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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Need Yard Waste Cleaned Up In San Diego? Junk King Is The Best Option Around!


yard waste removal


If you live in or near San Diego, odds are you’ve got a lawn. 


Okay, maybe it’s one of those “postage stamp” sized patches of grass that passes for a yard in the back or front of your condominium or duplex. But many, many others have full-blown, grass-covered, suburban lawns that are the traditional hallmark of a single-family dwelling. 


And lawns mean maintenance. And lawn maintenance means yard waste.


yard waste removal guide


What is Yard Trash and Why is it a Problem?


Typically, the larger the yard, the greater the amount of yard trash cleanup that has to be done. And there are probably three dozen other things most homeowners and renters would rather be doing than yard trash and yard waste pickup and cleaning!


But the problem is that, if one doesn’t regularly pick up all the large clippings, broken branches, dead leaves, pet droppings, and other assorted yard waste and trash, they can damage the lawn. Lawn grass, in general, is both rugged and fragile, resilient and frail. 


Drought and scorching heat may sear the grass leaves above the surface of your yard, but the root structure can survive. However, dog urine and other substances can do sometimes irreparable damage to otherwise healthy lawn grass.


In addition to the maintenance of a healthy lawn, yard trash needs to be removed simply because it can be an eyesore and oftentimes even a safety hazard. 


You don’t want your three-year-old playing in the backyard with a pile of broken fence boards full of nails and jagged wood edges piled up in a corner! And that’s true for large piles of brush or even rubbish such as concrete rubble or scrap metal. 


However, doing all the cleaning and pickup yourself is a pain. Which is why, when it comes to yard waste and trash pickup, Junk King San Diego should be your first call.


What You Can Expect from Junk King for Yard Waste Removal in San Diego


Yard Cleanup


For residential junk removal, including yard clean up of organic waste and other debris, San Diego residents have depended on Junk King service to take it all for them.


Our expert and professional rubbish removal teams are highly trained and well equipped for clearing up and removing just about any type of yard waste you might have. This includes old sheds, children’s play sets, and debris from decks or fences you may have dismantled and replaced.


In addition, our Junk King San Diego removal pros are courteous, fast, efficient, and safe. And we always show up on time, as promised, because we value your time and know that you have far better things to do that wait through a six or eight hour “window” of time for a truck to show up!


And we’re highly affordable. In fact, we offer the best pricing for junk removal service in our area, and we never surprise you with hidden fees or additional charges.


We can pick up and remove just about anything you have to dispose of or need to get rid of. In fact, the only things we cannot haul for you are hazardous waste items. Fortunately, there are several local events and resources for disposing of your household hazardous waste.



Book Online Now!   Save $20


What Will Happen to Your Yard Trash?


One of the other significant and positive aspects of using Junk King San Diego for disposing of yard trash and other San Diego yard cleanup needs is that we’re a “green” company


What does that mean when it comes to yard trash and yard waste?


Anything and everything that you dispose of that is recyclable will be sorted at our own facility so it can be disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Most wood debris and almost all metals as well as concrete and masonry rubble is reusable, for example. 


And the strictly organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings, and branches, can be processed into reusable products such as mulch, fertilizers, and ground cover materials. 


Being green means that, at Junk King San Diego, we routinely recycle as much as 60 percent or more of everything that we pick up from our customers. 


You can trust us that your yard waste won’t go to “waste.”


What Makes Junk King’s Yard Waste Collection Process So Effective?


If you live in or around the city of San Diego, odds are that yard waste pickup is an unfortunate task that you would rather not have to do and takes far too much time to complete.


The good news is that for yard waste and rubbish removal chores, San Diego residents have an option.


In fact, for all types of junk removal, San Diego can always call on Junk King to take care of it for them. For many homeowners and business owners, this isn’t simply an option – it’s a welcome solution.! There are few things that can make your yard upkeep and maintenance as efficient and effective as having an expert team of yard waste removal professionals come to your home, remove and load all your waste, rubbish, and debris, and do it all quickly and cleanly. 


