Junk King San Diego Earns High Praise

“The guys who came yesterday to my home were 2 of the nicest, most efficient and professional people I have had the pleasure of hiring in a long time. The pricing was fair and they actually did more than I would have expected. It was REALLY hard work too, since I had lived in that house for decades… lots of accumulated “stuff” and it was 92 degrees! What made me happiest was to know that what I was down-sizing would go to benefit others. Junk King is strictly a “recycler’s” business. Fernando and Rene were very proud of their company and what it contributes to our community–and I like that. Enthusiastically recommend.” – Linda J Tegarden, San Diego


That is one of the many positive reviews that Junk King San Diego earns from its customers on a regular basis. Junk King knows the best way to get new customers is by making existing customers happy. Judging by the amount of praise that gets posted daily, it is clear that Junk King is making a lot of folks very happy.

“CJ and Diego did not waste any time in removing our backyard clutter. In over a little half an hour, the junk is completely gone! It is refreshing to see young people who are responsible, hardworking, and know their business. Very pleasant and professional. I’m sure their parents are proud of them; we are, if they were our kids! I will most certainly employ their services in our next junk removal event; and, I highly recommend them! Thank you, CJ and Diego for your help! Appreciate it.” – Edward Constantino, Spring Valley

Not only can Junk King work wonders clearing out your garage, spare rooms and closets but they also do fantastic yard clean up. No matter what you ask them to removed the response will always be, “No problem.”

“Great price! Awesome service! Great customer service. Fernando and Rene were both friendly and did an awesome job with removing junk and fast. Will recommend for sure!” – O.L., San Diego

“The two guys that came out this morning were both awesome! So nice and worked so quickly! I already left a review on Yelp but I hope they both know how happy I was with them. Thanks! I’ll definitely use you guys again.” – Megan Landry, San Diego

Most junk removal sessions are completed in less than 30 minutes but it doesn’t take long for the Junk King crews to make a positive impression. If you need to get junk and rubbish cleared from your homes and yards, then you need to put Junk King San Diego on the task.

Where To Find Professional Junk Removal In Lemon Grove

Last December, Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez provided a progress report on the city and it’s plan for the coming year. Think of this as a kind of Lemon Grove state of the union. Mayor Vasquez is on the board of the San Diego Association of Governments. This is the organization tasked with regional planning, transportation and a wide range of local community issues. How is Lemon Grove doing?


“We’ve fixed more roads, we’ve had many community workshops bringing in the diversity of our community — not just residents but the business community as well — to provide input in terms of what our vision is for the city of Lemon Grove,” Mayor Vasquez told Evening Magazine. “We have more people volunteering for community cleanups and we have implemented a few new construction projects.”

The focus is to get Lemon Grove ready for new business opportunities. The hope is that any company would spend just a little time in Lemon Grove and know what a great place it would be to call home.

The pride of this city this city can be found in how homeowners take care of their property. This isn’t to say there isn’t the occasional “eyesore” item scattered around yards but at least there is help with a fast removal for those items. That help comes from Junk King San Diego.

Junk King is a professional junk hauling service. What makes them professional? It starts with the type of workers they hire. These experienced movers need to be insured otherwise they can’t work for Junk King. More importantly, they need to have a positive attitude about the service they’re providing. A quick scan of reviews for Junk King will have you seeing words like “friendly,” “courteous” and “nice to work with” popping up again and again. Junk King knows the only way for their business to thrive is if the customers are satisfied.

The professionalism extends to scheduling. It is very easy to set up your appointment with Junk King. Call or book online. You just need to pick the day and two-hour window that works best for your calendar. Just be prepared that Junk King is going to move fast. One minute your junk is at your home and the next it is gone. Junk King San Diego can make that happen today.

Reliable Yard Debris Removal In La Mesa

Everywhere you look in La Mesa there are trees. At last count there are 9,959 trees to be exact and that’s no accident. In fact, for the 38th year in a row, La Mesa has been named, “Tree City USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation. This is a program that includes over 3,460 towns spread out across the country. If you’re named “Tree City USA” for thirty-eight years in a row, then you must be doing something thing.


