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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Get Rid of Office Junk with Junk King San Francisco


Office Junk Removal


Keeping your office fully outfitted with the highest quality equipment can do wonders for keeping worker morale up. However, it frequently leaves you with a ton of old chairs, desks, and other pieces of furniture and equipment to dispose of. Some small objects can just be tossed in the dumpster, but furniture and electronic equipment need to be appropriately handled and recycled, especially in an environmentally-conscious city like San Francisco. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Hiring a junk removal company is a great way to take care of all the leftover trash and equipment after you’ve updated your office.


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Calculating How Much You Can Fit in a Truck

One of Junk King San Francisco’s big red trucks has a box measuring 8 feet wide, 5 feet tall, and 12 feet long. That means you have about 480 cubic feet of space to work with – or around 18 cubic yards. All you have to do is measure the approximate size of the office furniture or equipment you need us to haul away, and you can estimate how many truckloads of junk you have. An office chair, for example, is usually about 0.4 cubic yards, so you could fit around 45 chairs in a single truck. You could also fit around 25 desks or 60 filing cabinets, depending on the size of each. With a little math, it’s easy to figure out just how much space you need.


Which Days Are Best to Do Your Move?

Generally, we’d recommend hiring a junk hauling company on days when your office is closed, just to minimize the inconvenience for your workers. While our hauling specialists are trained to work as efficiently as possible without getting in the way, your best bet is still to set the appointment for the weekend or whenever the office is empty. Our services are available seven days a week, so you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to planning the move.


How Do I Prepare My Business for Junk Removal Service?

If you’re looking for full-service junk removal, there’s actually very little that you need to do yourself to get ready. All you really have to do is make the call, set up an appointment, and let the haulers know which items need to be removed. However, if you do want to make things a little easier and smoother, you could make sure all the junk items are gathered together in a spot that’s easy for the removal workers to access. Small items or debris can also be placed in boxes for easier removal and to facilitate stacking in the truck, which will allow the rest of the junk to be stored more efficiently.


How Long Will it Take?

The length of your junk removal appointment will depend pretty heavily on how much junk you need the haulers to get rid of. When you make an appointment with Junk King, you’ll set a two-hour window for the truck to arrive, and we’ll give you a call about 15 minutes before it gets there. Once the truck arrives, the junk removal specialists will work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most cases, the workers are able to get everything moved into the truck in well under half an hour, although that does depend on the size and quantity of the items.


full service junk removal


Which Items Will the Truck Hold?

Junk King San Francisco will haul away just about anything that will fit in the truck. That means items like office furniture and electronic equipment as well as construction debris from remodeling, yard waste from landscaping work, and even certain industrial junk. In fact, the only thing you can’t hire Junk King to remove is hazardous or toxic waste. As long as you can fit it in an 18-cubic-yard truck, Junk King San Francisco is happy to haul it away and recycle it for you.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of junk removal will also depend on the scope of the work, so it’s hard to guess without first knowing how much junk you need to have hauled away. Junk King San Francisco offers free, no-strings-attached estimates in a few different ways. The most accurate estimate is going to come from an in-person visit, but if you’d rather not wait, you can also get estimates over the phone, through text, or by using our online price estimation tool. The cost can vary pretty wildly depending on the amount of junk as well as the area where your office is located, so we always recommend getting an estimate from at least one junk removal company before making an appointment.


Who Picks Up My Stuff?

When the day of your appointment arrives, Junk King San Francisco will send out a team of trained junk removal specialists to handle the job. We’ll always send at least two workers per truck, although the size of the team is dependent on the scope of the work. Our junk haulers are trained to safely and efficiently load the items into the truck without causing any interference to your office or scratching the walls. In fact, we feel that the professionalism and training of our workers is one of the things that sets Junk King San Francisco apart from other companies in the Bay Area.


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Are There Any Extras Available?

Junk King San Francisco offers two different services for offices looking to clear out some extra junk. The first is the full-service junk removal, where we send a team of workers to your location to handle the removal for you. If you’d prefer to handle things yourself, we do also offer self-service dumpster rentals to homeowners and businesses in the Bay Area. Once you’ve set up an appointment for a dumpster rental, we’ll send a team out to drop the dumpster off. You can then fill the container at your leisure. After three days, Junk King sends a team back to your location to pick up the dumpster.

