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How A Junk Removal Service Can Help You In San Diego

junk removal san diego

If you’ve been searching online for junk removal services, there’s no need to search any further! That’s because we’ve got you covered here at Junk King San Diego.

In fact, no matter where you live, when it comes to junk removal, no other company compares to Junk King. This is because no other junk removal company offers better service and better value.

What is a Junk Removal Service?

Sometimes it seems that life often leaves you with unwanted junk. Maybe it’s because you’ve accumulated a large amount of belongings over time. Perhaps you’ve inherited or been given some things you no longer want or need. And, maybe, you’re in the midst of a home cleaning or home improvement project that’s generating a lot of junk and debris.

However, you end up with it, that junk has to be removed somehow. And that’s where a junk removal service comes in.

If you live in the San Diego area, you already know that disposing of unwanted junk is no picnic. Anything that can’t go into your residential trash or recycle bins has to be removed and hauled off somewhere. And that typically means the landfills.

But how simple is that for the average resident?

According to the CountyOffice.org website,

“There are 6 Landfills in San Diego County, California, serving a population of 3,283,665 people in an area of 4,206 square miles. There is 1 Landfill per 547,277 people, and 1 Landfill per 700 square miles.”

Simply put, this means that every time you want to take a load of junk to the nearest landfill, you are only one of more than half a million residents that may be doing the same thing. The bottom line is that doing it yourself is both costly and time-consuming, not to mention unsustainable. 

Who Needs Junk Removal?

Regardless of your age, no matter if you’re single or not, and despite your best efforts at keeping your personal belongings to a minimum – if that’s your style – you are probably going to find yourself needing junk removal service at some point.

There are many situations that leave folks with more things than they need, such as when they decide to “downsize” to a smaller house when they retire or – sadly – after a divorce or a family member passes away.

While these are some of the harsher realities of life, the end result is that they leave people with the unfortunate task of having to get rid of things.

Businesses need junk removal, too. Especially smaller businesses that lack the time, personnel, and resources to handle their own junk removal, hauling, and disposal. Having the option of outsourcing these tasks to a dedicated and professional junk removal service is a huge benefit.

When your junk is just small stuff, you can usually get rid of it in your household trash bins or workplace dumpster. You might even be able to donate it. But, if you have large amounts of junk or simply large junk items, that’s when you need the services of a reputable and reliable junk removal company.

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What Items Our Junk Removal Service Takes

At Junk King San Diego, we take just about anything you want to get rid of. Whether it’s stuff from your house, or excess equipment and office furniture from your place of business, we’ve got you covered.

And another one of the many ways we save you money, while providing world class service, is by using junk removal trucks that are at least 20 percent larger than those of our competitors.

Examples of the types of junk we haul away include:New Call-to-action

  • Furniture Removal
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Appliance Removal
  • Hot Tub Disposal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Trash Removal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
  • Construction Waste Removal
  • Garbage Removal

No matter what type of junk you have, or how big or how small, the team at Junk King San Diego will review the job with you, confirm your free estimate, and haul away your items quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Remember, we can handle most any and every kind of junk (except hazardous waste.)

How Our World-Class Junk Removal Works 

What do you do when you have no more storage space? Do you find yourself playing Tetris ® with your stuff, moving it from one room or closet to another, trying to make it fit? It’s quite likely that you need to get rid of a lot of the excess stuff you no longer need or want.

And it’s likely that you can’t get rid of it by yourself.

Why is that? Well, for one thing, you probably need a larger vehicle than you own. Like a truck. And, while you could ask to borrow a truck from your brother-in-law or a friend – or even rent a truck for a day – you still have to do all the hard work. 

Of course, you could also look into hiring some local guy with a truck who makes “dump runs.” But even that can be fraught with problems.

But why consider any of these options when you could easily hire a local professional junk hauling firm here in San Diego? Not only will you avoid the risk of damaging someone else’s vehicle (and having to clean it afterwards!), but you can know the job will be done quickly, efficiently, and completely.

And you won’t have to do the heavy lifting and hauling!

