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Affordable And Fast Junk Removal Service

We spend a lot of time waiting. No matter what time of the day or night, there always seems to be traffic. It’s also expected that when you go to the grocery store that you’re going to be waiting in a line. And when it comes to your favorite brunch spot on a Sunday morning… forget about it! Waiting is something we all have to get used to under certain circumstances but there are somethings you don’t have to wait for. One of those is junk removal. Yes, it might seem like an impossible task to get rid of all the clutter you’ve collected over the years. But when you put Junk King San Diego on the job, you’ll find there won’t be a lot of waiting.


Junk King likes to move fast. That beings with scheduling. They know once junk removalyou’ve made the decision to get rid of your rubbish, you don’t want to wait one day longer. That is why they usually complete assignment within 24 hours of first contact.

Upon the crew’s arrival to your home, they’ll want to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. This is where the affordable factor comes into play. Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how the truck gets packed up. The crew knows by looking at stuff if it will take up half the truck or just a quarter. Armed with that information, they’ll be able to give you a price. That estimate isn’t going to change when the job is over. It is a flat fee that covers the labor, the transportation and the drops offs.

Those drops offs are important. Junk King prefers to avoid making deposits at landfills. There is always a big price for a truck load of rubbish. If they stay away from the dump, then they won’t be charged those fees. Those savings are folded back into the price policy. Where will your junk go then? To recycling centers or charities. That’s the Junk King way. For fast and affordable junk removal services, the only call to make is to Junk King San Diego.

Expert Help With Hoarder Cleanup

Recently, extreme measures were taken to rid a San Diego neighborhood of a hoarder house. The San Diego’s City Attorney’s Office was granted approval Friday from the courts to temporarily evict a homeowner on Alumni Place so a cleanup crew can clear out the three-bedroom home. This only happened because the owner repeated ignored complaints. City health inspectors say this problem has been going on for several years with neighbors calling in about foul odors, rodents, trash and junk inside and out. A lot of the debris even overflowed into neighbors’ yards.


Some piles of rubbish towered more than 8-feet, creating a fire hazard that could affect neighbors. The court-ordered injunction that forced the homeowner to live in a city-provided hotel while his home is made safe.

“I think it is a good idea,” next door neighbor Archie Liston told a local news station. “I had to buy rat traps and put them in my garage. I caught about 15,” Liston said.

Do you live near a hoarder house? Perhaps that person simply doesn’t have the means to get rid of all their accumulated junk. That is where Junk King San Diego can make a big difference. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with these types of clean ups. With a clinically diagnosed hoarder, there are emotional issues that have to be worked out with health care professionals. Junk King works together with these therapists to help with the clean up efforts.

What about your own property? Are you close to a hoarder level worth of rubbish? You might be willing to get rid of the stuff but just need the kind of help Junk King can provide. All you have to do is set up an appointment. Before the crew arrives, go through all your stuff and decide exactly what you want taken away. You can literally tag items for the Junk King crew to load. They don’t want you doing any of the work.

On the big hoarder cleanup jobs, Junk King will often dispatch additional trucks and mover teams to make sure the job gets done quickly. For efficient and supportive hoarder cleanup, count on Junk King San Diego to take care of the job.