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Tips for Mattress Disposal in San Francisco

Mattress Disposal


Whether you’re doing a little spring cleaning or clearing out your house for resale, disposing of bulky objects like mattresses can be a real pain. Unlike most furniture, mattresses generally can’t be left out on the curb, and you can incur some hefty fines for doing so. It’s important to dispose of your mattress the right way, and at Junk King San Francisco, we’re here to help. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of an old mattress, along with any other trash or furniture you’re clearing away, is to just give us a call and let our professionals do the work for you. However, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, here are a few easy tips to get you started.


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Check the Tags


Remember that tag that all mattresses have, the one that tells you not to remove it? Believe it or not, there’s a good reason to leave that on. That’s the warranty tag, and checking it should be the first thing you do before disposing of your old mattress. Firstly, it’ll let you know if your mattress is still under warranty, and if you can get the company to send you a replacement for free. Some warranties also cover removal, which takes the whole problem out of your hands. If your mattress is still under a warranty that covers removal services, then all you have to do is give the company a call and let them handle the removal process. Otherwise, you’re going to have to take care of it yourself.



Recycle, Recycle, Recycle


Recycling your mattress is the best and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of it. Mattresses are made of almost entirely recyclable materials, from wooden frames to metal springs. These materials can be removed and reused for something else, so make sure you’re not just leaving your mattress in the dump somewhere. The only mattresses that can’t be recycled are wet, heavily stained, or infested with pests like bedbugs. Unless your mattress is crawling with bugs or covered in stains, you should be good to go.


At Junk King San Francisco, we pride ourselves in being a fully green and environmentally friendly operation. If you choose to have us haul away your mattress for you, the first thing we’ll do is take it to our sorting center to make sure it can be recycled. From there, we’ll take it to a recycling center to be taken apart and disposed of properly. The same goes for anything we haul away, whether it’s furniture, construction debris, or just plain old trash. If any part of it can be reused, we’re committed to making sure it will be.


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Transporting Your Mattress


Once you’ve located a recycling center near you, all you have to do is actually get the mattress there. This is easier said than done since a mattress is big, bulky, and difficult to transport. Unless you have a truck or a good-sized van, you’re going to have to tie it to the roof of your car.


The first thing you should do is make sure you have enough rope. For a queen-sized mattress, you should have about 15 feet of rope to secure it to the roof of your car. It might seem a bit like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a little extra rope hanging from your car is going to be a lot better than seeing the mattress fly off on the highway, after all.


Once you have the mattress on top of the car, wrap it with the rope both the short and the long way. You can secure the rope by running it under your car, or through the backseat and passenger’s side windows. Keep in mind that if you run the rope through a window, you won’t be able to open that door without untying the rope, so avoid the driver’s side! If you have ratchet straps, use those instead of the rope to make the mattress as secure as possible.


When driving, take it slow and try to avoid the highway if you can. Excess speed can cause the wind to become trapped between the mattress and the car, which creates some problems. If the wind is bad enough, it can even flip the mattress up and help it escape the ropes. Just keep things slow and steady, and turn on your hazard lights if you want to slow down even further.



Or Just Hire a Professional!


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If all this seems like too much of a hassle, you can always give Junk King San Francisco a call and let us handle it for you. Our junk removal professionals have years of experience moving bulky objects like mattresses, and we can also take care of anything else you’re trying to get rid of. At Junk King, we can handle anything short of hazardous waste, including furniture, garbage, construction debris, and even appliances like TVs and washing machines. If it’s in your house and it’s not hazardous, we can handle it for you.


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We know that cost is always a factor, which is why we offer free estimates and the most reasonable rates in our industry. There are four ways you can get an estimate from Junk King San Francisco:


  • Calling us at 1-888-888-JUNK
  • Texting us a photo of your items at 737-888-5865
  • Using our free online price estimation tool
  • Or by setting up a free on-site estimate, the most accurate way for us to assess the job


However you choose to get your estimate, it’ll always be free and no obligation. At Junk King, you only pay for the space in our trucks that you actually use, so we won’t charge you extra if you just need us to move a mattress or a few pieces of furniture. Whether you’re clearing out a house or just getting rid of an old mattress, we’re here to help, so give us a call today for a free estimate.


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