In addition, you won’t be waiting in line at the landfill paying municipal dumping fees. And, speaking of landfills, the fact is that not all junk needs to go to the dump anyway!

full service junk removal

Why Our Junk Removal Service is Green

Everyone agrees that recycling is important.

This is why, at Junk King San Diego, our standard method of disposal starts with recycling, reuse, and repurposing as much material as possible. 

In fact, when Junk King was founded in 2005, we were the first recycling-based junk removal service in the United States. And we have continued to recycle, repurpose and reuse as much as possible everything that we pick up at every location.

Being green isn’t simply a “feel good” slogan for us – it’s a foundational part of what we do. 

Did you know that most junk is made of many recyclable materials? And, just because you can’t put all of it into your residential recycling bin, doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled or reused. At Junk King San Diego, we are committed to disposing of your unwanted junk and using proper recycling and disposal methods as much as possible. 

And, if you’re getting rid of working appliances or furniture items that are in good condition, we work to find a new home for them using our relationships with local organizations.

If you want a local, professional, and eco-friendly junk removal service, Junk King San Diego is your first choice. Choosing us means you’ll receive efficient, safe and “green” junk removal and hauling services along with the peace of mind that your old items are being reused or recycled properly.

junk removal service recycling

What Our Junk Removal Service Costs

Along with keeping our landfills free of more old junk items, we work hard to ensure that our prices are better than any other licensed and insured, eco-friendly, recycling-based junk removal company.

Because many junk hauling firms charge by weight, it’s a disadvantage for customers with particularly heavy junk items such as old appliances or masonry rubble. Not so with Junk King San Diego. In fact, we charge simply by the amount of space your junk takes up in our trucks. This means savings for you and simple, up-front pricing.

In addition, we always offer free estimates of your junk removal so you don’t have to wait to see what your junk will cost to be hauled off. And we also guarantee to beat any written estimate.

Try it yourself! 

Use our free pricing tool and estimator so you can get an estimate on your own by simply adding up the items you want us to haul away. Our pricing estimator will give you an estimate online of the final price our friendly team will confirm for you once they’re onsite.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Our pricing tool works for all types of junk items including yard debris, old furniture, large electronics, appliances and other household goods.

You simply give us a call, tell us what you have, and we’ll provide you with an estimate!

Finding Junk Removal Service in San Diego

One call to Junk King San Diego will solve your junk removal problem.

At Junk King San Diego, we provide expert junk removal and hauling services to the entire San Diego area. For junk removal services that are both affordable and green, you need look no further than Junk King San Diego.

Call us today and tell us about the junk items you want to have removed from your home or place of business.

Once we know what you have and what it will take to remove it, you’ll get a price quote from us in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimates. Once you agree to our quote, we can schedule a time that works with your busy schedule.

Ready to get rid of your junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

After you do, our professional and insured junk removal team will call 15 minutes before we arrive on site. Once there, we’ll give you a free quote based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

You simply point and we’ll haul those items into our junk removal trucks – all with no hidden fees.

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Junk Removal For Dulzura Is Just A Phone Call Away

Do you put your cell phone contacts into categories? There is an ability with smartphones to categorize specific phone numbers as friends, family, work or service professionals. It helps to make those lists so that you don’t have to scroll through all of your contacts to find the one number that you are looking for.

How many service professionals do you think you have in your contact list? One number that should definitely be added is the number for Junk King San Diego. You might not have a need for Junk King today but they will most certainly come a time when you have to have something removed from your Dulzura home that is simply too big for the trash can. That is the time to call in Junk King.

A Plan Of Action

That call you make to Junk King will trigger a plan of action that is can result in all your unwanted items being hauled away in a single session. That is always the mission for Junk King. Each appointment has a “standard” crew of two strong movers. That is the moving team that can take care of just about any type of rubbish removal need in a home. Of course, there are the occasional challenges that require additional team members and trucks. It is not uncommon on a job that involves a hoarder type of cleanup or clearing out a foreclosure property that additional crews will be dispatched.

You should never have to worry about the cost of that extra labor. That is because with Junk King you won’t be charged for that extra labor. You will always be charged the same flat rate whether you are getting rid of just a few pieces of furniture or an entire household furnishings. That flat rate is always based on how your stuff will be packed on the back of the truck. One price covers everything. And you will know what that price is before the work begins.

