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Monthly Archives: October 2017

5 Reasons to get a San Francisco Dumpster Rental

Are you thinking about a San Francisco dumpster rental? If you have substantial waste removal needs—or if you have an event or project coming up that will produce a significant amount of waste—then renting a dumpster may save you a lot of trips back and forth from your nearest trash or recycling facility. Bottom line, if you have more trash or recycling than you can fit in your weekly collection bins, then you can probably benefit from a dumpster rental.

San Francisco Dumpster RentalWith that said, here are five specific scenarios in which a San Francisco dumpster rental will come in handy:

  1. You are doing a home renovation

Home renovations are notoriously messy projects. While it’s fun to knock down walls with a sledgehammer, or to tear out that laminate flooring in the kitchen that you’ve always hated, those tasks are also going to leave you with a lot of refuse and nowhere to put it. Positioning a dumpster rental right out front in your driveway makes the project easier. In some cases, you or your contracting team will even be able to toss debris right out the windows and into the bin. Even if you have to carry bundles of old carpet or piles of removed flooring out to the bin, though, it’s still faster (and cleaner) than piling everything in your car and driving it to the trash or recycling plant.

When your bin is full (which will likely happen multiple times throughout your project), you can just call your dumpster rental company, and they’ll come pick it up, replace your bin with a new one, and carry your waste away. This process is easy and convenient and allows you and your team to focus on the renovation at hand rather than worrying about the logistics of waste disposal.

  1. You are moving

Perhaps your family is moving to a new house, or maybe your business is moving from one store or office location to a bigger one across town. No matter the nature of the move, a dumpster rental is always a useful thing to have. As humans, we tend to accumulate a lot of clutter over the years. Our homes fill up with boxes, papers, old toys, worn clothing, obsolete electronics, and other junk we don’t need. The same thing happens at offices or businesses—although not always with the same kind of junk. You probably don’t want to move this stuff to your new address, but sorting through it and figuring out how and where to get rid of it can be a hassle.

A rental dumpster expedites the process. When you find something in your closet, desk, or company storeroom that you don’t want, just drop it in the container. If you are worried about recyclables, that’s why you choose Junk King for your San Francisco dumpster rental. We sort through every bin and pull out items that can be repurposed, reused, or recycled—from textiles to electronics and appliances. With us, you get a sustainable waste disposal solution without having to sort painstakingly through everything you don’t want.

  1. You are doing spring cleaning

If you stay on top of your spring cleaning every year, you might be able to make do with your standard weekly pick-up trash and recycling bins. Let a few years go by, though, and you will be amazed at the density with which clutter accumulates. A dumpster rental makes it easy to take everything you don’t want and purge it from your home. If you are someone who struggles to get motivated for spring cleaning, the ease of having a dumpster on your premises where you can ditch all your unwanted items might just get you moving.

  1. You are undertaking a construction project

Building projects always produce their fair share of waste and debris. Whether you are undertaking a DIY shed building project in your backyard or spearheading a property development operation with your construction business, chances are you are going to need a dumpster rental or two. Having a place where you or your team can toss scraps of wood or carpet, packaging from building materials, screws, nails, roof tiles, and other construction debris will keep your worksite clean and save you lots of time.

Even if you have a small quantity of building refuse from a DIY project, there is a good chance that your usual garbage crew is not going to accept it. When you rent a dumpster, there are a lot fewer restrictions for what you can and cannot throw away—especially regarding item size. Since Junk King sorts through and pulls out most everything that is recyclable, we will make sure most of your building waste doesn’t just end up in a landfill somewhere.

  1. You are cleaning out your garage or basement

For a lot of people, the garage or basement is like a black hole. These are places where you store things “temporarily” because you don’t want them taking up space somewhere else. Usually, “temporarily” is just a buzzword, something we tell our families when we don’t want to deal with something or can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it just yet.

Unfortunately, the amount of junk in your garage or basement has probably just been compounding over time. Your garage could be a messy pile of old bicycles, busted yard tools, golf clubs and baseball bats you haven’t touched in a decade, and other junk you don’t need. The basement, meanwhile, is a haven for ratty old furniture, worn out sheets, broken musical instruments, and electronics that haven’t been functional since the last millennium.

Eventually, everyone seems to decide that it’s time for a blank slate. If you’ve reached that point with your garage or basement, then a rental dumpster can be a lifesaver. A lot of the stuff that ends up in garages or basements is large, unwieldy, and difficult to carry or transport. With a rental dumpster, you only need to move everything as far as your driveway. The company that rented the container will take it from there.

Call Junk King for a San Francisco Dumpster Rental

If you are looking for a dumpster rental in the San Francisco area, look no further than Junk King. We are quick, responsive, friendly, and reasonably priced. We can get you a good-sized dumpster to fill up with whatever type of junk you have. When it’s full, we will be there to carry away your stuff so that you never have to see it again. Over the years, we have provided this service for homeowners, businesses, property managers, and construction companies—to name but a few. No matter what kind of project you are undertaking, we bet our waste disposal solutions will make things easier.

Since we are vigilant about recycling, we are also a favorite dumpster rental provider for people and businesses concerned with sustainability. From your garage or basement to your construction project, a lot of what you are throwing away could probably go to a recycling plant instead. We save you the time of sorting through everything by doing it for you, making sure your recyclables get recycled without forcing you to divide all your waste into multiple piles or categories.

If you are looking for a San Francisco dumpster rental, get in touch with us at Junk King. We’d be happy to tell you more about our services and what sets us apart from the competition. Reach us today by filling out our contact form.

