Boat
Today American Idol and NCIS top the weekly rating charts. What’s next? It’s anybody’s guess. The bigger question will be what will you be watching these programs on in your San Antonio home? If you’re ready for a TV upgrade, then you need to clear the wall or corner of that old set. Hiring an experienced junk hauling team will make sure your old set can be taken away with the least amount of effort. While you’re getting rid of that TV, you could also tap into the muscle of the movers and have them take away more junk from your home. No sense wasting that trip when you’ve probably got some other items like furniture, boxes of papers or garage junk that could be destined for the trash heap. One call will have you covered.

For the best in San Antonio TV Disposal services, or any other junk hauling jobs, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.