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Take Care Of Junk Clearing From Your Coronado Home Today

There are several beach cleanup days held throughout the year in Coronado. The big one that attracts all the attention is on Earth Day but you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to pitch in and clean up a section of beach. Usually, these clean ups go on for just a few hours but that is plenty of time to remove several hundred pounds of debris that has either washed ashore or been left behind by careless beachgoers. Wouldn’t it be great if you showed up to clean the beach and there was no trash to clean? We can only hope!


When it comes to cleaning up around your Coronado home, you might occasionally need some extra help, too. This is very true when you want to get rid of something that took two movers to bring into your home in the first place. For that kind of junk clearing, you’ll want to bring in the muscle from Junk King San Diego. These are the junk hauling pros who are exceptional lifters and loaders.

As you go through your home, you might easily identify a lot of objects that you could do without. What you have to factor in, is that you won’t be doing any of the removal work. Don’t be concerned if something is too heavy for you to lift or there wouldn’t be room on the family SUV. Junk King has all of that covered. The crew who will helping you with your junk clearing has plenty of experience moving all kinds of objects. Size and weight is only a factor for them as it pertains to moving it out of your house. They’re going to make it happen without scratching up floors or walls. This is a service you can trust.

Included in Junk King’s junk removal is a responsible way of disposing of what they collect. As the crew loads up your items, they’ll be mentally selecting all those things that could be dropped off at a charity. There could also be plenty of what you’re getting rid of that could be recycled at a certified facility. Just like those beach cleaning volunteers are making environment better, so is Junk King. Are you ready for some quality junk clearing around your Coronado home? Junk King San Diego is standing by to lend a hand.

Help For Your Imperial Beach Backyard Cleanup

Your home is your property but if that parcel is situated in a community, then you’re sharing all the land around your home. Imperial Beach residents found that out when they received a notice in the mail about cleaning up “blight” from their yards. This was triggered by the installation of a new bike path behind the homes along 7th Street. That bike path is part of a bigger home development project that is underway in the surrounding parcels of land. This letter caught many residents off guard especially because there were no specifics about what constitutes “blight.” One thing that is clear, if they don’t comply, they could be fined.


Even if you don’t live along this bike path you might have some items in your yard that could fall under the category of “blight.” This would be any dilapidated structures like a tool shed or above ground pool that isn’t being used. It could also mean busted planters or rusty patio furniture. Of course, piles of construction waste would definitely be something you should consider getting rid of. This is where getting help from a company like Junk King San Diego can make a big difference. This is a company that is dedicated to all kinds of blight removal.

When you hire Junk King, you’re really hiring a team of movers. This is a crew that you’ll be in charge of from the moment they roll up in their big moving truck to the moment they leave. Their first question will always be, “What do you need removed?” This is when you get to take them on a tour of your property to point out all the things you want take away. By the way, the “pointing” that you do will be the only effort you’ll have to exert during this entire process.

Once the Junk King team has looked over everything, they’ll have a good idea of how it’s all going to fit on the back of the truck. That will allow them to provide you with an estimate fee. As soon as that fee is locked down, the team will get to work. In a matter of minutes all the unwanted debris from your yard, garage and the rest of your home will be loaded onto the truck. A final sweep up and Junk King will be done. It is just that simple. Don’t let your Imperial Beach home get overrun with rubbish. Give it all to Junk King San Diego today.

If you need it gone, Junk King San Diego will get it done!

Junk King San Diego is more than a junk removal business. We’re built on a threefold standard of excellence: superior customer service, safety, and environmental consciousness that surpasses the competition. Each of our employees is passionate about the environment and maintaining safe work spaces in every home, and we are all trained and covered by Workman’s Compensation.

Throughout San Diego and the rest of North America, we provide a wide range of decluttering, downsizing, junk removal, and debris removal services. Homeowners seek our help to remove furniture and pianos, while business professionals use our services to declutter their office spaces. We believe that the help of trained professionals is crucial when attempting a redecorating or decluttering project, especially where heavy lifting is concerned.

Dedication to Safety

Every Junk King San Diego employee is aware of the company’s high standards of safety, wearing slip-resistant shoes and safety goggles before they get to work. Moreover, each work space is decluttered prior to the main job and employees will not work in a space that is not comfortably lit. Dim light leads to more accidents than you might believe.

While we value promptness, we will never start a job without first setting a customer’s nerves at ease. We will take the time to explain anything you don’t understand. Clients who are overly concerned with health and safety issues can rest easily knowing that we are willing to talk with them about their concerns before we begin a job. We will not work in a space that has not been sufficiently prepped and staged, and we strongly value our customer’s safety as well as our own.

Environmental Consciousness

Since our humble beginnings as a two-person company, Junk King San Diego has been strongly passionate about applying eco-friendly approaches to traditional junk removal. One of the ways in which we maintain high “green” standards is by recycling and reusing as many items as we can, rather than simply discarding them.

Whereas your old junk may not mean anything to you anymore, at least 60% of our junk is used to directly influence the sustainability of our local community. We are highly prompt about junk removal and will ship it to recycling plants within as brief a window of time as possible. We do not believe in taking up any more of your time than is absolutely necessary.