“La Mesans love our trees,” said City Councilman Colin Parent to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Not only are they attractive, and create shade for people who walk, they’re also a part of our proposed Climate Action Plan because the urban tree canopy can filter and sequester carbon.”

Do you have trees on your property? They certainly add value and go a long way towards beautifying the neighborhood. Of course, when it comes to beautifying your property you don’t have to stop with trees. You can be extremely proactive with planting flowers, growing veggies and keeping your lawns well maintained. It would help if you can start with a yard that is clear of debris. A lot can be raked up and put into the trash. However, if you’re dealing with an excessive amount of yard waste, then it is time to bring in the team from Junk King San Diego.

The majority of San Diego homeowners hire Junk King to remove clutter from the inside of their homes. This is the perfect company to help you get rid of everything from a futon to a ping-pong table. But the work Junk King can offer extends to your back and front yards as well. All that bagged up waste can be tossed onto the back of the Junk King truck. The same for any fallen palm fronds or tree branches. If you’re doing some landscaping overhaul, then you can also tap Junk King to remove rocks, pavers, dug up roots and even dirt.

Beyond the natural things to get rid of from the yard, Junk King can also take down things like swing sets, above ground pools, tool sheds and hot tubs. Need to get rid of rusty patio furniture or a crusty BBQ grill? Junk King is the answer. Let Junk King San Diego help make your La Mesa yards as beautiful as possible with a thorough yard debris removal session.

Professional Junk Removal In Chula Vista

Recently, the Living Coast Discovery Center of Chula Vista held a clean-up and restoration event at the Wildlife Refuge at the north end of 7th Street in Imperial Beach. Throughout the day, members of the center and residents worked together to clear weeds and dry brush. They also planted several rows of native plants. The final touch was a layer of home-made compost. This gave the kids in attendance a first-hand look at what it takes to make DIY fertilizer. Those are practical skills that can help any gardener.


According to Living Coast, “San Diego County contains more biological diversity than any county within the 48 contiguous states.” Anyone can see this diversity on display along the 1.5 miles of walking trails that makes up the Living Coast Discovery Center. When families pitch in to help maintain the grounds they can take a great sense of pride knowing that they’re doing their part to help keep San Diego beautiful.

It is that same sense of pride that you take when fixing up your home. Whether you’re giving your front yard a landscaping make-over or cleaning out clutter from the garage, you always feel better when improvements are accomplished around the house. Just as it takes a team of volunteers to help beautify a park, you might need some assistance with keeping your Chula Vista home clear of rubbish. That is the kind of quality help that Junk King San Diego can provide.

The Junk King plan is simple: They do all the work. All you have to focus on is deciding what you want removed. With the Junk King squad on the job, weight or size doesn’t have to be a factor. These teams are equally skilled at removing pianos as they are hauling away bags of lawn clippings. Your only role in this task is deciding what you want hauled away.

Take the time to go through every room in your home to designate those items that you can live without. It could be any piece of furniture, old electronic gear or appliance. Whatever you’re turning over to Junk King will go right onto their truck without you lifting a finger. That’s the kind of work that frees up your time and improves your living environment. If you’re looking for professional junk hauling services in Chula Vista, then look no further than Junk King San Diego. They’re standing by to help right now.

Dependable Junk Removal In National City

Winter is not leaving without one last blast. The latest storm took a direct hit to a beloved National City landmark: The Bay Theatre. Sometime in the night, strong winds toppled the nearly three-story-tall structure atop the Bay Theatre and sent giant “B,” “A” and “Y” letters crashing down to the sidewalk. Although it’s been years since a movie has been shown at the Bay Theatre, the sign was one of those iconic symbols of National City. Fortunately, no one was around to get hurt.


Did you suffer any storm damage around your home? With the fires and mudslides up north, it has been a devastating several months for California residents. When damage does occur, it usually falls to the homeowner to handle the cleanup. You could drag things out to the curb and wait for the city to come by for a pickup but there is no guarantee they’ll get there in a timely fashion. If you want fast storm cleanup and junk removal service, then you can always count on Junk King San Diego.