What You Should Know Before Hiring Junk King for Your Services


For some, you may be reading this and asking yourself, “What’s Junk King anyway?”


When it comes to junk removal and disposal, we are the number one rated service brand in San Diego, for starters.


Our company was founded by two friends out of a garage in San Carlos, California back in 2005. The foundational concept was quite simple: offer great customer service and recycle more than the other junk removal guys out there.


Today, not only is Junk King the Number One Rated junk removal service in North America, but they have over 150 locally owned franchises in 37 states and in Canada.


One of the things you should know about us is that we still insist on doing certain things the old-fashioned way – such as treating all of our customers as if they were they only one we have. In other words, one customer at a time.


And you should also know that we always offer fair, transparent, and up-front pricing along with free, no-obligation estimates.


It’s just the Junk King way. So, call us today and experience the difference!


Make Your San Diego Yard Waste Removal Both Affordable and Simple


Junk King San Diego


The good news is that yard waste pickup and removal in the San Diego region doesn’t need to be expensive nor require a lot of hot and sweaty work on your part. 


Just making a quick call to Junk King San Diego means you are guaranteed to get the city’s greenest, most affordable, and most reliable San Diego yard waste removal services. And, for many of our customers, the best part is that we do all the heavy lifting and hauling. In fact, all you need to do is point.


But wait! There’s more…


At Junk King San Diego, we also provide a wide range of professional residential junk removal and hauling services for the entire San Diego area.


Which means you can call on us no matter where you live in or near San Diego including places like Jamul, El Cajon, Santee, Spring Valley, Bonita, Alpine, Dulzura, La Mesa, Ramona, Lakeside, and Lemon Grove.


And did we mention reliable?


That means, among other things, that after you make an appointment with us, our expert yard waste, rubbish, and junk removal team will always show on time, as promised.


So, you can be confident that our residential – and commercial – junk removal services will be both green and eco-friendly, as well as fast, easy, and affordable. How affordable? You can get an estimate today online or by simply calling Junk King San Diego and let us know about the yard waste and other trash and junk items you need to have cleared out of your home or workplace.


We’ll give you an estimate in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimate. And if you like our price, we can easily schedule a pickup time that works with your busy schedule.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


So, are you ready for yard waste removal from your San Diego home? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

San Diego Recycling: A City’s Commitment to Sustainability



The City of San Diego has a bold Climate Action Plan that is a principal component of the municipality’s efforts towards sustainability. 


The action plan establishes a community-wide goal of net zero by 2035, committing San Diego to an accelerated trajectory for greenhouse gas reductions, according to the official city website. The website goes on to point out,


“In 2015, the City Council approved San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, which calls for the City to cut half of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2035. The Climate Action Plan’s strategies include 100 percent renewable electricity; water and energy efficiency; zero waste; bicycling, walking, transit and land use; and resiliency measures.”


But what about recycling when it comes to sustainability?


We all know that junk removal, for example, means junk hauling which results in some form of junk disposal. And a real concern for many residents and business owners in the San Diego area is where all the junk ends up after it’s hauled away?


According to the EPA, close to 75 percent of the solid waste materials that we toss out and are recyclable. 

Which is why Junk King San Diego prides itself on being part of the pioneers of green junk removal. We regularly recycle as much as 60 percent or more of everything we pick up on a daily basis. 


junk removal service recycling


San Diego’s Commitment to Recycling


When it comes to recycling, San Diego has long been on the forefront of the movement to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” And because recycling is a significant component of being sustainable, San Diego residents and businesses have been encouraged – and required – to recycle for years.


One source relates how the City of San Diego rose to the challenge of recycling back in 2007,


“After many years of voluntary recycling programs, San Diego found its voluntary recycling efforts were not meeting its diversion goals and the city’s only landfill was scheduled to close by 2013. As a result, San Diego adopted a mandatory recycling policy for four primary reasons:



  • help to extend the life of the landfill
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • meet the state recycling requirements
  • increase the recycling of materials


Thanks in part to the mandatory recycling policy, the landfill life has been extended…”


The City of San Diego requires everyone in the city to recycle plastic and glass bottles and jars, paper, newspaper, metal containers and cardboard. This applies to all households, apartments, businesses, government agencies and schools, as well as special events.


