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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Sarasota Junk Hauling – Go with the Professionals

The city is Sarasota and the Department of Florida Power and Light have partnered up to give 50 local homeowners a comprehensive home energy makeover. Taking the steps proposed by this program could actually reduce the homeowners’ electric bills by up to 25%. Most of the Florida Power and Light employees that are participating this program are volunteering their time but that doesn’t mean they are any less professional or qualified in this area.
For instance, Rae Dowling is an area manager working on one of the makeover homes. She says that you can start energy-saving project at your front door. “When your door is shut, if you can see light through, then you’ve got a gap. Sometimes put your hands there; you can feel air coming in or going out,” says Dowling. All it takes to compensate for that is a few dollars worth of weather stripping.
The same professional tips continue when it comes to insulating electric water heaters. According to the experts all it takes is about six dollars to buy 6 feet of insulation that can be cut and wrapped around the heater. If the water heater is insulated then the hot water loses its heat at it travels up by and that means you’ll have to increase your usage and thereby increase your energy bill. The professionals at FPL also stayed at air-conditioning filters should be either replaced or cleaned at least once a month. This will help improve the airflow to the system and cut down on the amount of energy expelled by the compressor.
These are just some of the helpful hints that you get when working with a professional who is qualified in their chosen field. You can apply this same attitude when it comes to hiring anyone who is going to be doing work around your Sarasota home: you always want to go with a professional. Take for instance the area of junk hauling. While this might seem like the type of job that anybody can do as long as they have a truck it’s actually something that you need to have yourself safeguarded by hiring Saraosta junk hauling professionals like those employed by Junk King.
You’re not going to have to worry about bringing a professional junk hauler into your home to carry out your junk. The fact is that all they will be carrying out is your junk. This might not be true for some stranger you pulled in off the street in Sarasota or Bradenton who advertises their own hauling service but has no business to back it up with. Those averages could be in business to take more than your junk! If you’re hiring a junk hauler and they are not licensed do business in Sarasota or are insured then they can’t be much of a help to you.
The professional junk haulers at Junk King Sarasota care about the quality of their work. This means there to take extra caution when it comes to removing those large bulky items to ensure nothing in your home will get damaged. They will also take an equal amount of care when it comes to disposing of these items because their very reputation depends on it! You’ll never have to second guess when hiring a professional like Junk King.

For the best in Sarasota or Bradenton Junk Hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free onsite estimate online (and save $30 today!)

Sarasota Junk Removal – Call in the Pros for the Big Jobs

Recently a major sewage leak along Gulf Stream Avenue resulted in over 1,000,000 gallons of spilled sewage to pour out into the streets. This was the result of a broken water main and it fell to the responsibility of Sarasota municipal workers to quickly clean up the spill before it seeped into Sarasota Bay. Yes, were talking about raw sewage here which is not something anyone wants to deal with. However, depending upon your job, you might not have a choice when it comes to doing an industrial size clean up like that.
Think about the 9-to-5 routine of your average Sarasota trash collector that handles this type of thing. It’s easy for Sarasota residents to get their garbage out to the curb every week got these city workers, but what about the bigger items that you can’t fit into your weekly garbage pickup? For those piles of junk you need the Junk King Sarasota.
Junk King is a Sarasota  business that’s part of a national franchise. But instead of selling sandwiches or providing Roto-Rooter services Junk King’s Sarasota franchise is dedicated to helping you clear out all the unwanted garbage in your home that can’t fit into a trashcan. These would be those big items you been holding onto because you don’t have the means to get rid of them in the first place. Things like unused furniture, boxes of worn out holiday decorations, broken kitchen appliances and even auto parts could all be taking up space in your garage, basement, attic or closet. Because of this junk space is at a premium in your home. The question then becomes is there something you could be doing better with the space?
For instance clearing out the junk in your garage might actually allow you to park your car in your garage for once! You could even turn that newly cleared out garage space into an arts and craft work space or a home office. There are some families who converted garage space into a spare bedroom separate battling siblings and restore peace! The bottom line is that professional team of junk haulers you’ll call upon will have the muscle and the truck space to haul away practically anything you’ve accumulated.
Junk King Sarasota work crews don’t just take away items from inside your house but they can also handle anything on the outside you want to get rid of. This could mean any yard waste, broken chunks of concrete from a patio remodel or even an old boat that has seen better days. Getting rid of the junk in your backyard allows you to create a friendlier atmosphere for relaxing on a warm evening. All it takes is one phone call to the Junk King and you can say goodbye to your junk once and for all!

Simply call 1-800-995-JUNK or book an onsite estimate for Sarasota Junk removal services today.

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