Will Your Chula Vista Home Be Ready For The Holidays?

By now, any trip to any type of store will have you subjected to the holidays. Ready or not, sales are already happening to entice shoppers to buy presents. Stores have put up their decorations in an effort to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Yes, it is that most “wonderful time of the year” when we plan for reuniting with family and friends. For a majority of the folks in Chula Vista the culmination of all that planning will happen on Christmas day. But before you get to the big day, there is a lot of prep work that needs to be done around the house. A great way to start would be to hire Junk King San Diego. They might not be able to help you decorate your Christmas tree but they can certainly help things look a lot less cluttered around the home.


When you hire Junk King you should think big and then think small. Every junk removal session set up by Junk King will be staffed by a pair of experience movers. On some days, you might even have three movers showing up for the appointment. This means that you can finally get rid of the big items from your home like old sofas, bookshelves, entertainment centers, baby furniture and headboards. Removing those objects is definitely a two-man operation. Once completed, the Junk King crew can turn their attention to the smaller objects. This is where you can get rid of all the e-waste items like computers, printers and DVD players. You made the smart decision not to put those things into the trash but now thanks to Junk King they can be dropped off at a certified recycling center. That is the only way they should be disposed of.

After everything is loaded up from the inside of your home, the crew from Junk King can set their sights on the outside. You have anything in the patio front yard that should be removed? Again, think big or small. It can be something giant like a hot tub or swing set or small like some gardening pots. Think of how much better things will look at all the stuff is gone for good.

Before you transform your Chula Vista home into a holiday wonderland, let Junk King San Diego get rid of the rubbish.

Junk Clearing Helps Get The Guestroom Ready

The holidays are the time of year when we set out to reconnect with friends and family. It helps when those social circles live in close proximity. However, traveling during the holidays has become a ritual that everyone experiences at least once in their life, if not annually. If you have friends or family on the East Coast where the weather gets very cold, then an invitation to sunny San Diego during Christmas would certainly be welcome. That means you need to get the guestroom ready and the best approach for that is to start with a junk clearing session of Junk King San Diego.


Just because you have designated a room in your home as a spare bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t have a dual purpose. Often those spare bedrooms become auxiliary storage units with the family. If no one is sleeping in that room, then tucking away old furniture, electronic gear and boxes of clothing is in a problem. That is, it isn’t a problem until guests are headed your way. The decision has to be made whether to hold onto that stuff or get rid of it. The fact that it’s been put into a kind of storage only proves that you probably don’t need it. If you want to clear it out just to make room, and that means something else has to go from the garage or other closets. Why shuffle all that unwanted stuff around when you can just as easily turn it over to Junk King?

Junk King will send over a reliable moving crew and a big truck to help with this task. This is really all you need to remove any level of furniture, boxes and other bulky items that you can’t throw out in the trash. Keep in mind, the just because you’re turning something over the Junk King doesn’t mean it’s going to end up in a landfill. Junk King considers it a great week if they can avoid the landfill altogether. Instead most of what you turn over to them can be donated to local charities which is the perfect thing to accomplish at this time of year.

One call to Junk King San Diego can get your guestroom cleared of rubbish and ready for your holiday visitors. Are you ready to make that happen?

Get Rid Of Junk To Make Room In Your Coronado Home

What can $950,000 buy you in Coronado? A one bedroom, one bath cottage that was built in 1916 and is just a few blocks from the beach. The total square footage: 642. Yes, for nearly $1 million you can buy a tiny house. According to Realtor.com, this happens to be the cheapest home for sale in the city at the moment. All of this means that if you are a homeowner in Coronado, then count yourself lucky. Whatever size property you have is clearly valuable. The question then becomes, do you have enough room in your Coronado home? You will if you hire Junk King San Diego to clear out some of the junk.


It is easy to be crowded out by the stuff we collect over the course of our lifetime. Not everything we own serves its original purpose. Look no further than your garage or closet for proof of that. How many items in those areas could be tossed out? Are there things you know you’re never going to use again because are broken or don’t fit anymore? What kind of difference would it make if all of that clutter was removed in a single session? That is exactly what Junk King can help you with. You decide what you want removed and the crew from Junk King will take it away in a mere matter of minutes. It really is that simple.

