Faqs Regarding Dumpster Rental In San Francisco

Many people use dumpsters all the time at work or for construction projects, but you probably have a lot of questions the first time you rent a dumpster. Junk King San Francisco is here to help with friendly service at every step. Here, we’ll shed light on the most common questions about dumpster rental.

When you are ready to rent a dumpster in San Francisco, call us or book online! We have competitive prices, convenient and flexible scheduling, and a green commitment to recycling.

What’s the cost for dumpster rental in San Francisco?Dumpster Rental

We have a customer-friendly pricing model for dumpster rental that lets you pay ONLY for the space you use. That’s right, you can pay based on volume so you get a lower price for a partially filled dumpster. We have a low minimum of $148, and even a full container costs just $368. The other guys will make you pay a maximum price no matter how little you actually put in!

There are other possible charges, such as for extra days and extra weight. We also have to pass on special disposal or recycling fees for certain items such as televisions. Rest assured, our pricing is all upfront and honest!

What size dumpster should I rent?

Don’t waste money by choosing a larger dumpster rental than you really need. Junk King San Francisco has containers that hold 12 cubic yards, so you have more space than a traditional 10-yard dumpster. The JK MINI can handle small to medium home improvement projects and cleaning needs. If you’re unsure, call us to describe your needs and we’ll let you know your best option.

What can (and can’t) I put in a dumpster?

We place very few restrictions on what you can put in the MINI. Hazardous waste such as flammables, gas, oil, paint, and ammo are prohibited.

Some other San Francisco dumpster rental companies do not let you use their containers for dense construction debris. Junk King lets you use the MINI for dirt, cement, brick, and other debris. Just be sure to watch the weight—these items hit the weight capacity at about 1/3 full.

How much can I put in?

It is important to avoid overfilling the container. For safety reasons, nothing should be sticking out of the top of the dumpster, or else you’ll have to break it down or remove it.

The MINI dumpster rental comes with a 2,000 pound weight limit. Beyond that, we need to charge $0.05 per pound.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

Junk King San Francisco has pricing for 3, 5 or 7 days. Set the delivery and pick-up times before the dumpster rental, but feel free to contact us if you need more time.

What if I need more time?

Simply re-schedule your pick-up appointment if your project is taking longer than expected. We have a reasonable per diem service charge for extra days. Please just be sure to let us know so our crew doesn’t make an unnecessary trip.

Where should I put the dumpster?

Most people use their dumpster rental in the driveway. Here in San Francisco, you may need to get creative if your street is narrow or you don’t have a driveway. However, the JK MINI has a compact size (about 8 feet wide) and it’s driveway and sidewalk friendly!

Which is better: dumpster rental or junk removal service?

We started Junk King as a full-service junk removal company with a focus on recycling. We now offer more options with our MINI dumpster rental. You still get helpful service and the junk gets handled in an eco-friendly way.

Dumpster rental makes sense for projects that last a few days or longer. It’s also convenient to have a dumpster nearby if you are creating debris from demo or renovation.

If you’re wary of loading a dumpster yourself, we can pick up your stuff instead. We have a similar pricing model for junk removal — you pay based on the volume of junk. If you have a room full of junk or just a few items to throw away, it may be easier to have our guys haul it away rather than renting a dumpster.

Need a dumpster rental for home renovations, estate cleaning, or a big landscaping project? Call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) to schedule a drop-off with Junk King San Francisco, or simply book online now!

Planning A Kitchen Remodel In San Francisco? – Rent A Dumpster

Kitchen remodeling jobs involve a near constant need for on-the-go cleaning. You can’t start the next step of the process with a pile of construction debris at your feet. The trash will be too much to bag up and place at the curb, and you probably cannot wait until the end of the project to use junk removal services. That’s why it’s easiest to rent a dumpster so you can toss things aside.

For kitchen remodels, the Junk King MINI dumpster checks off all the boxes on your wish list:

  • Costs based on how much space you use

  • Safe for residential driveways

  • Side door for easy filling

  • 12 cubic yards (bigger than the standard small container of 10 cubic yards)

  • Flexible scheduling (low costs if you need extra days)

  • Junk King handles all the recycling and green disposal at the end

Kitchen Remodeling Debris: How Much to ExpectRent a Dumpster

Even a small kitchen remodeling will produce more trash than you might think. Size up your project and rent a dumpster to handle everything that will need to go:

  • Scrap Wood: Tearing out wood from cabinets, drawers, countertops, or floors? Most scrap lumber can be recycled. Rent a dumpster and toss it in, and let Junk King take care of separating all the metal fixtures.

  • Dishwasher, Refrigerator, and Appliances: Let Junk King take care of reuse and recycling for these bulky items. If your dumpster has a side opening, like the Junk King MINI, you can wheel large appliances into it using a hand truck or dolly.

  • Countertops: Don’t want your stone countertops anymore? Leave them intact for donation! If you have stained or damaged countertops, especially old tiles or butcher’s block counters, you’ll definitely want to rent a dumpster to break them down into large pieces and toss them.

  • Drywall, Baseboards, Windows, Etc.: Everyone loves the fun part of sledgehammering and demoing things down to the bones! A dumpster rental gives you a place to gather the debris and keep your work area tidy.

Rent a Dumpster for Convenience & Flexibility

Your other options for kitchen remodel waste removal include using a junk removal service or doing it yourself by hauling everything to local landfills and recycling centers. Ask anyone who has done a major home improvement project like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and they’ll tell you to rent a dumpster for ease and convenience.

At Junk King, our award-winning and full-service junk removal service works for countless situations where you need junk haulers to come pick things up and carry them away. However, when you have an ongoing project like kitchen remodeling, many people prefer to rent a dumpster for several reasons:

  • Go at your own pace! Junk King lets you keep the MINI dumpster for as long as you need. Reduce stress by scheduling your dumpster removal appointment whenever you want, and simply let us know if you want to delay the pick-up.

  • Don’t haul trash in your own vehicle! Scrap lumber, kitchen appliances, nails and screws, and all the other debris can be hazardous to carry and can easily damage the interior of your vehicle.

  • Keep your driveway safe! Junk King designed the MINI to be driveway-friendly so homeowners could rent a dumpster for DIY projects like kitchen remodeling. The MINI is 8-feet wide and sits neatly on your driveway after our team carefully places it in your preferred location.

Rent a Dumpster from Junk King, Pay for the Space You Use!

Junk King offers one more way that it’s better to rent a dumpster for a remodeling project. We let you pay only for the space you use if you don’t fill up the whole container!

This makes Junk King the most cost efficient option for remodeling debris removal for smaller projects. Only replacing the cabinets? You may not need a whole 12-yard roll-off container. Most of the other guys will charge you their flat maximum rate for dumpster rental. With Junk King, if you produce less waste for us to haul away, we’ll let you pay less.

San Francisco Dumpster Rental from Junk King

Rent a dumpster from the #1 rated junk removal service in the country, Junk King. We were founded right here in the San Francisco area in 2005. Over the years, we have become the greenest junk removal company with the best customer service.

Whether you prefer to rent a dumpster or call for full-service junk removal, Junk King gives you the options you need to tackle a home remodeling project. Book online to save $30 or call 415-335-7970 to schedule an appointment or ask for more info about dumpster rental!

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