Junk King San Diego is a proud member of the national Junk King franchise. That is a company that has set the standard for this type of service. That standard begins with exceptional customer service. Junk King appreciates how busy your schedule might be and they don’t want to take up any more time than necessary. Most junk clearing sessions are completed the next day after that first contact. However, if it works better for the crews to come out on a Saturday, then that won’t be a problem.

Every session is going to be staffed by two strong movers. This crew will be your problem solvers. There isn’t a piece of furniture or appliance too heavy for them to handle. Although you might be obliged to pitch in, you don’t have to. All the team from Junk King needs is for you to point to the things you want removed. They’ll pick everything up right from that spot. It doesn’t get much easier than that?

The next time a storm dumps debris in your yard or you have junk that needs hauling anywhere in National City, call on Junk King San Diego. They’ll get the job done right every time.

Affordable And Fast Junk Removal Service

We spend a lot of time waiting. No matter what time of the day or night, there always seems to be traffic. It’s also expected that when you go to the grocery store that you’re going to be waiting in a line. And when it comes to your favorite brunch spot on a Sunday morning… forget about it! Waiting is something we all have to get used to under certain circumstances but there are somethings you don’t have to wait for. One of those is junk removal. Yes, it might seem like an impossible task to get rid of all the clutter you’ve collected over the years. But when you put Junk King San Diego on the job, you’ll find there won’t be a lot of waiting.


Junk King likes to move fast. That beings with scheduling. They know once junk removalyou’ve made the decision to get rid of your rubbish, you don’t want to wait one day longer. That is why they usually complete assignment within 24 hours of first contact.

Upon the crew’s arrival to your home, they’ll want to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. This is where the affordable factor comes into play. Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how the truck gets packed up. The crew knows by looking at stuff if it will take up half the truck or just a quarter. Armed with that information, they’ll be able to give you a price. That estimate isn’t going to change when the job is over. It is a flat fee that covers the labor, the transportation and the drops offs.

Those drops offs are important. Junk King prefers to avoid making deposits at landfills. There is always a big price for a truck load of rubbish. If they stay away from the dump, then they won’t be charged those fees. Those savings are folded back into the price policy. Where will your junk go then? To recycling centers or charities. That’s the Junk King way. For fast and affordable junk removal services, the only call to make is to Junk King San Diego.

Expert Help With Hoarder Cleanup

Recently, extreme measures were taken to rid a San Diego neighborhood of a hoarder house. The San Diego’s City Attorney’s Office was granted approval Friday from the courts to temporarily evict a homeowner on Alumni Place so a cleanup crew can clear out the three-bedroom home. This only happened because the owner repeated ignored complaints. City health inspectors say this problem has been going on for several years with neighbors calling in about foul odors, rodents, trash and junk inside and out. A lot of the debris even overflowed into neighbors’ yards.


Some piles of rubbish towered more than 8-feet, creating a fire hazard that could affect neighbors. The court-ordered injunction that forced the homeowner to live in a city-provided hotel while his home is made safe.

“I think it is a good idea,” next door neighbor Archie Liston told a local news station. “I had to buy rat traps and put them in my garage. I caught about 15,” Liston said.

Do you live near a hoarder house? Perhaps that person simply doesn’t have the means to get rid of all their accumulated junk. That is where Junk King San Diego can make a big difference. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with these types of clean ups. With a clinically diagnosed hoarder, there are emotional issues that have to be worked out with health care professionals. Junk King works together with these therapists to help with the clean up efforts.

What about your own property? Are you close to a hoarder level worth of rubbish? You might be willing to get rid of the stuff but just need the kind of help Junk King can provide. All you have to do is set up an appointment. Before the crew arrives, go through all your stuff and decide exactly what you want taken away. You can literally tag items for the Junk King crew to load. They don’t want you doing any of the work.

On the big hoarder cleanup jobs, Junk King will often dispatch additional trucks and mover teams to make sure the job gets done quickly. For efficient and supportive hoarder cleanup, count on Junk King San Diego to take care of the job.

The Right Way To Handle Appliance Disposal

Will 2018 be the year you finally get around to remodeling your kitchen? You’ll certainly have a lot of options. You could knock down a wall for an open flow floor plan. You could put in a skylight or center island. You will want to replace your appliances. A lot of great options there as well but first you must make room. The right way to handle your appliance disposal is to turn that job over to Junk King San Diego.


