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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Need Office Furniture Removal in San Francisco? Call Junk King

office furniture removal san francisco

WFH – an abbreviation that has become synonymous with COVID-19, coronavirus, working remotely, and stay-at-home orders, especially in cities such as San Francisco. And, whether you live or work in the Mission District, the Sunset District, near Balboa Park, or in Bayview, working from home can mean office furniture removal. 

If your home office has recently been renovated – which is a common practice these days as people find themselves spending far more time there – or your commercial space has been closed down indefinitely, you have old things to get rid of.

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Looking For Space – More Office Space Actually

Back in 1975 when John Denver was singing about finding himself, this was somewhat of a stirring and uplifting sentiment. Today, not so much.

According to one source

“Data issued by the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 4.7 million people, which make about 3.4% of the US workforce, were already working remotely before the novel coronavirus took the world by storm.”

And even more will join them permanently even after the latest wave of virtual workers are herded back to their corporate cubicles. Statista reported, 

“25% of respondent companies will move 10% of their employees to permanent remote positions post-COVID 19.”

With so many people transitioning to a “work from home” lifestyle, finding sufficient space and privacy in many homes is a challenge. And, with all the changes often comes a change of equipment and furnishings.

This often means that when the new stuff comes in, the old stuff has to go out. And, when the old stuff is office furniture, removing and disposing of it all can be a challenge.

Office chairs, desks, file cabinets, bookcases, and printer stands are hard to fit into a Prius or MINI Cooper. And leaving them out on the curb for someone to take isn’t really practical in the City. So, getting rid of old, unwanted office furniture is now a growing problem in cities like San Francisco. 

And not just for the WFH folks who are busy working in their business casual tops and flannel pajama bottoms!

There are plenty of businesses that, although they have managed to stay afloat in the onslaught of economic chaos, stay-at-home orders, government shutdowns, and just the general craziness of the previous year, have still found themselves downsizing.

And, of course, there are those businesses that, tragically, have closed down as a result of all this.

And downsizing or minimizing space often means getting rid of excess equipment and furnishings – similar problems but for different reasons.

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Office Furniture Removal for San Francisco

If your company is busy “emptying cubicles by the Bay” and your job is to find the best solution for office furniture removal, you are probably looking for something quick and easy.

Or, if you are newly working from home and have had to get rid of your old furniture in order to make room for your new furniture, it’s also your job to find the best solution for office furniture removal. And you probably also want some method that is quick and easy.

Good news: Junk King San Francisco has the solution you need.

Assuming you have either been unable to or have decided not to even try to, sell or donate your old office furniture, removing them yourself can be rough. For businesses with employees, it may be tempting to rent a truck and press them into service as furniture movers and junk haulers. 

But it’s not cost-effective nor efficient. And probably not even safe. 

With health protocols, social distancing, huffing and puffing through a mask while grappling with heavy furniture, this isn’t an ideal DIY project for anyone. In fact, taking care of your own office furniture removal is probably much more than most people can or want to do.

However, you can easily hire a professional firm to do all the heavy lifting for you and haul it all away so you can avoid this task.

In fact, outsourcing for professional and reliable office furniture removal is actually a smart business decision. 

And calling Junk King San Francisco to pick up your old office furniture makes great sense because there’s simply no easy way to get rid of it yourself especially in San Francisco! Best of all, Junk King will provide you with an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly furniture removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of your old office items.

Not only that, but we also make sure that your old furniture items end up in the right place: whether it be a charity if the pieces of furniture are still in good shape for a donation or a recycling facility to ensure your furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

commercial junk removal services

Our Office Furniture Removal Process is “Green” Furniture Removal

Too many junk removal companies operate with the end goal of taking as much as possible to the nearest landfill. And, while it may seem to be quicker and more efficient, it’s certainly not the way we do things here at Junk King San Francisco.

In fact, our junk disposal process involves taking the junk and trash that we’ve picked up from you, including your unwanted furniture, and transporting it all to our local Junk King warehouse.

Once there, it is all meticulously sorted through. We do this because most of the items can either be reused, repurposed, or at least recycled.

When it comes to furniture, most items are constructed with a variety of materials, and many pieces like stuffed chairs, couches or credenzas need to be dismantled. The good news is that many of the materials are easily recycled such as the plastics and most of the wood. 

While there are other products such as certain foam padding materials that require special handling, all of the steel and aluminum parts can be used as scrap metal, and even all the solid wood furniture can be easily recycled.

At Junk King, it has always been our corporate mission to recycle as much of your waste and junk items as possible since the company was founded in 2005. We have always done this, and we continue to work to protect the planet and provide a sustainable alternative to landfills. Our trained and licensed crew even operates a fleet of bio-diesel trucks for many of our jobs.

We’ve been named “America’s greenest junk removal service” in large part because we understand that you want green removal and disposal of your junk. So, we take care of it for you! 

junk removal service recycling

Junk King San Francisco: Office Furniture Removal for Work or Home 

When you need expert office furniture removal in the City, our recommendation is to call us here at Junk King San Francisco. That’s a smart call for several reasons, such as the fact that we do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

Another good reason is that being green is a long-standing part of our company mission. And we don’t just say the words – we live it every day by recycling, donating, or repurposing as much of everything we possibly can.

When it comes to furniture removal, we also know that there are large quantities of metal, plastics, and other materials in these pieces that can be reclaimed once they are broken down and recycled properly.

If the item can be reused, Junk King San Francisco will transfer it to a local donation center where it can find a new home.

While recycling old furniture isn’t all that easily done by the average business owner, renter, or homeowner, you can call on a junk removal service like Junk King to streamline the process for you. While there is a fee, most charities and non-profits will typically charge a fee for furniture pick-up anyway.

And, when you hire Junk King, we do all the heavy lifting! We provide you with professional junk haulers who know how to remove large furniture and other bulky items like appliances without damaging your walls, floors, door frames, and sidewalks!

You’ll love your experience with Junk King San Francisco because of our:

  • Easy scheduling and on-time arrivals.
  • A courtesy call 15 to 30 minutes before we show up.
  • Uniformed crews made up of trained, insured professionals.
  • In-and-out quickly with fast and thorough service.
  • Straightforward estimates with no hidden fees.

Whenever you need to dispose of an old sofa, mattress, recliner, dining room table, or other large household items, think: Junk King San Francisco.

Book online or call us today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) to get started with a free estimate for your old furniture removal.
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