Are you ready to get all the junk out of your Dulzura home? Then you are ready to make that call to Junk King San Diego.

Say Goodbye To The Rubbish From Your Chula Vista Home

Getting rid of big rubbish items from your Chula Vista home might seem like an impossible task. After all, if you could have gotten rid of that item sooner, then it would be long gone. The challenge of getting rid of those big pieces is that you need movers and a truck. Those aren’t easy to come by on you own but they are extremely easy when you call in Junk King San Diego. Not only can we help you say goodbye to the rubbish from your Chula Vista home but we can do it the safe way.

Masks On

The team from Junk King will be showing up at your property for the schedule appointment wearing their distinct red shirt and masks. That is part of the health guidelines that all businesses are adopting to keep their staff and customers safe. In addition to the masks, the Junk King teams will be practicing social distancing. You can just point to what you want removed and the Junk King team will pick it up on the spot. That is what they’ve always done; they’ll just be doing it from six feet away!

What hasn’t changed for Junk King is their dedication to responsible disposal of all the things that they collect. That involves the option of dropping items off at a recycling center or a charity. The last place Junk King wants to go is a landfill. Any day that they can avoid that trip is a good day for Junk King!

Junk King also remains committed to help making this rubbish removal process an affordable one. Their pricing policy is based on how the truck gets packed up. The more stuff that the crew can fit into a small space, the less you will be paying. You might think your stuff fills up half the truck but the Junk King crew can pack it into a smaller space. That will have you paying the lower end of the price scale every time.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to the rubbish from your Chula Vista home, you’re ready to call in Junk King San Diego.

The Best Option For Rubbish Removal In Bonita Is Junk King

“Easy booking online. They call to inform about when during the window they would show up. Fast and will definitely use again. Highly recommend!” – Kory, Santee

That is just one of the many positive posts that Junk King San Diego customers have put online to describe their experiences with Junk King. Setting up rubbish removal for your Bonita home shouldn’t be complicated. Junk King has perfected the approach for this type of job that generates these kinds of reviews:

“Great experience with these guys. They let me know they were on the way to my appointment and were right on time. Easily found a way to get a monster couch through our front door and easily down a flight of stairs. Will definitely use these guys again if the need arises.” – Bucky, San Diego

“Junk King was great. Mikey called me ahead of time to let me know when they’d be on their way. Service was fast and simple!” – Andrea, San Diego

The Junk King team are terrific problem solvers. They can quickly size up any removal task to determine the safest approach. Those “size up” skills come into play when making an estimate to the fee, too. The Junk King teams have a lot of experience with packing up trucks. That experience allows them to get as much stuff into as little space as possible. The result of that effort will mean you’re paying the low end of the price scale. That makes Junk King a great deal.

What reviewers can’t post is what happens after the Junk King crew leaves. That is when the responsible disposal part of the Junk King process kicks into gear. Those same crews will be sorting through all the items collected. They’re looking for anything that could be dropped off at a charity or a recycling center. This is what makes Junk King a green business through and through.

When you need to have rubbish removal in Bonita, you only need to make a call to Junk King San Diego. We’ll get the job done right every time.

Use Junk King For Safe Junk Hauling In Alpine

The “new normal” for any interaction outside of your home is to ask, “Is it safe?” It is not just enough to hire a service professional who has been licensed and insured. It is now vital that you work with a company who is following safety guidelines provided by state health authorities. That even includes junk hauling. Thankfully, Junk King San Diego was out in front of the COVID crisis and was quick to adopt those guidelines. This means you can hire Junk King with confidence to take care of all the junk hauling from your Alpine home. We’ll get it done and keep everyone safe.

You Make the Call

The social distancing and wearing masks are the foundation for the new safety procedures. At Junk King, all of our crews will be masked up and gloved up. As for social distancing, Junk King is happy to offer curbside pickup for all the items that you can bring down to your porch, driveway or sidewalk. If there happens to be a particular item that needs specialized lifting from inside the house, then we’ll find a way to get it done while maintaining those social distancing barriers. You shouldn’t give it a second thought!