Dumpster Rental in San Francisco Why Green Rentals Matter

Often, when businesses or homeowners arrange for dumpster rental in San Francisco, they are somewhat pressed for time. They have a lot of junk to get rid of and only a short period in which to get rid of it. For instance, a business preparing to move to a new office location might rent a bin so that it can quickly dispose of desk clutter, unwanted furniture, old computer equipment, excess paper waste, cardboard shipping boxes, and more. Dumpster rentals are also common in home renovations when construction teams need to rip out drywall, flooring, carpeting, and other building materials to make way for the new.

Dumpster Rental San FranciscoUnfortunately, this time-sensitive approach to waste disposal does not promote good sustainable activity. Because of convenience, everything goes into the dumpster. No one spares much thought for recycling, even if a lot of what is being thrown away—from paper products to plastic refuse to metal building materials—is technically recyclable.

What Happens to Most Dumpster Refuse?

Most companies, as you might expect, are also not very concerned with recycling. They rent dumpsters as a quick, spacious, and convenient way for customers to clear out their junk. When a bin gets full, the waste removal company comes and picks it up, usually transporting the waste to the nearest landfill. Just like that, a vast amount of recyclable material ends up wasted and taking up space in landfills, instead of being repurposed for a different application.

It’s tough to fault dumpster rental providers for how they do business. While some businesses do offer recycling bins and trash bins, most companies looking for a dumpster rental just want one large bin where they can dispose of everything. It’s simpler, easier for everyone to remember, and costs less—and while rental companies could potentially sort through their collections and pull out recyclables, doing so is a time-consuming process. To maximize profits and get the most out of their staff, companies just take everything to the landfill.

An Alternative: A “Green” Dumpster Rental

At Junk King, we pride ourselves on being “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service.” When it comes to dumpster rentals, we wanted businesses to have a third option, between “Throw everything in the trash” and “Pay twice as much for a trash dumpster and a recycling dumpster.” We realized that if there was ever going to be a competitive green waste disposal rental option, it had to be just as easy and affordable for customers as the non-green options were. The burden of staying green, in other words, had to fall on our shoulders instead of on our customers.

The service we offer today is the realization of that vision. Instead of taking everything to the landfill after picking up your full container, we take each dumpster to our recycling warehouse. There, we carefully sort through the trash, looking for recyclable materials that don’t belong in landfills. Metals, paper, furniture, appliances, clothing and textiles, computers and other e-waste, and more: these types of items or materials still have value and use. Some can be sent to recycling plants, while others can be cleaned up and donated to organizations that need them. By pulling these valuable goods out of the dumpsters and saving them from the landfill, Junk King does its part in protecting the environment.

Junk King doesn’t even use machines to automate the sorting process. Recyclable and reusable goods come in all different materials, shapes, and sizes. No machine on the planet can adequately identify what is and isn’t junk. Instead, Junk King personnel are responsible for sifting through dumpsters and saving treasures from oblivion. This human touch ensures the best sorting possible and guarantees that we send only actual “junk” to the junkyard.

Cutting Down America’s Waste Numbers

The United States is famous for its wastefulness. While people in the United States account for just 5% of the world’s total population, we also generate approximately one-third of the world’s total garbage. That statistic is bewildering enough as is, but some of the stats that hide within it are even more alarming.

Consider this: roughly half of the “garbage” that Americans throw away daily could be recycled, reused, or repurposed. Glass and plastic bottles; lengths of aluminum foil; cardboard boxes and other packaging; paper from work projects, school assignments, newspapers, magazines, and more. These materials frequently end up in the trash but would be far better used by going to recycling plants.

The waste adds up, too. Every three months, Americans junk enough aluminum to rebuild our nation’s entire commercial air fleet from the ground up. The other statistics and facts are just as shocking.

Going Green

The good news is that many businesses are waking up to just how much waste we are producing—and just how much that waste is impacting the environment. A slew of household name brands have made sustainability a core priority. Dell uses recycled materials in its computers and product packaging. The New Belgium Brewing Company reuses, recycles, or composts 75% of the waste it produces. Also, roughly 75% of the materials that Patagonia uses for its clothing and outdoor equipment is either recycled or organically sourced.

These initiatives aren’t happening in a vacuum. While many businesses are probably focusing on recycling and overall sustainability because they believe it is the right thing to do, there is also an economic factor at work. Thanks to the Internet, business practices are widely reported, shared, and discussed. Social media is incredibly effective at unmasking and exposing companies that rely on environmentally destructive or otherwise unsustainable methods. Many consumers are now learning how to vote with their dollars, turning away from these brands and instead opting for the ones that make sustainability a priority.

For businesses, the positive PR boost of sustainable initiatives should be enough to launch a green initiative. Obviously, these initiatives take time to devise and get underway. However, something as simple as choosing a green dumpster rental instead of a landfill-bound one is an easy and smart place to start. For home renovators or other consumers who don’t have brand optics to worry about, meanwhile, going green is merely a way to put their money where their mouth is and do what they are demanding brands to do.

Arrange Green Dumpster Rental in San Francisco

Whether you are clearing out an office building, renovating a home or in the middle of a major construction or property development project, you are probably producing plenty of waste daily. You need somewhere to put it, which usually means a dumpster rental. If, however, you’re looking for a more sustainable option than just sending everything—paper, plastic, construction materials, e-waste, and all—to the landfill, there are other options.

At Junk King, we are proud to offer the greenest dumpster rental in San Francisco. We recycle more than our competitors without charging an arm and a leg, and customers in the area are starting to catch on. It doesn’t matter if you run a business with a well-established sustainability policy or are just a standalone homeowner in need of a convenient waste disposal service. We can help you clear out your clutter faster while also doing your part to protect the environment. If you are interested in learning more about our green dumpster rentals, or arranging one for your home, business, or worksite, visit the Junk King website and fill out our contact form.


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