Appliances are easy to move if you’re only moving them a couple of inches. They are designed to slide on kitchen floors. It is getting them up off those floors, out the front door and down the steps that becomes the challenge. The crews working for Junk King have a lot of experience with this type of item removal. They’ll bring that experience and the tools to your job. The goal is to make sure that appliance doesn’t cause any scratches to floors or walls on the way out. Judging by the long list of satisfied customer comments, the crews are getting this job done right.

An old stove or fridge won’t take up a lot of space on the back of the Junk King truck. You can certainly just hire Junk King for your appliance disposal but why waste the crew and truck? Put them to work clearing out all your unwanted furniture and electronics. You could also devote time to going through your closet to pull out all the unwanted shoes, hats and outfits. Think about how much more space you could create in there. Everything can go on the back of the truck. No problem.

When setting up your appliance disposal appointment, you’ll want to time it so that the old appliance is moved out just hours before the new one is dropped off. That will be easy to accomplish with Junk King. You pick the day and time that works best for your schedule and Junk King will make it happen. Take care of appliance disposal and junk hauling the right way with a call to Junk King San Diego.

The Best Approach To Old Television Disposal

The holidays are a time of sharing and giving. That’s the important part of them but there is also the inescapable gift giving that is a fun and memorable traditions. Those gifts come in all shapes and sizes. The might even be a gift you’ve given to yourself. If this was the holiday where a new television landed in your home, then congratulations. You’ve probably gotten the most modern television on the market with the best sound and picture. All you have to do now is hook it up to your system and get rid of the old television. That is where Junk King San Diego can be a big help.


The thing to remember about television disposal is that they shouldn’t be tossed into the garbage. TVs and other electronics are all considered e-waste the moment they are disposed of or become broken beyond repair. At that point, they need to be dismantled by a certified recycling facility. Junk King San Diego doesn’t do the actual dismantling but they can make sure that TV set gets to the right facility.

Since you’re turning your old television disposal over to Junk King San Diego, you might as well give them the rest of your unwanted electronics. Finally, you can clear out your closets and garage of old computers, monitors and printers. Imagine how much space that will free up.

If you tried to dispose of your television on your own, then you would have to drop it off yourself at a facility or wait for a drop off day. Those are few and far between. Junk King allows you to schedule a pickup at a time that works best for your schedule. You don’t just have to call them for the television pick up. You can also include all the other things you want to get rid of. Whatever old sofa or rusty lawnmower that you want cleared away can easily be lifted and loaded onto the truck by the crew. They work fast and with a friendly attitude. What more could you want. Take care of old television disposal and junk hauling with one call to Junk King San Diego. Make that call today.

How To Handle Refrigerator Hauling

If you have a large family, then having a back up refrigerator or freezer is a good idea. Typically, these units would be tucked out of the way down a basement or out in the garage. They help when you buy foods in bulk and need to keep them frozen. What doesn’t work is having a spare refrigerator that doesn’t work. Often, folks replace a broken fridge and just shove the old one out of the way. Unless you remove the door or put a lock on that unit, it is major hazard. A better option would be to have it hauled away once and for all. That is an easy task for Junk King San Diego.


Junk King San Diego specializes in hauling away all those oversized items you want to get rid of. They provide the manpower and the truck. Imagine if you had to pull together your own crew and rent your own truck. That’s several hours of work right there. Then there is the issue of where would you take the fridge once it is loaded. That could mean spending several hours back and forth in traffic. Instead, Junk King San Diego can pick up the fridge, load it in literally just a few minutes and be done. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Even though your primary concern is to get rid of the refrigerator, the crew from Junk King can do so much more. Take full advantage of that team and have them haul away all your unwanted clutter including sofas, futons, recliners and loveseats. They can even take apart a pool table or entertainment center to get it out the door and onto their truck.

Before the crew starts any loading, they’re going to provide you with an estimate based on volume. It all comes down to how they’re going to pack up the truck with your stuff. The less space they use, the less you’ll have to pay. As for scheduling, Junk King makes that easy, too. On call puts the plan in action. The best way to handle refrigerator disposal and junk hauling is to give that task to Junk King San Diego.

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