Junk King also can conduct the estimates and the payments over the phone as well. The crews need to see all the things that you’re getting rid of to size up just how it will fit onto the truck. Their goal remains to get as much into as little space as possible. That will keep you paying the low end of the price scale. The estimate is also guaranteed. If you have an estimate from another company for the same junk hauling, then Junk King will match that price.

These days you don’t want to take chances. For fast and affordable junk hauling in Alpine, you’ll be safe with Junk King San Diego on the job.


Use Junk King For Safe Yard Waste Cleanup

Things have a tendency to pile up around the house. That is true even if you are spending more time in that house. It is also true for what might be happening in your backyard. A lot of folks are taking this time to reinvigorate their backyard gardens. Vegetable gardens have become a very popular project for families to take on. That could mean clearing away space and creating piles of dirt, rocks and sod. That is the kind of yard waste that you want to get cleaned up fast and that is exactly the kind of help that Junk King San Diego can still provide. We can pick up the yard waste while you are safe on the porch!

Added Precautions

Junk King is put into place them at a precautions to make pickups safe for customers and for our moving crews. Following the recommendations of the CDC, we are having all of our workers wear masks and gloves for every pickup. We also maintaining a reasonable social distance. That is why for the time being most of our pickups what happened curbside. However, when it comes to yard waste cleanup we can pick up everything right spot. That also includes dismantling any structure that you have in your backyard that you would like to bring down.

The type of materials that Junk King can load onto the truck is a long list. For yard waste that can include anything from palm fronds to gravel. We also maintaining our affordable pricing policy. That will always be based on how the trucks get packed up and not how heavy something is. That can make a big difference especially when you are getting rid of a mound of dirt! You can set up your session with Junk King over the phone or online. If you book online, then you can start saving right away.

Enjoying your backyard means getting rid of the yard waste. Junk King San Diego is standing by to help with that goal. Book a session today.

The Smart Approach For Home-Schooling

Many parents across San Diego are discovering what it is like to be a teacher. That’s because they are deeply involved in home-schooling for the first time. Thankfully, the school districts have provided all of the class assignments that can help keep parents on track. But there is a lot more going on than just following the assignments. Here are some ways that you can make sure your home-schooling is productive:

Wake Up the Same Time

Getting ready for home-schooling should follow the same routines as when your kids go to their actual school. That means waking up at the same time, having breakfast and getting dressed for the day. After that, you can decide when the school session should start around the house. It will also help the kids to go to bed at the same time that they are used to. Technically, the “it’s a school night” rules are still in effect!

Set up a Classroom

By now, your kids probably have all of their books from school. Each day, you may be printing out assignments from their classes. They might also still be the need for using maps and a bulletin board to help supplement some of the lessons. This is why you should set up a classroom area in your house that is separate from the TV room. It could mean sacrificing your dining room for the duration of the home-schooling. Setting up this special zone will help the kids get focused because they know when they are sitting at their “desk” it is time to get the work done.

Make Time for Recess

If you think back to your school days, then you probably remember recess as some of the best time of the school day. Your kids are no different. That is why you need to make sure they get their recess time while at home. Recess shouldn’t be just taking a break from the books but could also include going outside to play for a little bit.

Keep Them Cleaning the House

It is also important that you keep the kids on their chore schedule. This is not an extended vacation. That means all the things they were doing to help around the house needs to continue. In fact, you should take this opportunity while everyone is home to go through the entire house and decide which items can be tossed out. A thorough decluttering like that will go a long way towards creating a positive living environment. Junk King San Diego is standing by to help facilitate pickup of all your unwanted items. We have created some new procedures that are meant to safeguard our workers and our customers. The junk removal work needs to go on an Junk King San Diego can help do it the right way.

Junk King Can Help With Your El Cajon Landscaping Renovation

Every renovation project adds value to a home but not every one of those renovation projects has to be a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You could take on a landscaping renovation for your El Cajon property that would boost your curb appeal and your property value.  A landscaping renovation would start the same way a kitchen renovation would. That would mean a certain level of “demolition” to create a clean slate to build on. In a backyard, that can involve digging up plots of sod, breaking up a concrete patio or taking down a wooden deck. Any level of demolition is going to create a serious amount of debris and that debris needs to be cleared away for the real work begins. Junk King San Diego is a terrific option to help you clear away all that yard debris for your landscaping renovation.