And it doesn’t have to be just the small stuff. Put Junk King to the test of removing the bigger things like sectional sofas or bedroom sets. Out in the backyard they could make room by taking down an old hot tub the is using or toolshed that’s more of a home for spiders then your tools!

When scheduling with Junk King you’ll be asked to pick a two-hour window that works best for your time. It probably won’t take two hours to get your stuff cleared out. But it might take that time to get from one side of the city to the other. The Junk King crews will keep you apprised of their situation. They have their target and their really good at hitting that time! The best way to make room in your Coronado home is to get the junk removed. And the best way to make that happen is to hire Junk King San Diego today.

Junk King Is Always Dependable Junk Hauling For Bonita

Did you make it over to Bonitafest last month? It is always a wonderful way that the residents of Bonita show off their pride in their community and this year’s festival was no exception. Of course, we don’t need an annual festival to remind folks what a wonderful place Bonita is to live. After all, it’s right in the name: “Beautiful.” You can drive down any street and find examples of that “beauty” in all the ways people take care of their property. Junk King San Diego is proud to help out with these beautification endeavors. These are the professional junk haulers who always provide a dependable way of getting rid of the rubbish around any property.


A good indication that something needs to be removed from your yard would be the “rust factor.” If an item has been out in the weather long enough to grow rust, then it is time for it to go. That is true for car parts, patio furniture, lawnmowers and grills. Junk King will be sending over a pair of movers and a big truck. That’s all you need to get rid of those rusty objects. And that is work that is best left to the pros to avoid any injury.

A lot of the work that Junk King provides is clearing out unwanted rubbish from the inside of a home. Visitors touring through Bonita might not see that effort but you know what a difference it can make to have clutter removed from your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw open your garage door and just see a couple of well-organized shelves and peg boards? That can happen once you get all the other things out of the way. Around the rest of the house, it will be easy to find outfits in your closet and gadgets int your cabinets when there isn’t junk cluttering it up.

Junk King San Diego can help with the removal of everything you want gone whether it is a big piece or something small. That is going to make your living space truly “Bonita.”

Get The Right Junk Removal Help In Chula Vista

Since 2005, Chula Vista has had an “adopt-a-park” program in place that has helped transform acres of public land. You might have seen signs for an “adopt-a-highway” program but these have more to do with direct donations used to cleanup vs. actual crews going out on the highway. With the park program, folks who adopt a section of a public park get to go in directly beautify those areas. They pull weeds, pick up trash and plant flowers. If you’ve been to a park recently, then you’ve probably noticed these improvements. Maybe you’ve even adopted a park with a group. This is a terrific example of how the residents of Chula Vista make this just a great place to live.


Around your own property, there is a lot you can do to beautify things and it won’t require a lot of effort. Junk King San Diego is standing by to make your home free of all kinds of junk and that’s a great project to take on.

What are the kinds of things that could be removed from your home to improve that space? Do you have old furniture you’re keeping in storage in the garage? What about appliances that aren’t working but taking up storage space? Then think about all the things in your closet that you’ll never wear again. All of those things can be swiftly hauled away by the crew from Junk King.

Getting all that unwanted stuff removed from the inside of your home will certainly make things beautiful on the inside but what about the outside of your home? Junk King can be a big boost there as well. The Junk King crews can do some amazing yard clean up. There could be old planters, grills, lawnmowers and furniture that you want removed. Those are all the kinds of things that need to help of a pair of movers and a truck and that is what Junk King provides on every junk removal appointment.

The sooner you get all that rubbish cleared from your property, the sooner you can incorporate your own beautification ideas. Are you ready to get your junk removal needs met for your Chula Vista home? Then you’re ready to put Junk King San Diego to work.