8 Reasons to Consider Renting a Dumpster for Your Business


self service dumpster rental services


Even the smallest and most humble of businesses can generate a shocking amount of junk. Whether it’s trash, old furniture, or construction debris from some remodeling, you’ll often find yourself with an enormous amount of clutter and no easy way to get rid of it. You could always hire a junk removal company to come in and take care of the mess for you, but most business owners are always looking for the most economic way to handle the problem. If you’d rather handle the clean-up yourself, a self-service dumpster rental can be a terrific alternative that makes cleaning a breeze without breaking the bank.


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The 8 Top Benefits of Hiring a San Francisco Junk King Commercial Dumpster Rental Service


A commercial dumpster rental from Junk King San Francisco can help your business in more ways than you might think. Here are just a few of the immediate benefits of dumpster rental services:


  • Convenience – The convenience of having an on-site dumpster for your project really can’t be overstated. All remodeling, cleaning, or upgrading projects are going to generate some trash, and you’ll lose precious time driving back and forth if you don’t have somewhere to put it on the site.
  • Recycling – When you rent a dumpster from Junk King San Francisco, you can rest assured that anything you load in it will be properly sorted and recycled if possible. This is typically a big selling point in places like the Bay Area where environmentalism is taken more seriously.
  • Safety – Renting a dumpster is a great way to keep your work area clear from any potential safety hazards while your project is being completed.
  • Cost Reduction – It might seem counterintuitive, but spending a little money to rent a dumpster can actually save you more overall when the project is over. Avoiding the costs of gas, disposal fees, and potential injuries from unsafe work environments leads to savings in the long run.
  • Flexible Pricing – Unlike some dumpster rental companies, Junk King only charges you for the trash you actually put in the container, allowing you to avoid having to estimate the amount of junk the project will generate. That means savings on jobs that are smaller in scope since you’re not paying for the space you’re not using.
  • Simplicity – Managing a business is a lot of work, especially when you’re overseeing a renovation or other big project. A dumpster rental from Junk King takes some responsibility out of your hands – we’ll drop the dumpster off, pick it up when you’re done, and do the sorting ourselves. All you have to do is fill it.
  • Portability – Junk King’s specially designed MINI dumpsters are built with wheels and are lightweight enough to move, allowing you to reposition the container wherever you need it. It’s also about the size of a car or small pickup truck, which means it can easily fit in the corner of any driveway or parking lot.
  • Customer Service – At Junk King San Francisco, superior customer service is at the center of our business philosophy. We’re consistently rated at the top of our industry for customer service, and our reviews tell the story of a company committed to creating positive experiences for all of our customers.


What is the Price Range for a Commercial Dumpster Rental and Where Can I Hire One?

Commercial dumpster prices in San Francisco will depend on the size of the dumpster and the company you decide to rent from. For most companies, the pricing structure is based solely on the size of the dumpster. Dumpsters range in size from 10 cubic yards up to 40 cubic yards, with prices running from around $500 to $1000 or so. However, Junk King San Francisco handles pricing a little differently.


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Junk King offers a single size for all our self-service dumpster rental customers. This takes the guesswork out of the rental process and allows us to base our price on the actual amount of junk generated by the project instead of on an estimate made by the customer. Renting a dumpster from Junk King San Francisco will cost you between $350 and $500, depending on how much of the container you actually fill. If you’d like to keep the dumpster for longer than three days, it’s only an additional $20 for each extra day.


What Equipment or Supplies are Needed for Hiring a Commercial Dumpster?

One question that a lot of business owners ask is “Do I need any equipment or supplies to use Junk King’s service?” The answer is no – all you need is a space to place the container and some junk to put in it. Our MINI dumpsters are designed to be easily movable without requiring extra equipment, and loading them is pretty simple and straightforward. The same will go for pretty much any dumpsters for rent in the San Francisco Bay area. Dumpster rental is meant to be easy and accessible for anyone who might need the service. In rainy weather, you might want to cover the dumpster with a tarp so water doesn’t pool inside, but otherwise, you’re free to just load it up and leave it there without any extra supplies or equipment.


What is Included with the Service Offerings from the Most Popular Commercial Dumpster Rentals in San Francisco?

When you give Junk King a call, you’ll have the option to get a free estimate over the phone, set up an appointment for an in-person estimate, or just use our online price estimation tool. Once you’ve settled on a date, we’ll take the dumpster to your location, drop it off, and make an appointment to pick it up again in three days. However, if you’d like to keep the container for longer, the rental period can be extended.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Once you’re finished, we’ll come back and pick up the dumpster so we can take it to our sorting center. The whole process is quick, easy, and we hope pretty painless.

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