The Same Procedures

Junk King is going to use the same procedures for your landscaping renovation cleanup as they would for any other type of rubbish removal from your home. That procedure begins with the Junk King crew sizing up what you want to get rid of. They may certainly consider weight as a factor only in terms of deciding the best course of action for lifting and loading. It doesn’t become a factor when it comes to determining what your price will be. That is always based on the amount of space that all of the things you are getting rid of will occupy on the truck. The team from Junk King always wants to make as much room on the truck as possible. That allows them to make multiple stops for returning to the depot. It also allows their customers to pay the low-end of the price to. Junk King always wants to make this work fast and affordable.

If you are getting your landscaping renovation project started over the weekend, then it won’t be a problem for the Junk King crew to show up on a Saturday afternoon for the debris removal. That way your renovation teams can start fresh on Monday without anything hindering their work.

If a landscaping renovation is part of the plans for your El Cajon property, then you should make a session with Junk King San Diego part of those plans, too.

Utilize Junk King For Old Lawnmower Removal In Dulzura

There are many parts of the country where lawnmowing stops. Usually, that happens in early fall and continues throughout the winter. In the spring, the lawnmowers are rolled out of winter storage and put to work bringing those lawns “back to life.” Here in Dulzura, lawnmowing is a year-round task. That only increases the chances of your lawnmower wearing down sooner. If you have reached the point where it is time to replace your old lawnmower with a new model, then you want to make sure you have space to place that new machine. Junk King San Diego is standing by to take care of your old lawnmower removal. While they are at it, they can also remove a lot more unwanted items from your property.


As far as the Junk King crew is concerned, getting rid of an old lawnmower might be among the easiest tasks they are asked to perform. After all, that lawnmower will most definitely be outside and on wheels. That means it can roll away right from the garage to the back Junk King truck. If you only wanted to get rid of your old lawnmower, then your session with junk King would be over very fast. Junk King does not have any problems with single item pickups. However, since the moving crew and that truck will be at your disposal you should consider all of the other things that you can get rid of in this session.

Are there any other bulky objects in your garage that could be carted away? Are there some things in the backyard that need to be replaced? Now think about the inside of the house. How many items would you like removed from your closets, cabinets and spare rooms? All of those things can swiftly be loaded onto the Junk King truck with the same level of ease as your old lawnmower. One session with Junk King can make a huge difference around your home.

Bring in Junk King San Diego to swap out the old lawnmower from your Dulzura home. Set up that appointment today.

Junk King Makes Mattress Removal In Chula Vista Easy

An old mattress is not one of those things that can be stuffed into a trash can. They also can’t be sold on one of those “buy my stuff” apps on your phone. The moment and mattress has been designated as “used” it has effectively become useless. The only way to get rid of an old mattress from your Chula Vista home is to bring in a company like Junk King San Diego. These are professional junk haulers who make this type of removal job easy. You don’t have to do any the work. You don’t have to bring the mattress downstairs. You don’t have to devote a large portion of the day to make it happen. With junk King on the job everything will be easy.

Delivery Day

You might want to coordinate the mattress removal with Junk King on the delivery day of your new mattress. After going to a mattress showroom and picking out your new mattress you’ll set up a delivery day. The moment that is lockdown you should call junk King to get the removal squared away. This way it can all happen in the same day and that won’t disrupt you going to bed at night!

Hiring junk King just to remove an old mattress might seem as though it is a lot of effort for simple task. It doesn’t matter to Junk King whether you want to get rid of just one thing or a dozen. However, since you do have a capable moving crew and a big truck at your disposal you should consider all of the other things that you could get rid of in that same mattress removal session. A few hours spent sorting through closets and your garage can yield a lot of newly designated rubbish that should be cleared out. The moment you decide you are not going to use in ever again is the moment you should give it to Junk King. There’s no reason to hold onto unwanted clutter.

Getting rid of your old mattress in Chula Vista is easy when Junk King San Diego is on the job. Set up your appointment today.

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