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Monthly Archives: November 2021

The Top 5 Signs of the Best Junk Removal in the Bay Area – Peninsula

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When it comes timed to clear out your attic, de-clutter the rooms full of junk that your college-age children left you, or downsize to a smaller and more organized living space, you´re probably going to end up with a large amount of bulky junk items that simply cannot be taken out to the curb for regular trash removal. Even if you do have a strong enough back to haul all those items out of your home, many local ordinances in the Bay area prohibit leaving bulky trash items on the sidewalk or curb without a scheduled pickup. For businesses, relying on regular waste management service for urgent junk removal needs can also be tricky. Huge piles of trash sitting outside your business is not exactly a welcoming sight to potential customers, and your employees probably don’t enjoy the cluttered mess of junk waiting to be removed.


Hiring a private junk removal company, then, is often the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to get rid of all your junk items. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the waste management and junk removal sector brings in over $10 billion annually in the United States alone, with a market value of over $1 trillion around the world. Despite the surging growth in the private junk removal sector, not every company offers the same level and quality of service. This short article looks at five of the most important characteristics that you should look for when hiring a junk removal company.


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Characteristic #1: Quickest Pick Up Time

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If you have to wait several days (or even weeks) for a junk removal company to come and pick up your waste, you´d probably be better off waiting for your regular trash service. Many municipal trash services around the Bay area offer free or discounted bulk item pickup. In many cases, however, you may only have a certain number of bulk item pickups available per year, or may have to schedule a pickup several weeks in advance. One of the advantages of hiring a private junk removal company is that you should be able to get your junk items removed in a timelier manner. Junk King Peninsula offers the best customer service to our customers. In most cases, our junk removal technicians will be able to offer you an on-site estimate and haul away your junk on the same day you call us. We understand that having loads of junk stored in your driveway, business, or home is uncomfortable, and we make every effort to offer the most expedited junk removal service possible.


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Characteristic #2: No Limits on What a Junk Removal Company can Haul Away


Imagine hiring a junk removal company to get rid of an enormous amount of excess items that piled up after helping a family member go through an estate foreclosure. After slowly going through years of “stuff” you would hope that the junk removal company would be able to take everything away all at the same time. Imagine the frustration at finding that on the scheduled day for pickup, the junk hauling team informs you that they are not licensed to take certain furniture items that are pressure treated with chemicals, or that they do not have authorization to collect and dispose of e-waste items. Instead of being done with the stressful process of de-cluttering and downsizing, you now have to find another junk removal company to deal with the items left behind.


When searching for the best junk removal company, make sure to find a company that can pick up and haul away virtually every type of junk. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also make the whole process less hectic and demanding. Here at Junk King of Peninsula, we can help our individual and commercial clients with


And more.


As long as your junk items are not classified as toxic waste, we can haul it away for you.


Characteristic #3: A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Junk King Junk Removal

The landfill disposal rate around the San Francisco region is at the lowest level on record and has been reduced by half over the last decade. Despite this important progress towards building a “zero waste” city and region, the city of San Francisco still sends 444,000 tons of material to the landfill each year, which is enough to fill the TransAmerica building nine times. When choosing the best junk removal company, it is also important to prioritize companies that have a proven commitment to reducing the amount of junk that gets landfilled.


Junk King of Peninsula is proud to say that at least 60 percent of the junk items that we pick up are either recycled, donated, or repurposed. After years of being the top-rated junk removal company in the Peninsula area, we have developed an extensive relationship with donation centers, non-profits, thrift stores, and recycling operations to ensure that the vast majority of your junk gets stays out of our landfills. All of us have a shared accountability in reducing our waste streams, and choosing Junk King of Peninsula can help you reduce your waste footprint.


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Characteristic #4: Superior Customer Service


Hiring a professional junk removal company like Junk King can make the process of de-cluttering a home or business significantly easier and less stressful. However, if you have to spend hours on the phone negotiating prices and pick up times, the whole experience of junk removal is most likely going to add to your stress levels. The best junk removal companies should offer quality customer service from the time you make the first call until the last piece of junk is removed from your property.


Junk King of Peninsula has years of experience in helping people free up space in their home and business. We do all the heavy lifting and hauling so that you only have to let us know what items you want removed. If you need more time to go through the stuff that is clogging up your home, you can also rent one of our dumpsters that will give you a large, convenient space to store your junk while going through the cleaning and de-cluttering process. Simply give us a call when the dumpster is full, and we´ll come and pick it up. Our company is also proud to say that we offer superior customer service. We have dedicated staff waiting to answer your call and help you find an effective solution for junk removal needs.


Characteristic #5: Fair and Transparent Pricing Mechanisms


Workmen undergoing a residential junk removal project

Lastly, the best junk removal companies should also offer fair, transparent, and upfront pricing estimates. There is nothing worse than being given a bill that is double what you were originally quoted. Here at Junk King of Peninsula, we offer four different ways to get a transparent price quote. We offer free, on-site pricing for all of our customers, and can often haul away your junk during that first price quote. You can also text us an image of the junk you need removed at 1-737-888-5865, and we´ll reply with a quote within minutes. If texting isn’t your thing, simply call us at 1-888-5865(JUNK) or consider booking us online here.


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