You Don’t Need Extra Storage When You Clear Out Junk

Bonita residents are taking a stand against storage. This particular storage would be a 133,000 square feet storage facility that would contain 900 units. Plans for the facility are in front of the San Diego Planning Commission but longtime Bonita residents aren’t happy. They’ve taken to putting up signs on their yards reading, “Stop Bonita Storage.” The fear is that the facility won’t fit into the community as a whole. It will just too industrial for what many feel is a residential area. Others note that there really doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming need to outside storage. That might have a lot to do with Junk King San Diego. Thanks to their efforts, homeowners have been able to clear out a lot of storage space on their property. What is your storage situation like?


The two most common areas in a home for storage are the closets and the garage. Those areas can fill up fast. But if you were to dedicate some time to sorting through your closets and garage, you would probably find a lot of things that you could get rid of.

In the closets, there could be piles of outfits, jackets, sweaters, shoes, hats and other garments that you’re never going to wear again. Certainly, in your kid’s closets there would be plenty of things that have been outgrown.

Out in the garage you might be holding onto a lot of broken tools, appliances or electronics. They’ve probably been replaced or your realized you don’t need them. Why have them take up all that valuable storage space?

After you have completed all of your sorting is when you’ll want to call in Junk King to set up a removal appointment. You definitely want to call after the sorting because Junk King often offers same day pickup appointments. Don’t be tempted by that if you haven’t finished going through your storage areas. Yes, Junk King wouldn’t mind coming back for a second pickup appointment but their goal remains getting rid of all your stuff in a single appointment. When you need to find more room for storage in your home, start with a rubbish clearing session from Junk King San Diego.

Junk King Offers Rubbish Removal Help For National City

One of the first thing new residents to National City ask their neighbors is, “When is the trash pickup?” There will no doubt be a lot of boxes and wrapping material that needs to be tossed out in that first week of unpacking. This is when you also might discover that you brought along a bunch of things you can probably do without. Maybe the old sofa doesn’t look good in the new place. Perhaps the entertainment center looks dated. It could also be that you’ve quickly run out of closet space and want to make room by tossing out old clothes. That is a lot to get rid of. Thankfully, there is a company in National City that can be a big help with this kind of rubbish removal. That company would be Junk King San Diego.

Pricing - Junk Removal and Hauling Services   Junk King

Junk King San Diego is a proud member of the nationwide Junk King brand. Like every other franchise, Junk King San Diego is happy to provide customer service that goes above and beyond what might be expected. Often homeowners will think that something is so bulky or heavy that it couldn’t possibly be moved. There are also some objects that would clearly have to be taken apart before they can be loaded onto the truck. For the record, size, weight and dismantling is never an issue for Junk King!

The two things you have to be in charge of for your Junk King session is when you want it to happen and what you’re getting rid of. Junk King asks that you set aside two hours on the day that works best for your schedule. Those two hours will give the crews plenty of time to make their way from one National City stop to the next. As for what you’re getting rid of, as mentioned, practically anything can go. Junk King just asks that you do all the sorting before the crew arrives. Once they roll up, they’ll be eager to get to work so you can get back to your day. Getting rubbish removed from your National City home is no longer problem thanks to Junk King San Diego being on the scene!

Who To Call For Effective Junk Cleanup In Coronado

Don’t be surprise if you see a bunch of sharks and mermaids cleaning up the beaches around Coronado. The Coronado Sharks and Mermaids is a group of kids and parents who are dedicated to keep the coastlines around Coronado as pristine as possible. The group was started just over a year ago and they meet on the beaches once a month where they learn about marine life and then spend some time doing something positive for the environment. A recent cleanup even had the Mayor of Coronado pitching in with the kids. Beach cleanups have always depended on the dedication of volunteers like this group and they should be commended for their efforts and their inspiration.


Around your home, you might be inspired to clean up your junk for a different reason that might have more to do with making storage space or making over the backyard. To help with those projects you can always call on Junk King San Diego. This is a professional junk hauling company who has been making vast improvements for property owners all across Coronado and beyond.