How San Diego is Doing


Junk King Truck in Coronado


The sobering truth is that the vast majority of junk and other solid waste still ends up in landfills. And this is true for San Diego County, as well as for most of California and the rest of the country. 


However, many communities, including San Diego, are making great strides towards greater recycling and sustainability. A recent report from CalRecycle noted that,


“An estimated 32.6 million tons of waste were recycled or diverted in California in 2020, resulting in a statewide recycling rate of 42 percent, up from 37 percent in 2019 but lower than the peak of 50 percent in 2014.”


Waste diversion is the process of diverting waste from landfills through recycling and source reduction activities.


In 2015, the City of San Diego launched its Zero Waste Plan with the goals of achieving 75 percent waste diversion by 2020, 90 percent diversion by 2035, and “zero” by 2040. In order to increase the City’s waste diversion rate to 75 percent requires that an estimated additional 332,000 tons per

year to be diverted from landfill disposal.


According to the most recent recycling statistics in San Diego, despite the efforts behind the City’s Zero Waste Plan, its trash diversion rate has hovered at around 65 percent since 2017.


Learn about the importance of recycling.


If we consider the questions of how many people recycle in San Diego, or what percent of people recycle in San Diego, the “official” answer is 100 percent. This is because the City of San Diego has mandatory recycling for all residents, businesses, and organizations with very few exceptions. 


However, the process is not perfect and substantial amounts of materials are put into recycling bins that cannot be recycled. As one local newspaper reported in 2019, about 10,000 tons – or 15 to 17 percent – of the recycling collected from homes in San Diego each year is disposed of in landfills. 


Challenges Faced by San Diego


One of the challenges for recycling in San Diego is its growth. More people means more trash, which means more recycling and trash diversion capabilities are required. 


According to World Population Review, San Diego has a 2022 population of 1,429,650 and is currently growing at a rate of 0.14 percent annually. San Diego’s population increased by 9.48 percent since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 1,305,910 in 2010.


Another challenge that has faced San Diego and has impacted the environment of our country is the ongoing need to find sources for diverted solid waste. Much of this is due to the fact that, in 2018, China implemented it’s “National Sword” policy which halted the import of plastics and other materials to its recycling processors.


This diversion source represented the removal of more than seven million tons of plastic waste, for example. Cities, states, and other waste management entities have had to find alternative solutions for the diversion of waste that used to go to China until just three years ago.


Helpful Information for San Diego Residents


Most recycling in San Diego is managed by the city’s Environmental Services Department. For those residents who do not receive municipal recycling service, contracted haulers are used. 


For detailed information regarding garbage recycling and garbage pickup, San Diego residents can visit the City of San Diego official website and go to the Environmental Services tab. Here you can learn helpful information such as what can you recycle in San Diego as well as what is not recyclable. 


Another great resource for helpful recycling information for San Diego residents is the sustainability and recycling pages at the University of San Diego website. 


For example, did you know that when recycling products of any material, the item must be rinsed and free of residue or liquid? And that includes bottles, cans, and food containers. If the item still has food remnants it can contaminate the entire bin and then none of the items inside the bin can be recycled.


Also, plastic bags are not recyclable and should be kept out of recycling bins.


Where to Find the Best Places for Solid Waste Disposal in San Diego?



One of the issues that often arise for both residents and businesses in San Diego is the need to recycle enormous amounts of waste materials. In other words, when you have far more recyclables than you can fit into your municipal recycling container, finding a suitable place for disposal can be a challenge. 


Of course, you could just go to your smart phone and search something like “best places to take trash near me.” 


But in many situations, the clean up and removal of large quantities of junk and other debris can be a larger task than most people have the time, resources, or ability to take on by themselves. 


