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Can You Recycle Junk? Yes, You Can!

California has been leading the charge for recycling ever since the concept came into being in the early 70s. Anyone living here knows how important it is to sort paper, plastics, aluminum and cardboard in the kitchen. Those are all positive steps to take in order to help California achieve zero waste. However, just recycling your kitchen trash won’t be enough. You should think about recycling anytime you throw something out and that includes bulky junk items. There’s one company that can become your perfect junk recycling partner. That would be Junk King San Diego.


Junk King San Diego is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been dedicated to an eco-friendly way of getting rid of things ever since they began collecting junk over 10 years ago. Wherever Junk King sets up a new franchise, they have the marching orders to establish relationships with recycling centers and charities. Junk King San Diego is no exception. They know the organizations that can take in furniture, clothing and other household goods. They also know where to dump chunks of concrete, lumber, bricks and even piles of dirt. If it can be recycled, then Junk King San Diego is going to strive to make it happen.

The best part of Junk King San Diego’s recycling program is that is not going to cost you anything extra. It’s all part of their complete junk removal package. Their prices are determined not by the pound or by how long the crew will be working. Instead, the price is based on an estimate of how much room your junk will fill up on the back of their truck. Some pickups take up the entire truck while others just use half the space. Whichever side your stuff falls on, you’ll know what that fee is before the work begins. This is a very fair price that is much more inexpensive than it would be if you were to rent your own truck and hire your own day laborers.

As for scheduling, you can set up an appointment online or over the phone. You can always be assured of a prompt response. When it comes to clearing away rubbish, Junk King San Diego is the perfect junk recycling partner.


Dependable Furniture Removal

Since you brought your sofa into the home, how many hours do you think it has been in use? How many different people have set on the sofa? How many pets have taken a nap there? How many sodas and snacks have been spilled on the sofa? Clearly, your sofa has seen a lot of action. The same can be said for a lot of other furniture around the house like recliners, futons, love seats, beds and chairs. Sooner or later, that furniture will either wear out or need to be replaced because you’re remodeling. Instead of cramming your old furniture into the garage why not get rid of it? That’s a job that Junk King San Diego can handle from start to finish.


Some people attempt to get rid of furniture by putting it on the street. Unless you happen to be driving down the street the moment that piece of furniture gets placed on the curb, chances are it’s going to be ruined in a matter of minutes. It only takes one dose of sprinklers or from a dog to totally trash a sofa. That means it sits there until the city gets around to picking it up which could be several weeks. The smarter move is to hire Junk King San Diego. These are professional junk haulers that have a lot of experience removing all kinds of furniture from a home.

The majority of furniture in your house was probably brought in by two movers. That means it has to be taken out by two movers. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide to you. Each one of their sessions is staffed by two movers with a lot of experience in this type of work. These are crews that know the proper form for lifting heavy objects. They do it all day long. Don’t put your back at risk. The Junk King crew to pick up what you want to get rid of right from the spot.

As for pricing, you won’t be charge by the pound with Junk King. Instead the crews are going to pack up all your stuff onto the truck and as little space as possible. That’s important because it is how they base their price schedule. They’ll provide you with an estimate before they begin the work. Whatever that cost is agree to will be the final cost. There won’t be any surprise charges. If you want to take care of furniture removal and junk hauling the right way, then Junk King San Diego is the only way to go.

One Call Makes All Your Junk Disappear

How much time did it take after moving into your home or apartment before you realized you needed a bigger place? It is amazing how quickly you can fill up a closet or garage with all kinds of stuff. Obviously, everything you bring into your home had a practical purpose at one point. But now it might be broken, one out or simply not being used. Would it be great if you could snap your fingers and make all that unwanted junk disappear? Actually, it can happen almost that fast with one call to Junk King San Diego.


The operating philosophy for Junk King is that they do all the work. That work is provided by a pair of friendly movers who will be assigned to your home for the duration of the junk removal job. This is a team that shows up with a “no problem” attitude. That will come in handy if you need something that is extremely heavy brought down from upstairs. The Junk King crew also knows the way around dismantling things like entertainment centers or pool tables. They simply are no limit to what Junk King San Diego can take from your home.

Along with all the Junk removal that can happen on the inside of the house you can also count on Junk King San Diego to do some yard clearing as well. They might not be able to mow your lawns or trim your trees but they can certainly clear way the waste after that work is done. They can also bring down a swing set or an old grill.

It’s easy to schedule Junk King San Diego, too. You can set up an appointment over the phone or online. If you use the online services, then you can score a discount right out of the gate. Junk King San Diego only asked you set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. Most junk removal sessions take place in under a half an hour. The two hours allow them to get from one home to the next. It also gives them a bit of a buffer zone that could mean offering a same day appointment. When you want to get rid of junk fast, then the only call to make is to Junk King San Diego.