What makes Junk King so effective is how easy it is to use their service. You can set up an appointment online at any hour. That request will trigger a confirmation call and the junk removal plan will be locked down. The plan will involve a pair of dedicated movers who will be doing all the lifting and loading work for you. What you have to be focused on is deciding exactly what you want removed. Those decisions should be made before the crew arrives and you don’t have to worry about the size or weight of an object. The Junk King crews are equally adept at removing a few boxes of old clothes as they are with dismantling a backyard hot tub.

One of the last things the Junk King crew likes to do on a job is sweep up the area they’ve just cleared away. It is this attention to detail that permeates through every aspect of Junk King’s junk removal process. If you need fast and effective junk removal from your Coronado home, then you need to hire Junk King San Diego today.

Clever Travel Tips To Make For A Stress Free Vacation

The goal of any vacation is to take a week off from work and use that time to get rid of the stress you’ll have the other 51 weeks of the year. The ideal vacation is different for everyone. You might actually see a lot of people heading into San Diego for their vacation as you head out of town. In order to make your travels as stress free as possible, you might want to put some of these tips into action:


Take a Photo of Your Checked Luggage

When it comes to airlines and luggage, you need to prepare for the worst. That could mean having your luggage get lost. It will help if you have a snapshot on your phone of the suitcases to help identify them quicker. You should also tie a bright ribbon around the handle to make them stand out. And if you’re concerned about break ins, then you can wrap the whole piece in plastic.

Learn the Rules

If it has been a while since you’ve flown, then it will help to review the rules of the airport you’re flying through. You don’t want to hold up the line tossing out things from your carry on that you shouldn’t be carrying on.

Don’t Rush the Gate

Whenever boarding is called, everyone rushes the gate. This makes sense only on Southwest Airlines where there are no assigned seats. But for everything else, there is no need to cram into the plane. Even if your biggest worry is getting space in the over bin, relax, there will always be room.

To Avoid Turbulence Book Morning Flights

Most thunder storms occur when the weather has warmed up. That’s why early morning flights are often more smoother. And if you really want to buffer from the bumps, snag the middle seats nearest the wings. It’s most stable there.

Call For A Rebooking

If your flight gets cancelled, then there will be a long line of people trying to rebook with an agent. Skip that and make a call either on your phone or at a courtesy phone. The airline reps you speak on the phone with will have the same information as the desk attendant. You’ll just be talking to them sooner.

Finally, think about how Junk King San Diego can help your vacation. More to the point, how they can help when you come home from your vacation. Won’t it be nice to return to a home where all your unwanted rubbish has been removed, your garage is clear of clutter and your closets have room? All of that can happen with one junk clearing session from Junk King San Diego.

Call On Junk King For Fast Trash Removal

We can all agree that trash isn’t pretty, especially in the heat. No matter how clean your garbage cans are, when the bags of kitchen waste start baking in the sun, there is no escaping the “aromas.” Thankfully, the weekly garbage pickup helps mitigate dealing wit trash in the heat. However, you might have some other trash that needs tending to around the house. This trash might not be “ripening” but it can certainly cause plenty of strife. That would be all the trash that isn’t going to be picked up by the city. These are the big items that aren’t going anywhere unless you bring in outside help. That help should come from Junk King San Diego.


Not matter how heavy something is in your home, you could probably move it a couple of inches. That might be enough for some dusting and vacuuming but it is as far as it goes. That’s true for a fridge or a sofa. For those things to get out of the house, you’re going to need two movers and that is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. It helps that those two movers also will show up with a very friendly attitude. Not amount of junk that you want to get rid of with dissuade them from get your house clear.

Having these two movers can also make a difference around the yard. Although Junk King crews won’t be able to push a lawnmower, they can do a lot of yard clearing. Anything that and everything can be picked up or dismantled. If the kids have outgrown the swing set, then let the crew from Junk King pull it out so you can regrow grass or put in a fire pit.

That is really the big benefit from hiring Junk King to clear out all the junk from inside and outside of your home: You get to take your space back. Even if it means getting to park your car in the garage again, then it will be worth it for sure. When you’ve got a need for big trash removal put Junk King San Diego on the job.