Which is why at Junk King San Diego, cleanout projects are something we specialize in.


How Can I Get Rid of My Old Electronics or Appliances?


old tv disposal near me, e-waste, old appliances recycling


While most folks in San Diego are intimately familiar with recycling paper, plastic, glass, and metal trash like aluminum cans, old electronics and appliances are something else altogether. 


In the waste management industry these items are often referred to as electronic waste or e-waste. And, while this category of waste typically includes items such as cell phones, printers, computers, DVD players, televisions, video game consoles, and so on, it can also refer to larger items containing electronics.


For example, when it comes to old appliances, recycling of these items falls under the heading of e-waste recycling, as well. 


The challenge for residents is not whether these materials can be recycled but where and how?


If you find yourself looking up “old tv disposal near me” we would suggest you simply combine your old television that you want to get rid of with any other e-waste and junk items you need to have removed. Then make a call to Junk King San Diego for quick, easy, and affordable electronics and appliance removal and disposal. 


And, yes, they will be recycled!


Why You Should Pick a Professional Junk Removal Service Like Junk King


For one, we make it easy with one quick call to Junk King San Diego to take care of your junk removal needs.


And we offer professional junk removal, hauling, and recycling services to the entire San Diego area, including Santee, Bonita, El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona, and our “hometown” of Spring Valley.


So, for junk removal services that are reliable, affordable, sustainable, and green, you can always depend on Junk King San Diego.


Call us, text us, or go online and let us know what junk items you need to have removed from your home or your workplace. And our expert customer service folks will walk you through our effortless process and book your session.


After that, our professional and insured junk removal team will call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive at your home or place of work. And once we’re there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


So, are you ready to get rid of your junk sustainably? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


The best part is that all you have to do is simply point and we’ll haul your junk items into our junk removal trucks – and do it all without any hidden fees.


You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


Case Study: Junk King San Diego, Las Americas Premium Outlets, And Earth Day 2022


Junk King Earth Day

Partnering Together with The San Ysidro Community for a Green Cleanup on Earth Day


The folks behind the Las Americas Premium Outlets, a premier outlet mall located in the bustling San Diego community of San Ysidro, partnered with Junk King San Diego for a recycling event that took place on Friday, April 22, 2022.


As a part of the mall’s ongoing efforts to implement sustainable programs at the shopping center, Las Americas Premium Outlets reached out to the center’s tenants and the surrounding community and encouraged them to bring their large and hard-to-recycle junk items to the center. 


A significant aspect of the event was the presence of teams and trucks from Junk King San Diego


Their role was to collect the junk items being brought in so that could be processed for reuse and recycling. This event not only allowed their neighbors throughout the community an opportunity to recycle and reuse their unwanted junk items, but also resulted in the cleaning up of the center’s storage areas.


The Power of Partnering to Protect the Planet

Earth Day seems to have been a celebration since most of us can remember. But it hasn’t always been that way.


In fact, the event that we know as Earth Day only began just over 50 years ago.


Today, it may seem odd to think that there was a time when Americans didn’t have recycling bins at work, at school, and at home, as well as in shopping malls and outlet centers like Las Americas Premium Outlets. But it wasn’t always that way.


Prior to 1970, environmental issues had been largely overlooked or ignored. However, by the early 1960s, many Americans were becoming aware of the effects of pollution on our environment. One of the catalysts for this raised awareness was the publication of the 1962 bestseller Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. The book highlighted the dangerous effects that pesticides were having on the American countryside.


Then, in 1969, a fire on the Cuyahoga River in Ohio dramatically underscored the pressing issue of industrial chemical waste disposal.


And, according to History.com,


“Until that time, protecting the planet’s natural resources was not part of the national political agenda, and the number of activists devoted to large-scale issues such as industrial pollution was minimal. Factories pumped pollutants into the air, lakes and rivers with few legal consequences. Big, gas-guzzling cars were considered a sign of prosperity. Only a small portion of the American population was familiar with – let alone practiced – recycling.”


This began to change as people across the nation began to rally to the cause of saving the environment and, in the process, saving the planet.


As an article from National Geographic recalls,


“The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, when a United States senator from Wisconsin organized a national demonstration to raise awareness about environmental issues. Rallies took place across the country and, by the end of the year, the U.S. government had created the Environmental Protection Agency. By 1990, Earth Day was an event celebrated by more than 140 countries around the globe.”


Earth Day Means “Thinking Globally While Acting Locally” – Including in San Diego   


Earth dayWhile there are opportunities to recycle, reuse, and reduce everyday here in San Diego as well as across the country, there are annual events and promotions held every year on Earth Day. And the residents of San Diego are particularly active in protecting and preserving the beauty and health of the local environment.


However, it is the staging of Earth Day events and the enthusiasm surrounding them that truly brings the commitment of our community to the forefront of the environmental movement.


The Event


The Celebrate Earth Day event was hosted by Las Americas Premium Outlets on April 22, 2022. The goal of the event was to provide an arena and opportunity for members of the community to participate in recycling, reuse, and repurposing of unwanted items.


The problem that many residents face, including retail tenants in the outlet center, is the difficulty of recycling items such as old furniture, appliances, and electronic waste or e-waste. Homeowners and renters in and around the San Diego area often find themselves with unusable televisions, mattresses, and even old hot tubs that they don’t know how to properly dispose of.

Earth day


These hard-to-recycle junk items and household rubbish often end up stored in garages, sheds, or just stacked in a corner of a backyard. 


Which is why the management of Las Americas Premium Outlets created their Celebrate Earth Day event – to offer an easy way for everyone to get rid of these items in an earth-friendly, green, and environmentally safe manner.


But, like most any effort that requires multiple resources and skills, they are rarely carried out alone.


The Partnership


San Diego Earth day

Outlet malls are superb at providing great shopping experiences and great deals on merchandise. But when it comes to junk removal and disposal, not so much!


And simply tossing old equipment, residential junk, and other unwanted waste and debris into their commercial waste bins was not going to achieve their goal of a green and environmentally friendly junk disposal event.


Which is why they reached out to Junk King San Diego with the objective of forming a truly green and efficient partnership.


As it turns out, this was destined to be a natural relationship as many of the retail vendors in the outlet center are clients of Junk King San Diego. Knowing the green and Earth-friendly approach that Junk King takes with junk removal and disposal, and their stellar track record in recycling and reuse of junk materials, the management at Las Americas knew they would be perfect for this event.


Most people rarely think of junk removal and recycling as compatible functions or processes. But for those who are already familiar with Junk King San Diego, the two go together like peanut butter and jelly! That’s because Junk King is a genuinely green junk removal operation.


Their corporate beginnings were based on the creation of the country’s first recycling-based junk removal operation back in 2005. Today, all of our junk removal franchise partners operate around what we call warehouse recycling hubs where teams separate all the recyclable and reusable materials. 


Our goal at Junk King San Diego has always been to keep our landfills free of unnecessary items.


By partnering together, both Las Americas Premium Outlets and Junk King San Diego prepared to create a large-scale opportunity for collecting as much of the hard-to-recycle junk items and other materials as possible for Earth Day 2022.


The Results


The event was preceded with a major public relations effort through social media with the message,


Celebrate Earth Day with Las Americas Premium Outlets on April 22nd at 10am. Drop off your large and hard-to-recycle items with Junk King at Las Americas Premium Outlets. Junk King will reuse, repurpose, and recycle your items helping to make the Earth a greener place.


Reaching over 16,000 people in the San Diego/San Ysidro region, their social media posts garnered hundreds and hundreds of responses.


As a result, the partners saw an impressive turnout for the Celebrate Earth Day event and also saw a massive amount of hard-to-recycle waste and other junk materials. 


Collection results highlights:


  • Junk King San Diego succeeded in filling four of their trucks with full loads
  • They also completely filled a 40-cubic yard open top container
  • More than 20 retailers managed clean out their storage areas and backrooms


The overall response from the partners, the community, and the various vendors in the outlet center was overwhelmingly and enthusiastically positive:

San Diego Earth day

“We are happy the event was for free. I did 5 trips to donate racks, shelves and electronics.”

– U.S Polo Association Outlet Roberto


“The Recycling Event gave us the opportunity to have more space in our storage area. Hopefully, you can do more events to support the stores”

– Coach Outlet Xavier 


“Thank you for opening the event to the public. My sister sent me the link (SMS) and I had a couch to donate. Other places would charge me $70. So, the event was perfect for the community.”

– Customer


The overall turnout was what they would have expected for what has now been deemed the “First Annual Celebrate Earth Day” event at Las Americas Premium Outlets.


However, the partners agreed that the response from those who participated warranted making it an annual event and plans are already underway to make next year’s event bigger and better. With a population of almost 30,000 residents just in the San Ysidro region alone – and over 120 stores operating in the Las Americas Premium Outlet center, the partners are looking forward to seeing thousands of participants in the future events each year to come.


A Green Solution to Your Junk Removal Problem: Junk King San Diego


Junk King San Diego is not only the premier eco-friendly and green junk removal service in the San Diego area, we are also the top-rated company when it comes to providing the best in junk removal services and the best in customer service.


And an essential part of being the best is our pricing. We always work to ensure you that our pricing is the best in our market. One of the many ways we accomplish this is with our fair and transparent pricing approach to every junk removal job – an approach that is always guaranteed to save you money.


What does that look like?


Most other junk removal services in the industry routinely charge customers by the weight of their junk loads. Some even charge a flat fee. In addition, it is not at all uncommon to encounter added charges and, in some cases, “hidden” fees that are not disclosed up front.


That’s not how Junk King operates. Ever. 


We only charge our customers for the volume of their junk loads. Another way of saying this is that we only charge you for how much space your junk and other debris takes up in our junk removal trucks.


What makes this pricing approach both fair and equitable is that you never pay to have us remove, say, one heavy junk item than someone else pays to have dozens of lightweight items hauled away. So, you will pay the same fee for having an old washing machine removed as you would for a large box the same size as the washing machine, but full of old toys or plastic junk, for example.


This makes the process simple, fair, and saves you money!


Not only that, but at Junk King San Diego, we will never add on extra charges, nor will we surprise you with hidden fees. And we even guarantee to outdo any other written estimate.


We can do this because we are confident that our prices are better than any comparable operator in our area. And a comparable operator is a licensed, insured, junk removal company in the greater San Diego area that operates a recycling-based operation and works to keep unnecessary waste materials from ending up in our landfills.


Which is how Junk King San Diego has always done business!


Junk King San Diego

For Affordable, Reliable, and Earth-Friendly Junk Removal Call on Junk King San Diego


San Diego residents can save green and be green with professional and reliable junk removal from the “green team” at Junk King San Diego.


We serve the entire San Diego area including communities like Jamul, Lakeside, Santee, Chula Vista, La Mesa, Imperial Beach, and Spring Valley, of course!


For residential junk removal, commercial junk removal, schools, churches, and most any other junk removal needs, you can rely on Junk King San Diego to make it easy, green, and affordable.


Give us a call today and let us remove your junk and rubbish for you and make every day “Earth Day” by having Junk King San Diego haul all your unwanted junk items from your home, office, or workplace. We will ensure that everything possible that we pick up will be reused or recycled – as much as possible!


And remember, you will always get a free estimate from us first. You can get and estimate by going online, by sending us a text with some photos, just calling us, or simply get one from our junk removal team once they arrive at your location.


Remember, when you call Junk King San Diego you will always get on-time junk pickup and removal anywhere in the San Diego area that is both eco-friendly and affordable. 


So, need to get rid of your junk in a green and earth-friendly way? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Contact us today and make an appointment online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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